Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 046 Archie #05

TITLE-Archie #05
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

While Archie is helping Veronica plan for her big party,Jughead,Betty and Reggie are working on the plan to split the two up.

But after a short while Betty and Jughead realize that in her own kind of strange way Veronica really does care for Archie. And that eventually he will get tired of her crap and end the relationship.

This issue felt a bit padded. In that there was about 10 pages of story and the rest was padding.

Archie #05 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 045 Archie #04

TITLE-Archie #04
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

After 3 issues of build up we finally learn what the Lipstick incident is. But before we get to that we got a flashback.

Back when Archie and Betty were just two friends. They had been close since early childhood.And everything was going fairly well.

But of course something has to change. Two of the other girls at Riverdale get it into their minds that Betty needs a make over. So they take her to the mall and change Betty's look.

When Archie comes to pick Betty up,they are going to a midnight horror film,he is in shock.Which causes him to treat Ms Cooper very differently.

Of course this leads to an argument. And we get to finally see the much talked about lipstick incident.

Then we jump back to present day. Archie was just wanting to get in some practice time with his band. But Jughead has left. So sitting in his garage alone,Archie discovers Veronica has come over. And he starts playing a song for her.

Cut to Betty's house. Where her and Jughead are formulating a plan to make sure Archie and Veronica do not become a couple. And on the final page we find out they have enlisted the help of Reggie Mantle.

I am really loving this revamping of Archie. Like with Jughead they are keeping the core of the characters. While also updating it to appeal more to modern audiences.

Archie #04 gets a Buy.