Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 284 The Walking Dead #161

TITLE-The Walking Dead #161

The penultimate chapter of the Whisperer War is out. Yeah I know it came out a week or so ago. It just took me a bit to find the time to read it.

At Hilltop Maggie is trying to fight off the forces of the dead plus Whisperers mixed in with them. While Carl and Sophia try to get everyone out of the main house.While getting people out Carl gets trapped and is barely saved.

Back at Rick's community we see him and Andrea talking about what needs to be done to end this war.And outside the  community a bit we got Eugune making as many bullets as he can.

The issue ends with us finding out someone is plotting to take out Rick.

The Walking Dead #161 gets a Buy!