Friday, July 15, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 212 Nighthawk #01

TITLE-Nighthawk #01

This is the Nighthawk of JMS's revamping of the Squadron Supreme. I was enjoying that series until like lots of JMS's work it just kind of petered out without any kind of ending.

So now that Nighthawk is on the 616 Marvel Earth. He is attacking an warehouse owned by a white supremisist gang. Who is tracking guns and meth.

The art by Ramon Villalobos is really good. Nice amounts of detail plus a bit of darkness. David F Walker does an ok job with the story in this issue. I do wonder how this would read to someone that doesn't know this version of Nighthawk.

The cover above is one of the variants. Drawn by the great Bill Sienkiewicz. A guy I wish was doing a monthly series or something more than covers.

Nighthawk #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 211 Jughead #06

TITLE-Jughead #06

This is the last issue in the first story arch of the new Jughead series.

The gang makes a plan to stop Stanger from brainwashing more students at the upcoming Halloween dance. Jughead at first wants nothing to do with it. But then gets a clue as to why the new principal is ignoring Veronica's breaking of various rules. So he joins in on the plan.

There is a great fight between Jughead,who is dressed up as Captain Hero,and Moose. But our unsung hero manages to save the day.

Chip Zdarsky took my favorite Archie character and made him even better. All the homages to previous Jughead series were great. Erica Henderson's art fits this series perfectly.

Yeah gonna have to get the trade of this 6 issue run soon.

Jughead #06 gets a BUY!