Friday, April 8, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 146 Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa #02

TITLE-Wild West C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa #02
PUBLISHER-Archie comics

I remember this franchise. Never had any of the toys,and until a few months ago never saw the cartoon. But it was obviously inspired by TMNT. Set in a wild west setting,this is about a team of bovine cowboys. Who fight crime in the western town of Moo Mesa.

As you can see in the pic Doug Brammer,never heard of him,gets scripting credit. And Gary Fields and Ron McArdle handle the inks and pencils. This is the second part of a three part story. Our leads are running towards town and away from a angry T-rex. Through out the issue we learn that last issue one of the CowBoys found a baby dinosaur in a very Turok like hidden valley of dinosaurs. And the Cowboy brought the baby triceratops to town. Which they assume is the reason why the T-rex is heading towards town.

So the issue is pretty much the team being split up. Some of them going to get the baby dino and return it to the hidden valley. While the rest of the team tries to stop the T-rex from doing massive damage and possibly killing someone.

And by the final few pages of this 22 page story,not only is the baby dino returned to it's mother but the T-rex returns to the hidden valley. Then the entrance to the valley is destroyed.

There is a few things that stood out besides the main story.
 Somehow in the second issue there is actually a letters page.Which either means Archie sent out preview copies of the issues or the letters are just made up. I know that made up letters in a comics letter page aren't that uncommon. But the way this is done it is pretty obvious that the letters are made up.

 Since the story is only 22 pages,and the cover price was a bit higher than normal,Archie threw in a few pin up pages. Out of the two in this issue the above is much better.
 One thing I have always enjoyed about the various comics Archie published years ago was they in almost every issue printed some fan art. And in this issue there is 2 pages of it. The stuff on the left is almost as good as the art in this issue. The other page,well the age of the artists is pretty young so I will just say it is decent for how old the artists are.

Wild West C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa #02 gets a borrow.