Saturday, October 15, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 15 Thir13en Ghosts

Title-Thir13en Ghosts
Source-Warner Brothers DVD

While the original William Castle 13 Ghosts isn't a great film,it is one that is well remembered cause of it's interesting Ghost viewer gimmick. So when I heard it was being remade I got curious. Sadly there was no Ghost Viewers handed out when you saw this remake in a theater.

Tony Shalhoub is a widowed father. Who is having money troubles,but somehow is still able to afford a live in nanny. He is told his uncle has passed and left him a house. So Tony and his family head to this house.

When they get there they find out the house was made to house 13 ghosts. There is 12 in there already. And by the end of the night one more will be added.

This film looks great. The FX work by the KNB studios is well done. The acting is hit or miss. Shaloub does a decent job with what appears to be a kind of crappy script. But Shannon Elizabeth as his daughter is horrible.

Another thing is I wish they had given us more details about the 12 ghosts. Sadly this isn't in the film. But there is an extra feature on the DVD that gives you plenty of history on each ghost.

Thir13en Ghosts gets a C+.