Monday, July 4, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 203 Blue Bolt Volume 07 #03

TITLE-Blue Bolt Volume 07 issue 03
PUBLISHER-Novelty Press

Yep got another slightly beat up but complete Golden Age anthology title. I knew that at one time Blue Bolt was  Kirby and Simon created superhero. But after looking this up,I found the comic months ago but was waiting to buy it and ended up being given it as a early birthday gift,some where in the series Blue Bolt gave up his costume and powers and just became a totally human adventure hero.
I had seen this ad in an old comic before,gotta love Pepsi the Pepsi-Cola Cop.
 The art as you can see,in Blue Bolt is pretty good. And I like the Fleer Dubble Bubble ad on the previous page.
 Sergeant Spook is one of the Golden Age heroes I had heard of IIRC through the Digital Comic Museum. But more on that site at the end of this.
 Yep,a group of kids can call on the ghost of a dead cop to help them solve crime. It's a pretty fun strip.
The inside back cover. Rings,engagement wedding or friendship for $1.94.But hell that was a decent amount in the summer of 46.

But back to the previous mentioned website.The Digital Comics Museum is a site for comic book scans of comics that have fallen into the public domain. So these are totally legal downloads. And there is a few titles there that modern fans would know. Stuff like Shazam/Captain Marvel and Plastic Man. This issue of Blue Bolt is up there. And it is a full cover to cover scan. So if you want to read this issue,and flipping thru the DCM scan their copy is in much better shape than mine,Click here to go straight to the file. Now you do have to join the site to get the comic scans. As for reading it,well I use CDisplay. Google it it is a free comic reader program for Windows.

Overall I really enjoyed this issue. Sure I would have rather had a few more superheroes. But the art on most of the strips was really good. With the cover artist Jim Wilcox doing a great job on Dick Cole.

Blue Bolt Volume #7 Issue #03