Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 295 Alley Cat #03

TITLE-Alley Cat #03

In every comic collectors collection there is always a stack of comics that they have no idea the when,where or why of how the comics got into the collection. The above issue of Alley Cat belongs to that group.

I kind of remember seeing a few copies of this on the comic shop wall when it was coming out. But at least to me summer of 99 was kind of late for a "bad girl" comic.But I guess at the time either Alley Baggett,a former Playboy Playmate,was enough of a name to get her own comic or it is possible Ms Baggett paid to produce the comic herself.The cover seems to be signed by a DesRian C. Never heard of them,and the inside front cover credits only give cover credits for the what I assume variant Photo Covers.

Speaking of the inside front cover,holy hell do a lot of people get credit for what is  just 22 pages of average kind of Crow/Faust inspired work.
Created by Alley Baggett,Matt Hawkins & Greg Aronowitz
Written by Bob Napton & Matt Hawkins
Based on a Story by Alley Baggett,Matt Hawkins,Greg Aronowitz & Bob Napton

Wait nooo.... they just credited 4 people,all of them at least 2 times,for creating and writing this story???? These four are proud as fuck of this comic.

Set in what was then modern day NOLA,we start off with Alley and a priest roaming the streets.He is known as The Exorcist.No I ain't fucking with you,

All over the city,but only seen by Alley and The Exorcist are demons. Some as you see above just flying around. Others have possessed people all over the city.Seems Alley's outfit has powers and/or a history thanks to the Marque DeSade. It isn't really explained and Alley runs off to save someone named Mark.

Back at Alley's home a group of long coated detectives are trying to puzzle out what has recently happened at this apparent suburban New Orleans home. Thankfully before this scene can morph into Law and Order Cajun Victims Unit,now airing for 28 hours a day on 5 different Universal owned TV stations,it ends.

Time for more of Alley and The Exorcist wandering the city.Then a short time later they are in a graveyard. Encounter the previously mentioned Mark.He asks for help. Alley is willing to give it,but The Exorcist tries to kill him with a cross dagger. I wonder if he got these from the set of The Omen II? Alley subdues The Exorcist.And we find out that the demon inside of Mark doesn't want help.He summons a group of demons who manage to knock Alley Cat out.

When she wakes up,she finds herself in an old abandoned house or building.It isn't really made clear what it is. She wanders and finds Mark's killing room. He has The Exorcist tied up to a chair,and unconscious. And some lady suspended from the ceiling.At the bottom of the page we discover that to add even more sleazy to the comic  this entire room is being recorded.

But before we can find out how Alley Cat can stop all of this,and since it is a 90s comic,time for the double page centerfold poster.
Mark is about to whip the hanging woman and asks Alley to join him.When she snaps and beats him to death. In a fairly violent scene for a comic book that so far has been PG-13ish.
Now it starts to make some sense. Alley's outfit was maybe empowered by the spirit of the Marque DeSade.But I know for sure that DeSade's spirit was possessing Mark. Which is why he had the torture room set up.Thanks to him video recording everything that happened in that room,Alley will more than likely get away with brutally murdering an unarmed man. Because as the story ends,we go back to the Cajun Victims Unit detectives. Here we learn that Alley was under the influence of a powerful hallucinogen. Seems her husband had been drugging her with pills so he could get her to agree to allow Mark to torture her. Plus we find out that The Exorcist has vanished without a trace.

So was he ever really there?Was there really demons and spirits all over the city? Or was Alley just all wacked out on some strong as hell hallucinogens? The final panel hints that all the supernatural stuff was legit.

Then we get a page of text that explains that the original plan for Alley Cat was a 3 issue mini series. But sales are so high it has been promoted to a ongoing series.Well good for them for having the smarts to write the story so if they only got 3 issues it didn't leave any big plots hanging.But also leaving it open enough that it wouldn't be hard at all to make this a continuing series.Following this halfway decent text piece is a few pages of ads for all kinds of Alley Cat comics. Mostly variant covers and special con editions.With the inside front cover being a black page with white text of Alley Baggett's website URL.Just checked and the site is still up. Seems since the big comic book bucks stopped rolling in the site has transformed into what appears to be a softcore porn site.

Now when I first opened the book,well after checking out the credits,I noticed that in the indicia Alley Cat is copyright and trademark of not only Alley Baggett but also Action Toys. The name Action Toys kind of rang a bell. After seeing the back cover I remembered why the name rang a bell.
Back when the figures shipped,the comic shop I went to every week got sent a case of them. They never ordered them. Never got charged for them. And because no one wanted the figures,even when reduced down to $5 each the case got stored in the back.

Around 2005 the owner sold the store to a group of 5 regular customers.2 of whom would run the place and work there full time. The other 3 would help out and get a good discount on their weekly comics.While going thru the back they found the case of figures from Action Toys and since they knew I collected comic book based action figures gave me first shot at them. But even at a hugely discounted price it wasn't worth buying them.

While the story was nothing original or really that intriguing the art was pretty decent.Now I gotta find someone who would want this comic,cause there is no way I can donate it to the children's wing of the local hospital.

Alley Cat #03 gets a borrow.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 294 Zombies! Feast #01

TITLE-Zombies!Feast #01

I have no clue if or when this IDW Zombies! series connects to any of their other Zombies series/mini series.

A prisoner transport bus has a wreck out in  the middle of nowhere. It is up to 3 guards to lead 8 prisoners across a few miles. Mostly cause neither radio or cell phones work in this area.

They stumble upon a farm house,no it's not going there I think.While there,and looking for a phone,they run into a child zombie.

This time Shane Maccarthy does the writing chores and the art is by Chris Bolton. Again no clue who either is.The decent wraparound cover is by Bolton,but there is a variant that has Ted McKeever art. I wish I would have gotten that one.

I do have one later issue in this series. Might read it soon. But honestly unless I found later issues for a buck or less I wouldn't bother with this.

Zombies!Feast #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 293 Dark Knight III The Master Race #07

TITLE-Dark Knight III The Master Race #07

Batman is dead and Superman is rushing him off somewhere. I do love how Miller sees Superman,all powerful but boring and in the end not nearly effective as he should be.

Back in Gotham,Carrie Kelly finds out Bruce is dead. Ends up meeting with the Commissioner on the roof of the Gotham Police HQ. After a lengthily discussion on if what all just happened was worth it,Carrie is says it is the Commissioner seems to think it wasn't,Kelly leaves. To bury the dead,but as a parting line makes sure the police know she will provide them with a new bat signal.

We go back to Superman with the now dead Batman. They enter a cave and Superman tosses Batman  into what I am assuming is a Lazurus Pit. Cause a younger and alive Bruce Wayne comes out of it.

The daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman,this girl's name will not stick in my memory,is recovering with the rest of the surviving Kandorians. Gets told to go get her brother.

She arrives on Paradise Island. Manages to see and talk to her baby brother,before her mother shows up. The daughter thinks cause she has a surprise army of Kandorians waiting on her word she is good to go. But Diana has gathered an massive army of Amazons.

And so ends the main part of the book. Like every other issue we get a shorter back up story. Spotlighting someone that doesn't get much attention in the main story. This time it is Hal Jordan. In the main story we see a man all bundled up crossing a desert. Turns out it is Hal and he is searching for his ring. Gotta love that Miller drew all of this back up.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #07 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 292 Zombies! Eclipse of the undead #01

TITLE-Zombies!Eclipse of the Undead #01

Got this comic in a lot of "10lbs of random comics". Had no idea at the time that IDW even had a zombie comic.

Our lead is a medical student.Who is living in one of the stadiums in LA. The stadium is surrounded by zombies,but the military is still there keeping them out.

Then food and water run  out,the military leaves during an eclipse. And someone on the inside is infected.So we get an outbreak of zombies in the stadium.

No clue how long this series ran.The cover is ok I guess. A bit dark but not the worst I have seen.El Torres is the writer and Yair Herrera is the artist. Never heard of either.

If I happen to find the later issues of this series for a buck or less I might grab them. But this is just a slightly above average spin on your typical zombie story.

Zombies!Eclipse of the Undead #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 291 Black Hood Season 02 #02

TITLE-The Black Hood season 02 #02
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle Comics/Archie

Yeah it is a few weeks late,but fuck it at least Black Hood only comes out a few weeks late instead of months late.

Starting off right where the last issue ended,the Hood manages to dodge the bullet and runs off.

After ending up at a shelter,and shaving and cleaning himself up,he meets with a man that helps out the people of the shelter.

During this the man that confronted the Hood in the park is at a pawn/gun shop. He buys a shotgun,then goes on a killing spree.

Hood sees a news report about this on TV. And realizes it happened at a place he had stopped a crime on his way out to the west coast. Realizing ,after seeing the message the hitman left in blood on the pawn shop counter,he has to accept the responiblily of having and using the Black Hood.

The issue ends with the Hood stealing a car and we assume heading out to find the hitman.

After that instead of a true crime piece we get a reprint of an early 80s Black Hood story from an issue of Blue Ribbon Comics. The preface to this story leads me to believe at least the Dark Circle Black Hood is connected to all the previous Black Hoods published by Archie under whatever imprint they used at the times.

The Black Hood Season 02 #02 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 290 The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

TITLE-The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe
PUBLISHER-Marvel Comics

Yeah,I know I should have read this one shot years ago. Being a huge fan of both The Punisher and Garth Ennis.But even though I have owned it for close to 10 years I never read it.

Set in a universe were Frank  Castle's family dies in Central Park.Innocents killed in the crossfire between a huge battle,Avengers and X-men vs aliens. Frank snaps when  he gets to the scene. Pulls out his sidearm and kills Cyclops and a bunch of other heroes. He is stopped and sentenced to life in jail.

But a group of rich civilians all of whom either got injured cause of superhero battles or who lost loved ones cause of the same.This part really feels like the genesis of Ennis' later series "The Boys".

Frank agrees,and over the course of this longer than normal comic he manages to kill off every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe.

Finally after killing the last hero,Daredevil,Frank goes to tell the people supplying him  with the ways and means to finish this mission. And lets them know he is done. After being told that he will never be done,Frank kills all of them. Then remembers there is one superhero/villain left. And in the next to last panel Frank Castle eats a bullet and dies.

Fuck this was good. I know it is kind of popular now to rag on Ennis and what the fanboys perceive as his hatred of superheroes. To me it feels more like Ennis deeply loves superheroes and is tired of seeing the same regurgitated crap being published for decades now. So made a simple change,instead of the Mafia killing the Castle family it is super powered beings,and brings us a damn good story. One that thankfully I doubt will ever get a sequel.

The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe gets a BUY!

Monday, December 19, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 289 World's Worst Comics Awards #02

TITLE-World's Worst Comics Awards #02
PUBLISHER-Kitchen Sink

Another of my odd finds at the local auction. I had never heard of this comic,which was a bit surprising cause I kept up with what Kitchen Sink was publishing back when this came out.

After a few pages showing how stupid and childish the science in most superhero comics are,the 3 hosts start counting down the top 10 worst comics ever.

Stuff like Dell's Frankenstein comic. Which had Frank as a superhero. And oddball stuff like Super Green Beret or Brother Power the Geek.

Then in the top 3,numbers 3 and 1,are comics I own. #3 is Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers #7. Which was Jack Kirby's creator owned space opera series from the early 80s. While I own this issue ,I got it recently for cheap,I haven't read it yet. The #1 comic is Neal Adams' Skateman. Yeah the comic about a war vet that becomes a superhero that fights crime while riding a skateboard.

And I thought that would be the end of the issue.but the inside back cover the Siskel and Ebert stand-ins give Todd McFarlane's Spider-man #01 the worst comic of 1990 award. And yeah they picked a good comic. What a piece of crap that was the Todd Spidey comic.

World's Worst Comics Awards #02 gets a  borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 288 Marvel Tales 179

TITLE-Marvel Tales #179

It was thanks to Marvel Tales that I managed to read so many of the first 100 issues of Amazing Spider-man. So anytime I am digging through cheap bins at a con or comic shop if I find any issues of Marvel Tales I grab them. 

This issue reprints Amazing Spidey #40.Which wraps up the long running Green Goblin mystery. And it is rumored that revealing who the Goblin was is one of the reasons Steve Ditko left the title. So ,and I do prefer Ditko on classic Spidey,this issue is drawn by John Romita.

But back to the story Norman Osborn has Spidey unmasked and strapped to a chair. Most of the issue is Norman explaining how he has spent so much time trying to figure out who Spidey is and then kill him.There is plenty of flashbacks and footnotes to what I am assuming was every Goblin appearance previous to issue 40.

Once Spidey is finally free we get a fun and kinetic battle between the two .I do wish this battle was drawn by Steve Ditko,but Romita's artwork is damn good. At the end of the battle the Goblin gets shocked and gets amnesia. And the issue ends with Spidey dragging Goblin to safety thinking what has been his greatest villain gone for good.

For me Spidey was at his best when it was either Ditko or Romita drawing him. Plus Spidey is one of the few Silver Age Marvel titles I can read now and not find corny as hell.

Marvel Tales #179 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 287 Grendal #09

TITLE-Grendal #09

Under that interesting cover by the Pander Bros is a neat exercise in comic storytelling.I do love how most issues of Grendal from Comico have wraparound covers.

By this time,summer of 87,Grendal was being written by it's creator Matt Wagner.With the Pander Brothers handling the pencils and inks. The art is great which is a good thing.

Except for sound effects and one thought box on the last page,the entire issue is silent. Not sure if this came out before the infamous silent issue of GI Joe. But I am sure it came out before the silent issue of Batman,which was the first part of the Many Deaths of Batman story.

With a silent comic the artist have to have a great sense of storytelling. A way to convey the story through the pictures.The Pander Bros do a damn good job.The artwork has this energy and sense of movement that is missing from lots of the popular artists now,Cough Jim Lee Cough.

The story is of the guy on the cover with the yellow puppet strings attached to him. He seems to be hallucinating while running through what appears to be a slightly in the future major city.

One small drawback to this comic is it reads extremely fast.Took me maybe 6 minutes to read it. Which for an issue of Grendal is extremely fast. But even then I had me wanting to see if I have the next issue in one of my boxes.

Grendal #09 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 286 Fantastic Comics #24

TITLE-Fantastic Comics #24

Back in 2008 Image started up the Next Issue Project. Where they took public domain Golden Age comics and put out the next issue. And to make them even more Golden Age-ish they published them at the bigger Golden Age size.

In this issue we get 9 stories. With the stand outs being the cover feature Samson. Which is drawn and written by Erik Larsen. Now I haven't read much of the old Golden Age Samson stuff. But this story does feel of the era. Plus Larsen's art has a very Kirby feel to it.

The other major stand out is the Mike Allred drawn and Joe Keating written Stardust the super wizard.Before reading this new story of Stardust I had never even heard of him.And now he is one of my favorite forgotten Golden Age heroes. This story has a very Neil Gaiman era Miracleman feel.

For me really the only bad thing to this comic is the bigger size makes it harder to store.I usually end up tossing it into one of my magazine boxes.

Fantastic Comics #24 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 285 Caged Heat 3000 #01

TITLE-Caged Heat 3000 #01
PUBLISHER-Roger Corman's Cosmic Comics

For a short while in 1995 Roger Corman,the infamous low budget producer and director of 100s of b-films,has his own comic company. I remember seeing the ads,but never saw any of the comics in any shop. Found the above pictured issue at a con for cheap.

Based on the Caged Heat 3000 film,this comic tells the story of an all woman's prison that is out in space on a asteroid.

Some kind of space nun with all kinds of mental powers shows up. Right around the time a trouble maker,who has just murdered another inmate,is being sent to solitary. The space nun enters her mind,and we get hints that the space nun isn't on the side of good.

The rest of the issue is packed with what you would expect from a Corman Women in Prison film. Shower scenes,and lots of fights. Fights that of course include hair-pulling and clothing being ripped.

I might have to track down the next two issues,if they even came out,to see how this story ends. Cause even though the art isn't anything special the idea of space nuns and a female prison has potential.

Caged Heat 3000 #01 gets a borrow.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 284 The Walking Dead #161

TITLE-The Walking Dead #161

The penultimate chapter of the Whisperer War is out. Yeah I know it came out a week or so ago. It just took me a bit to find the time to read it.

At Hilltop Maggie is trying to fight off the forces of the dead plus Whisperers mixed in with them. While Carl and Sophia try to get everyone out of the main house.While getting people out Carl gets trapped and is barely saved.

Back at Rick's community we see him and Andrea talking about what needs to be done to end this war.And outside the  community a bit we got Eugune making as many bullets as he can.

The issue ends with us finding out someone is plotting to take out Rick.

The Walking Dead #161 gets a Buy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 283 The Pitt Vol 01 #01

TITLE-Pitt Volume 01 #01

Wanted to look at some Dale Keown art. Not a fan of the writer during Keown's run on Hulk. Also all of Dale's Aircel work has that Barry Blair taint on it. So I was stuck with Pitt.

I had read a few issues of Pitt in the mid 90s. Felt like a Hulk/Alien warrior merging. But with pretty art.

So for the first time I read the first issue of the first volume of Pitt. Pitt fights a bike gang,fight lasts too many pages but has great art. Then we see a little kid that is somehow connected to Pitt. Followed by what I think is a flashback for Pitt. At the end some cops we just got introduced to meet up with something in the subway.

Gonna give this at least 2 more issues to see if it improves. But as of right now looks like Pitt is a book you buy to look at the art and skip reading it.

The Pitt Volume 01 #01 gets a borrow.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 282 What If? Volume 02 #16

TITLE-What If volume 02 #16

Ahh I so love What If. So it is a title I will grab anytime I find issues for cheap. Got this one at the local comic shop.It had been put into the cheap bins. So while digging through stacks of mid 90s glut stuff I found not only this issue but a small stack of Conan I didn't own.

The story starts off back during Uncanny X-men #137. While the X-men are fighting the Imperial Guard,to decide to fate of Jean "Phoenix" Grey. This happens on the part of the moon that the Watcher lives in. So during that original story Wolverine fell into a dimensional door and thanks to the Watcher breaking his code,Wolvie made it back and managed to get Jean back in charge of her body long enough for her to kill herself.

But in another world,Wolverine fell through a door on the moon and ended up back in the time of Conan the Barbarian. So that is the premise for this issue.

Wolvie and Conan of course meet up and have a battle,can't have some Marvel heroes meet up for the first time without them fighting can we?

After the battle Wolvie joins up with Conan and Red Sonja and they have an adventure. A pretty decent one to be honest.

Then at the end of the adventure Conan falls into a wizard's pool,which transports him back to the modern day,well the modern day of Uncanny #137,and since Wolvie isn't there to get Jean to take control of her body from the Phoenix Force,well Jean goes full on Phoenix Force and it looks like that world is doomed.

I have never heard of any of the creative team. But from what I have heard What If was used a bunch of the time as tryouts for new talent.Got Glenn Herdling doing the story.Gary Kwapisz on pencils. Ian Akin on inks. Yep no one I have heard of before.

What If volume 02 #16 gets a buy.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 281 Ghostly Tales #147

TITLE-Ghostly Tales #147

Pretty sure I grabbed this at an auction almost 10 years ago. Grabbed it back then cause I was pretty sure from a quick glance that the cover was by Steve Ditko. And I was right. By this time,cover date March 1981,Ghostly Tales was pretty much all reprints. The cover is from issue 118. And the interior stories seem to be reprinted from issue 116.

We get three stories. Up first  is one written by Joe Gil and Sanho Kim handles the pencils and inks. It is serviceable and that is about it.The middle story has no credited writer,but the pencils and inks are by Steve Ditko. For that alone it is worth buying this comic.The final story has Joe Gil back writing.Then Bill Fraccio doing pencils and inks.

Outside of the Ditko cover and story this isn't anything special. But for those two things alone it is worth grabbing if you find it cheap. Sadly over the past 5 years I have seen the prices on all Charlton comics go up a bit.

Ghostly Tales #147 gets a Buy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 280 Graphic Classics H.P.Lovecraft

TITLE-Graphic Classics H.P.Lovecraft Revised Second Edition
PUBLISHER-Eureka Productions

Look at that cover! When I saw that cover I couldn't pass up this collection. Then I glanced at the list of talent on the bottom of the cover,saw Richard Corben and I knew I had to have this.

I first discovered the Graphic Classics series at my local library. I had been getting lots of comic trades thru inter-library loan,so the head librarian decided to order a few to see if there was enough interest to have some on the shelves. She ordered 3 or 4 volumes of the Graphic Classics line. Where they take classic,and also public domain,stories and make them into comics. I had read and enjoyed a horror collection and one of Poe stories so seeing there was one for Lovecraft I had to order it.

Under that stunning Giorgio Comolo cover,which I must assume is what Mr Comolo thinks Cthulu looks like,is 7 of Lovecraft's tales. Each drawn by different artists.The three that really stand out are.
The Shadow over Innsmouth which is adapted by Alex Burrows and beautifully drawn by Simon Gane.Dreams in the Witch House,adapted by Rich Rainey and Pedro Lopez handles the art chores.Then the best piece in the book,Herbert West:Reanimator.Tom Pomplun hands adapting Lovecraft's serial to the comic form. It is broken up into 4 chapters with a different artist doing each chapter. So you got people like Richard Corben,Rick Geary,J.B.Bonivert and Mark A.Nelson doing the art.

Really if you love Lovecraft and love comics this is a nice and affordable addition to your collection. This Revised second edition claims to have 75 new pages. So that is nice.

Graphic Classics H.P.Lovecraft Revised Second Edition gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 279 Hate #12

TITLE-Hate #12
PUBLISHER-Fantagraphics Books

Yeah I know should have done this issue before the last review. But they were not in order in my comic box.

In this issue Buddy and Lisa,his crazy girlfriend,decide to buy a table at a convention. And we get Bagge's satire and loving tribute to 90s comic cons. Back before they got invaded by pop culture people and it was 30 bucks to take a pic with your own camera.

The main plot is Buddy trying to get Lisa to use her status as female at a con to sell more stuff. And well since it is Lisa it doesn't work. Then Buddy runs into his nemesis Yahtze,yeah that is the guy's nickname. Yahtze is your normal early 90s bootleg VHS dealer at a con. Piles and piles of horror and cult movies that at the time hadn't gotten a legit release on any home media. So why Yahtze and Buddy are trying to show how macho they are Lisa sneaks over and steals a few shopping bags full of Yahtze's more than likely over priced tapes.  Of course once Buddy and his lady get home they settle down to watch some of these tapes,when Yahtze shows up demanding money. Lisa grabs a bat and lets her inner crazy out and in the process destroys all the tapes. So Yahtze leaves,swearing revenge,and Buddy is bummed out. Until they find that one tape didn't get destroyed so they lay down on the mattress on the floor to watch some old 60s movie.

Bagge as you can tell had been to many cons. And gets all the great parts and all the crappy parts exactly right.

Hate #12 gets a Buy!

2016 Comic Challenge 278 Hate #13

TITLE-Hate #13
PUBLISHER-Fantagraphics Books

Ahhhh Hate,the perfect 90s indy comic.Peter Bagge,who wrote and drew Hate,had a way of being about 2 years ahead of mainstream pop culture back then. And being in my teens then early 20s during the 30 issue run of this title I was the perfect audience for Bagge's extremely funny and somethings thought provoking series.

On the cover we got the lead,Buddy Bradley,as a voodoo doll. And the guy holding the doll is Buddy's ex-roommate George Cecil Hamilton the Third.Who if I recall correctly hadn't appeared in Hate in at least a year or two,at the time Hate came out 4 to 5 times a year.

Buddy learns that George has kind of slandered Buddy in the newest issue of his zine. So Buddy tracks him down to find out why. And learns that George is now living with a wealthy woman. Who takes care of George and pays to publish his zine.

Now I know that Hate is very much linked to the decade it came out in. I wonder sometimes how much appeal it would have to someone who didn't live thru the late 80s thru the 90s. I am sure lots of the jokes and references will go over anyone who wasn't around then's head.

Hate #13 gets a Buy!

2016 Comic Challenge 277 Nevada #01

TITLE-Nevada #01
PUBLISHER-Vertigo an imprint of DC Comics

Look at that cover. You got the Vegas lights,and Egyptian themed dancing girl and a fucking ostrich.When I walked into Lynn's Comics in Nederland Texas back in the spring of 98 and saw the cover I knew I was gonna buy it. Then I look close,Steve Gerber is the writer. And Gerber is a writer that should be mentioned whenever people are talking about the best comic writers of all time. But sadly that rarely happens. Honestly before reading this issue I knew nothing about the cover artist and interior penciler Phil Winslade.I do love his art.

The story is fairly simple. A Vegas showgirl,who has a pet ostrich,is the only thing that can prevent the end of the world. Someone is killing people in Vegas in really weird ways.

For me the back story to this series is as good if not better than the series. Back when Gerber was writing Howard the Duck he got way behind on his deadline. So one issue of Howard was just huge blocks of text with various artists doing pictures to go along with theses walls of text. One page had a Vegas showgirl an ostrich and an evil lamp all fighting.The story is for years Neil Gaiman begged Gerber to tell him more of the story of the showgirl,lamp and ostrich.So right at 20 years later we got the 6 issue Nevada series from Vertigo.

Anyways if you like Gerber grab a trade of this series.I doubt it is that expensive,and it is worth it for the art alone.

Nevada gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 276 Star Wars Droids #06

TITLE-Star Wars Droids #06
PUBLISHER-Star Comics an imprint of Marvel

In 86 Marvel's kid's line started up two Star Wars titles,Ewoks and Droids. Both of which seemed to be based on the cartoons of the same names.Years ago I found the above pictured issue in a cheap bin. I think I paid a buck.

It is the first part of a 3 parter. Which ended up being the final story arch in the Marvel Droids comic.In this arch we get the story of New Hope,but this time told from the POV of C-3PO and R2-D2.

This first issue is the only issue I have read of this comic.It isn't bad. Ernie Colon does the pencils,Marie Severin handles the inks and Dave Manak mans the writing.

Star Wars Droids #06 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 275 Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #27

TITLE-Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #27

This beat but complete comic is one that I just kind of lucked into.Right at 10 years ago I was at a local auction,one that never had comics. And a guy tosses up 5 stacks of comics. Asking $5 for each stack. Each stack was about 40 issues but looked to mostly be 90s glut crap from Marvel and DC.No one was bidding so he dropped it to 3 a stack,no bids so asked for an offer. I said I give him 10 bucks for all 5 stacks and after some back and forth paid 13 bucks for what ended up being about 250 comics. In that stack of lots of glut crap was this issue.

So what makes this issue stand out from any other late 70s Marvel Spidey comic? Besides that really neat Dave Cockrum and Al Milgrom cover? Lets check the interior credits.
Hmm Bill Mantlo is the writer,and who is this as guest penciler? Frank Miller.... Yep so this has a cover date of Feb 78,which means it more than likely hit the stands in late 77. Which makes it the first time Frank Miller drew Daredevil!

I had heard of this issue for years. And even owned it 2 times before. But never read it. Mostly cause of fear of damaging it and I had gotten copies planning on selling them later on for a profit. But with the shape this copy is in,which even in this beat up shape checking the big two online retailers of comics it is still worth a few bucks,I finally read it.

Well after after almost 30 years of hype it doesn't live up to it. Sure it is kick ass to see early Miller art on not only Daredevil but also Spider-Man. And Mantlo does a decent job with the story. But for the price this issue sells for ,unless you luck out and get a beat up copy,it really isn't worth getting.

Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #27 gets a Borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 274 Southern Bastards #15

TITLE-Southern Bastards #15

Picking up after the end of the last story,the Running Rebs are trying to deal with their devastating loss last issue.

One of the coach's guys offers to take a few of the players over to an opposing teams home,beat the fuck out of him and make it look like a robbery. Coach turns this down,proving my point that in small southern towns High School Football on Friday night is the true Sabbath.

The Rebs think they are ready for their next game. Then get their asses handed to them again. So Coach makes a call and seems the "robbery" plan is in motion.

On the other side we keep seeing Roberta in the background all over the issue. At the end when Coach grabs Roberta's father's old stick it looks like next issue will start with a fight.

The delay this time thankfully wasn't that long. Art and story are as great as they have always been.

Southern Bastards #15 gets a Buy!

Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 273 Code Name Danger #02

Never heard of this comic before finding it.Seems it was a bi-monthly title from Lodestone Publishing. Who I only know cause they published an issue or two of Evangeline.

We start off finding out an elaborate hoax behind the hijacking of the QEII.And some guy,no clue who he is suppose to be is asked to recapture the boat,free the hostages and capture the enemies alive.

Our lead,I am again assuming this ,gets chewed out by some blonde lady cause the day of the mission is also tennis night. But then she quickly gets un-mad and leads him to a double page spread of what I assume is screens. Each with people that could go on the mission to free the QEII.

They pick out the team,with the lady complaining about some guy with electromagnetic powers. Paul Makor,our lead I finally learn his name, goes and gets the plans for the QEII.While off in Toronto we get to finally meet Captain Energy. Who is the previous mentioned person with electromagnetic powers. Paul shows up to recruit him for the mission and the Captain agrees.

The rest of the team gets recruited and they go and sneak on the shit. The rest of the issue deals with the mission and the fall out when the New York Post reveals the hijacking was a hoax.

I am thinking I got this for 50 cents at a junkstore a few towns over. And for that price it was worth it.Kyle Baker does the pencils and inks. And they look good. One thing that kind of hurt this comic was it was very very dialogue heavy. Plus pretty much every recruitment sequence was the same.

Code Name Danger #02 gets a borrow.

Friday, November 11, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 272 Tales from the Darkside #03

TITLE-Tales from the Darkside #03

Seems now with the chip in his head our lead has his evil side released. And this is causing all kind of problems in the lab.

After a bit he is imprisoned in a giant black Rubic's Cube. Which no one can get into.

The scientist leading the experiment realize that they have released something awful into the world.

So at least now I know who the guy that appeared quickly in issue 4 is. Seems he has released "The darkside" to the world and I am guessing the rest of the series will deal with that.

Tales from the Darkside #3 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 271 The Shield #04

TITLE-The Shield #04
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle Comics/Archie

Well after a year,and 4 issues the first story is wrapped up. The Shield is now wanted for what happened in the last issue.

She also finds out more about her origin. And her ties to a man that has gotten influence over the President. So while she is sneaking into the White House,her friend is dressed up in the Shield outfit and out in front of the White House with all the protesters.

Shield defeats the villain and all seems right. But who knows. Hopefully if we get more issues they will come out on time instead of all the delays.

The Shield #04 gets a borrow.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 270 The Walking Dead #160

TITLE-The Walking Dead #160

We are over halfway thru with the Whisperer War story. Our heroes front line has split up. Disguised as Whisperers hidden into the oncoming herd.

Back at Maggie's kingdom it looks good. Then flaming arrows start raining in over the walls. And a herd of zombies is at the gates.

The art and story keep me coming back every month. One of the few titles I just can't wait on the trade for.

The Walking Dead #160 gets a buy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 269 Vampirella Blood Lust Book 02

TITLE-Vampirella Blood Lust Book Two
PUBLISHER-Harris Comics

By the time this Vampi mini series hit I was almost out of comics. I had read scattered issues of her old series from Warren. The b/w magazine sized comics that came out in the 60s and 70s.Then years back I found a place online that sold random lots of comics by the pound. 10lbs of comics,no duplicates and before shipping  it was like 20 bucks,I made an order and weeks later got 10lbs of comics. Which included a huge stack of random issues of Vampi from Harris.They kind  of got shuffled to the bottom of my ever growing read pile.

Then last month for Halloween I wanted to only review horror comics the entire month. Dug out 6 issues I could find  of the Harris era Vampirella series and read them. Took the pics and wrote out the reviews. Then before I could post them my main laptop shit the bed. I managed to save the pics of all of them and a few of the reviews. So yeah this review and the next 5 that involve Vampi were written,partially written back in October.

That Joe Jusko cover is what drew me to this issue. Then I open it and see he painted the entire issue.And that mid 90s Jame Robinson wrote it. Vampi has died and traveled to Drakulon,which is now Lilith's  section of hell.Teaming up with a very changed Adam Van Helsing,Vampi must restart the river of blood and try to take out her mother.

Now I haven't read that much of the Harris Vampi before now,but this feels more like it is the last chapter in the long running Warren version of Vampirella.When it is explained how Adam ended up in Hell I was pleasantly surprised and remembered something like that being mentioned years ago in an Warren issue.

Vampirella Blood Lust Book Two gets  Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 268 Jessica Jones #01

TITLE-Jessica Jones #01

Yeah I know my hatred of Bendis is fairly well known. But Alias,besides that horrible last few issues,was the best thing he has done since coming to Marvel. So I took a chance on what seems to be a proper follow up to Alias.

Going into this I don't know much of what happened to Jessica Jones since the end of Alias. I have heard she had a kid and married Luke Cage. Maybe even was a member of the Avengers. But I have kind of given up on most Marvel comics for right at 20 years now.

The art is gorgeous. Pretty sure this is the same person that did the art in Alias. And all the little nods to the usually Marvel universe are nice. But it is the dialogue and story that  caught my attention and has me eager the read the next issue.

Jessica Jones #01 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 267 The Shield #03

TITLE-The Shield #03
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle/Archie

Yeah sadly like most of Archie's titles this one is majorly late. So late that I have pretty much forgotten what happened in the first two issues.

In this one our titular heroine is in Russia to take on what appears to be a biker gang. Plus we get flashbacks to what I must assume is her past. But these seem to be happening back in the Revolutionary War.

The story is ok. The art is nice. But with the lateness my interest in this title has majorly fallen. Maybe Archie should have done this as a series of mini series. And waited until say 4 issues were complete before soliciting them.

The Shield #03 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 266 Black Hood Season 2 #01

TITLE-The Black Hood Season 02 #01
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle Comics/Archie Comics

After what felt like a year,it was really 3 or so months,a new issue of The Black Hood is out.I have been praising this book to the geek Heavens since the first issue came out what a year ago. Thankfully this time we were told in advance that there would be a few months between issues.I like how they are doing the season mode of comics. Really I rather get 6 to 8 damn good comics then a break and another batch of 6 to 8 issues,than the standard 12 issues,one every month.

Duane Swierczynski is back as the writer.Greg Scott is the new artist.Who's art is similar enough to the previous main artist,sorry I am blanking on their name. Plus colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick's work takes the coloring from season 1 and makes it a bit more crayon like. Now that sounds like it would be a bad thing,but it really isn't.

Our lead has made his way across the country to California. Vowing to never kill again he ends up living with the homeless on the beach in some sun-drenched town.Seems on his trip acoss he donned a hood and stopped some criminals.And now out on the west coast he stops the so called Shotgun Twins from killing a man in a car on a hillside road.

After taking care of the twins,remember the Hood won't kill anymore,he settles in for a night of sleep with the rest of the homeless.We get a short bit about how here he is accepted,no questions are asked. Plus with-in hours of his arrival he was given a pack with basic survival items and some food.

Well the Shotgun Twins attack on the driver of the car had two reasons for happening. First off the driver did indeed do what he was accused of. But it was also to draw out the Hood.Someone connected the the mob in Phillie has been tracking our titular hero.

The issue ends with the mob guy going thru the homeless offering them food. He comes up to the Hood,offers the food that is turned down.Then draws a gun on the Hood as we get two be continued.

Come on people if you love Batman,Punisher,Daredevil,hell pretty much any street level hero read this damn book. Pretty sure Dark Cirle has all of Season 1 out in trades.

The Black Hood Season 02 #01 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 265 Huntress #01

TITLE-Huntress #01

Huntress is a heroine I have enjoyed since back when she was still the daughter of Batman and Catwoman on Earth 2. This is a fairly recent mini series,2011 and 2012 I think. Got Paul Levitz writing and Marcus To on pencils.

Huntress is in Italy to fight mobsters that are trafficking women and full automatic weapons. After rescuing the women ,she talks to her contact and sets out to work  her way up the criminal chain.

This worked well for the first issue of a  6 issue mini series. Gave me enough that I want to read more. But set it up where this can all easily be wrapped up in 6 issues.

Huntress #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 264 Dark Knight III the Master Race #06

TITLE Dark Knight III The Master Race #06

After many months we get another  chapter in the third DK from Frank Miller.Well kinda from him. Frank Miller&Brian Azzarello get story credit. And for this issue,pretty sure the previous ones were drawn by Frank,is by Andy Kubert.

The green kryptonite rain has taken out most of the Kandorians. With only the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman being not effected by it.

Batman of course planned this all out. And has piles of Sons of the  Bat troops all over to attack the now depowered Kandorians.

The Kandorians take a retreat.But on their way out the leader shots a percise bolt of heat vision,which hits Batman's heart. So as this part of the main story ends Batman has died.

The backup story has Carrie Kelly fighting the daughter of Supes and Wonder Woman. Then Wonder Woman shows up,the daughter manages to break the Golden lasso. While this was not a bad read,I would have been happier with 10 more pages of the main story instead.

Between the long waits between the issues,and yes I know none of Miller's DK stuff has been known to come out on time,and then after the wait getting maybe 22 pages of the main story plus 15 pages of a back up story. Instead of say 28 to 30 pages of the main story and no back up. Yeah I know I should have waited until it came out in a TPB. But this is one of the few titles I have to go get as soon as a new issue is hot.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #06 gets a borrow

2016 Comic Challenge 263 The Killing Joke

TITLE-The Killing Joke Deluxe edition

I am assuming if you are reading this you have read The Killing Joke. If not go track down a copy and read it. It is one of the best Joker stories ever told.

I read it for the first time when it came out over 20 years ago. Pretty sure it was the first time I saw Brian Bolland's art. And was one of the earliest things I read from Alan Moore. But even on that first reading something about the ending didn't work for me. And it wasn't until months later at Gulf Coast Comics that I heard the argument on if Batman kills Joker at the end.I think he does. And from the original script pages it seems like Moore wanted you to wonder if that is what happens.

Now it is time for the complaints. This Deluxe Edition well Bolland has went back and not only recolored the entire story,but also did some touch up the art. I didn't notice any changes in the art,but the coloring to me looks bad. I know this is the original artist's going back and changing it. And it is how he has always wanted it to look. But my eyes are use to the old coloring and they to me gave it a nice dark look that this story needs. This new coloring makes it a bit too bright.

My other complaint is DC's need to add bonus stuff to the collection. An intro and afterword are nice,but to me the Bolland story from the old Batman Black and White mini series wasn't needed. Sure it looked nice in color for the first time. But it feels more like DC adding a few small things so they can charge more for what was originally a $4 prestige format comic.

The Killing Joke Deluxe Edition gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 262 Archie Meets Ramoes

TITLE-Archie Meets Ramones #01

After producing lots of great comics,even if half of them never come out on time,Archie made a comic that I had to have.One that odds are good I will even buy more than one copy of,mostly cause I love a few of the variant covers.

First off let me get my nitpicking complaints out of the way. The comic is titled Archie meets Ramones,it should be Archie meets THE Ramones. Secondly most of the issue supposedly takes place before their first album came out,a few months before,but there is a few songs and references to songs that came out years later.

The story is pretty simple. Archie and his band bombed at the battle of the bands. They are arguing and all but Archie leaves. Sabrina shows up and gives Archie a copy of The Ramones first album. He plays it and it wisks all of the band back to NYC back in 1976.

Thru a bunch of screwball comedy like antics The Archies meet the Ramones. Get sent on a scavenger hunt. And end up winning a battle of the bands at CBGB's,by playing I don't wanna go down in the basement.

Now  I am biased as fuck. I love Archie and The Ramones are  my favorite bands. So your mileage may vary.

Archie meets Ramones gets a BUY!

Monday, November 7, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 261 CyberRad #03

TITLE-CyberRad #03
PUBLISHER-Continuity Comics

Our lead,CyberRad,fights a few robots and learns he is a robot like human. While all this is going on we get filled in on a bit of backstory to our lead's love interest. Plus a few small clues to CyberRad's past,like that his name is Simon.

Neal Adams gets credit for plot and layouts.Peter Stone gets the scripting credit.Then Richard Bennett handles the penciling and inking job. Finally Neal Adams' son Cory does the colors. The colors are good,not as good as they would get at Continuity later on in the 90s. The art looks good and has a nice flow to it.

Unlike the some Continuity Comics stuff I have read,this one made sense even with me jumping into it with the 3rd issue. I do own the next two issues in this volume of CyberRad.Might read them soon.

CyberRad #03 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 260 Earth 4 #02

TITLE-Earth 4 #02
Publisher-Continuity Comics

No real clue where in the Deathwatch 2000 crossover this issue falls. Mostly cause I haven't read much of the Deathwatch 2000 crossover. Really outside of Crazyman I haven't read much from Continuity. I remember seeing them on every newstand in the late 80s and early 90s. But they were always priced way higher than the stuff from Archie,Marvel and DC. So I never bought them. But now that I find them for a buck or less I have been slowly building up a nice stack of random issues from various Continuity series.

Earth 4 are a team of elementals. Urth is a rock looking guy that is somehow now infected with radiation. Him and the rest of the team are at a nuclear power plant that has started melting down. They somehow stop it,really I had no clue what was going on half the time.Between the nice looking but very low on story telling style art and the feeling that I just got dropped into part 20 of a 24 part movie serial.

Aron Weisenfeld handles the pencils.Richard Bennett does the inks,and Tom Roberts does the color. The color was always so good at Continuity. So bright and not muddy like the color at the big 2.The art is pretty but has a bunch of flaws that I bet are cause of the lack of experience from the penciler and inker.

On the other side,Neal Adams gets credited for plot.Peter Stone gets story credit. I do wonder if this issue would make anymore sense after reading the previous issues and crossovers cause of Deathwatch 2000.

For the 50 cents to a buck I paid for the was worth that price for the art and that super busy cover.

Earth 4 #02 gets a borrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 30 Dracula Unleashed DVD game

Title-Dracula Unleashed
Source-Interactive DVD Game

Somehow this FMV game passed me by until about a week ago.I owned a Sega CD back in the day,but had never heard of this game until someone supplied me with a rip of the DVD release.

Using FMV and onscreen choices this game tells the story of Alexander Morris. As he comes to London to investigate the death,that happened 10 years ago,of his brother Quincy. By choosing the right things at the right time you can manage to defeat Dracula and win the game.

The acting is pretty decent compared to other FMV games of the era. The interface is well done. And overall the game isn't bad. I doubt I play it more than once a year. But it is a nice way to kill time.

Dracula Unleashed DVD game gets a B-.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 29 Psycho IV

Title-Psycho IV

Pretty sure I have seen this installment of the Psycho franchise more times that any other film in the series. It  went straight to cable. And I caught it's first airing on Showtime. For years I had a VHS with Psycho IV and Meridian AKA Kiss of the Beast.

Norman is out and free. He is married. He calls into a talk radio show,hosted by CCH Pounder. And started to tell all his history. So we get to see how Norman was as a child and teen. All the torture his mother did to him. Plus why he killed her.

Thru out the film Norman hints he is ready to kill again. With CCH and the rest of the radio station crew trying their best to talk him out of this. And the reveal as to why he wants to kill again is a big shocker.

Since this installment in the franchise went straight to cable it isn't as well known as the other 3.For a long time it was hard to find the VHS and wasn't out on DVD. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the above pictured DVD set for $5 a few years ago.

Psycho IV gets a B+.

Friday, October 28, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 28 Svengoolie MeTV airing of SSSSSSSs

Source-Svengoolie airing on MeTV

Since I have to wait on someone to upload the episodes I am way behind on Svengoolie.So when I got home earlier tonight I was looking for something to watch,and something that while I had seen it before it had been a long time. Saw the dvd-r of the Svengoolie's recent airing of this show and threw it into the blu ray player.

Dirk Benedict becomes the local snake expert's lad assistant. The Doctor starts shooting him up with chemicals,saying they are to help if he gets bit by a snake. Of course we know this will cause Dirk to transform into a snakeman.

Lots of real snakes in this.According to one of Sven's segments there is only one scene with a fake snake.The acting is pretty good. And over all it is a fun way to waste 2 hours. The only big fault with the film is the non-ending.

Sssssssssss gets a B-.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 27 Pop Punk Zombies

Title-Pop Punk Zombies
Source-Kings of Horror Youtube stream of Pop Punk Zombies

Last year I got clued in on the Kings of Horror Youtube Channel. They post at least 3 indy horror movies a week. And it is thanks to their service that I have gotten more people to see the "greatness" that is Vampeggedon.

Earlier I was wondering what I was gonna watch for today. Found a flash drive that I had filled up months back with various horror films off the Kings of Horror channel. Realizing I haven't watched a zombie movie in a good bit I started Pop Punk Zombies.

The film starts with our very Clerks-like leads eating lunch. The twitchy,I am guessing he is suppose to be on speed ,waiter sells them two tickets to the upcoming Vicious Vegans show.They end up going to the show and surprise the bands gimmick of being zombies isn't a gimmick. It is real they are zombies.

Going into the film I kept in mind this was a low budget film. The acting was a bit better than I usually get in indy horror. The effects are decent.And the film moves at a decent pace and never gets boring.

Pop Punk Zombies gets a B.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 259 Tales from the Darkside #02

TITLE-Tales from the Darkside #02

Found issues 2 and 3 today.Which works out nice cause it a two part story.Same creative team as issue 4 also.

The schlub of man has since a young age had odd things happen to and around him fairly often. When we meet him he is getting fired from his current job. On his way home  his car breaks down. But he gets offered a ride.

Seems there is a connection between some experimental pregnancy drugs from the 70s and a bunch of now adults who randomly warp reality while having a seizure.And this man driving the car offers our lead a chance to stop the seizures.

The lead of course takes the offer to stop all the craziness.Goes to the foundations main office.But as he is getting put to sleep there is a hint that maybe he was lied to. And maybe this "dark version" of himself that he sees while in the seizures will instead be in control all the time.

Yep this is a damn good horror comic.The art is good and adds to the story instead of distracting from it. The writing and dialogue are also pretty good.

Tales fro the Darkside #02 gets a Buy!

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 26 Doctor Death Seeker of Souls

Title-Doctor Death Seeker of Souls
Source-Scorpion DVD

This is one of those early 70s horror films I had read about for decades. Seeing short reviews of it in piles of horror cinema reference books I owned/read.But I never saw the VHS,if it got a release on VHS,for rent at any store. It wasn't until a few years back when Scorpion Releasing put it out on DVD that I finally got a chance to see a film I had been curious about for years and years.

And well... I was kind of disappointed. It is kind of your typical early 70s supernatural horror film. Something that you would see second or third bill at the drive-in. Speaking of the drive-in the kill at the drive-in in this film is the best part of the entire film.

Doctor Death Seeker of Souls gets a D+.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 25 Swamp Thing

Title-Swamp Thing
Source-Uncut first release MGM DVD

Yeah I know the cover above isn't the cover on the DVD,but it looks so much better. I got lucky 6 years ago and got the uncut first release of the film for $5. The first DVD release in the States was of the R rated cut,which mostly got the R cause of a few instances of nudity. Some parent complained,cause the back of the DVD case said PG.

Alec Holland is a scientist way out in the swamps of Louisiana. And he is working on a top secret new chemical. He finishes it about the time Alice Cable comes to visit. When Anton Arcane shows up. He wants the formula. A fight breaks out and Alec ends up covered in the new chemical and out in the swamp. And it is assumed he has died.

But he didn't. He comes back as the plant creature Swamp Thing. The rest of the film is Arcane trying to capture Swamp Thing,and Swamp Thing and Alice falling in love.

Now I remember this film kind of bombing,but it did good enough to get a sequel years later, Then a TV series that lasted 3 or 4 years on USA. One good thing that came out of this film was with a Swamp Thing film in theaters DC wanted a Swamp Thing comic on the stands. So the Saga of Swamp Thing title started. Which in a bit less than 2 years later got taken over by Alan Moore and became one of the best comics to come out from the big 2 in the 80s.

Swamp Thing gets a B-

Monday, October 24, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 24 Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery

Title-Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery
Source-VHS rip

As far as I know this is the only Tiny Toons special to never get released on DVD.I never saw it back when it came out so getting a decent looking VHS rip of it was a nice find.

The Night Ghoulery title should let you know that this is a homage/parody of the old Rod Serling Night Gallery show. So this is an anthology. With a bunch of short stories with the various Tiny Toons characters showing up.

The stories are fun.The animation looks great. And over all it is funny.

Tiny Toons Night Ghoulery gets a B+.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 23 Stephen King's It

Title-Stephen King's It

Recently started going thru my stacks of VHS. Some of them are labeled some are not. So been kind of interesting seeing what is on these various tapes. On one tape was a recording of when some channel aired the tv mini series Stephen King's It a few years ago.

Ahh It,this was one of my most anticipated adaptation of a King novel. Maybe 2 years before the mini series premiered I had read the novel. And was wondering how they would be able to keep it true to the novel and still air it on broadcast TV.

Set in the town of Derry Maine,It is about an evil entity that feeds on children. Every so many years It kills a few children then disappears again. Until it meets up with a special group of children. This group is made up of all the outcasts at the local elementary school. And thru the bond they share they managed to kill It. Or so they thought.

They grow up and one by one move away from Derry. With only one of them staying behind.Now they are approaching middle age and find out that It is back. So can this gang of now adults manage to stop It?

This aired over 2 nights. Each night it was 2 hours with commercials. The first night covered the half of the story when they were kids. And the next night covered the last half when they are adults. It is surprisingly gory for a network TV mini series. And thanks to the great acting from Tim Curry It is packed with scary moments. Even having to tone down some parts of the novel didn't hurt the mini series too much.

What hurt it was how they handled the final battle with It. In the novel it gets very metaphysical. And has a bunch of connections to King's Dark Tower series of novels. In the mini series It is revealed to be a giant spider. Which our gang defeats. Yep a giant spider. I get that it would have been hard to recreate the battle from the novel. But they could have done something better than Hey it is is a giant spider.

Stephen King's It gets a C+.