Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Toys from a box of junk 03/31/2015

For close to 15 years I collected toys. Mostly action figures,but there was a decent amount of non-action figure toys in my collection. When I moved back to Mississippi close to 10 years ago I sold off a huge amount of my toy collection.What I did keep mostly got put up in boxes.

I was never one to keep my toys mint in package. With action figures it was much much easier to display them when they were loose. Plus I get to pose them and place the various accessories where I want them.

I have been slowly moving stuff out of my closet. And dividing the junk I am finding into two piles. One of course is stuff I want to keep. The other is stuff I am getting rid of. I doubt I can sell much of what I want to get rid of. So if you see a toy on this blog that I say I want to get rid of. Contact me,I am more than happy to trade them for whatever.

Now I am stealing this idea from Matt at Dinosaur Dracula.Go check out his site,it is a great read. Click to goto Dinosaur Dracula website.But every few weeks Matt will pick 5 random action figures from his humongous collection.Take some pictures of them and talk about them. I really enjoy reading them. So I stole the idea. But I am changing it up slightly. Matt does 5 Action Figures. I am doing 3 toys. No clue how often I will be doing one of these.

3 Toys from the Box 03/31/2015

Up first is the oldest of the three toys I picked out for today. Oldest as in the one I have owned for the longest.

A few years after LJN lost the WWF license it was picked up by Hasbro.The LJN figures we bigger,but had no articulation. Which is kind of dumb for a wrestling action figure.The Hasbro figures were much smaller but did have a few points of articulation. Plus each of them had an action feature.

I am pretty sure Hasbro made 2 Brutus Beefcake figures.And this is the first one. Brutus IIRC came with a pair of shears,so he could cut the heel wrestler's hair.There is only 3 points of articulation. The shoulders and neck. And the action feature is super lame. You press down on his head and release it and he jumps. Well most of the time he just falls over.

This is the second one of this Brutus Beefcake Hasbro figure I have owned.I got my first one back in the mid 90s. The local America's Thrift had got in what I must assume was some kid's wrestling figure collection. There was at least 30 of these Hasbro WWF figures. They were priced at 50 cents each. And I grabbed almost all of them.Something happened to that figure when I moved in the late 90s. The one in the picture I got in a trade with a fellow collector. He was just getting into VHS collecting.And one of my neighbors called me and told me their kids had just gave them "A wholea bunch of VCR videotapes." As a thank you for helping the husband stack firewood the previous fall I was told to come over and get any of the vhs tapes I wanted.

This is one of the toys in my collection I want to get rid of. Loose it has almost no monetary value. Anyone reading this that wants it leave a comment below and we can work a trade out.

This is the newest out of the three toys.Either late 2012 or early 2013 I found it in a three pack at Fred's.I rarely look at the toys in Fred's cause like Walgreens and other drug stores,they price the figures a few bucks higher.Fred's at least puts stuff on clearance,and then the price is usually really good.

Mattel had been making this sized DC superhero action figures for a number of years. Most of the time the figures had good paint jobs,good sculpting and decent articulation.Cause of the size of them they remind me a bit of the Kenner Super Powers line from the mid 80s. Unlike the Super Powers figures this line from Mattel has no action feature.To make up for this they have much more articulation.

As far back as I can remember I have been a fan of Hal Jordan as Green Lantern.I think it is for 2 reasons. The first is my favorite color is green. The other is I love Green Lantern's power ring. Such a great power. And what kid wouldn't want a ring like that.

Oh maybe you are wondering who else was in the three pack with old Hal here. The pack was called "The Hard Traveling Heroes" set. For the comic geeks out there that should be enough of a hint to figure out who the other two are.To be nice I will go ahead and tell you :P The other two figures are Oliver Queen the Green Arrow,and Dinah Lance the Black Canary.Back in the 70s DC merged Green Lantern and Green Arrow's comic books. And those 2 along with Black Canary traveled around the world fighting off social injustices.

I doubt I ever would want to get rid of this figure.With my action figure display areas being very limited,smaller figures like this are much easier to display. And for such a small figure it looks amazing.My only complaint,and it is more of me being an ass than anything,is that the Super Powers Green Lantern figure came with a Green Lantern Power Battery accessory. This figure didn't.I am sure I could check Ebay and buy one and add it to this figure.

While this is the oldest of the three toys,it came out about a year or two before Brutus Beefcake,I didn't get it until summer of 2012.I can't remember if I got in in the same trade as the Brutus Beefcake or if I was in another trade with the same guy.

In the late 80s or maybe it was very early 1990 Mattel started a new line of He Man action figures.The Masters of the Universe line had been dead for a year or so and they wanted to revamp it some.Gone was the exaggerated muscles of the old line. Replaced by a somewhat more realistic look. Also this line had more of a science fiction feel.I don't remember seeing this toy line in stores. And only saw the cartoon maybe 4 times.

I was a huge Masters of the Universe fan. I clearly remember saving up my dollar a week allowance up so I could buy my first MotU figure,which was Man-At-Arms.So when I saw this figure on my buddy's trade list I had to have it.

Compared to the MotU line,the New Adventures of He-man line looks kind of crappy. The action figures aren't nearly as inventive.The sculpting while more realistic isn't as good.The paint jobs are not as good. I have no idea about the accessories,since this one didn't have any when I got it.

If someone made me a good offer I would get rid of this toy. It isn't that I don't like it. It just isn't impressive enough to hold onto when I am very limited in space.

Well I hope someone read and enjoyed this.I am gonna have to figure out how to take better pictures of the figures. But I am working with an cheap camera and it isn't like I have much of a clue as to what I am doing :P

Saturday, March 28, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 049 Top 100 Horror Movies

TITLE-Top 100 Horror Movies
AUTHOR-Gary Gerani
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

During one of the Science Fiction book clubs sales I ordered this oversized book.From IDW's book publishing arm it is a list of the top 100 horror movies of all time. I loved the Bravo made 100 scariest movie moments show. And figured since IDW does good comics this book would be of the same quality.

Now any list of top 100 horror films there will be films whoever is reading it will think don't belong on the list. But then there is also horror films that 90% of horror fans believe deserve to be on a top 100 list. With this book there was two films that stood out to me because they were not on the list. Those are first up Phantasm. Now I would personally have it in my top 5. But most horror fans would agree it should be in the top 100. The other film is one that almost every horror fan will agree is a modern classic. And it not being on the top 100 list causes this book to lose major amounts of credibility. That film is the original Dawn of the Dead. Yes Dawn of the Dead isn't in the author's top 100. Even horror fans that don't like Dawn still think it is a top 100 film. Hell I hate the Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby,but if I was making a list of the top 50 horror movies ever they would be on the list.

Then you got films on this list that puzzle me why they made the list. The one big one is Tim Burton's Sweeny Todd. To me it isn't a horror film.And  in my eyes there is no reason this over rated Gothic shite gets on the list when a true classic like Dawn isn't on the list.

My other complaint about the book is what the author chose for number 1. People that know me know I am not a fan of most of the Hammer horror films. So when I saw that Horror of Dracula was number 1 I was shocked.Going in I figured one of the following would be number 1. Stuff like the Exorcist,Psycho,the original Night of the Living Dead or the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The author explains a bit why he chose Horrors of Dracula. And I do agree it's influence and impact on the horror genre are big.

One thing I do love about this book is all the great pictures. They are all nice and clear. I also like how for each film they list it's original aspect ratio. This is something I haven't seen before in a book of movie reviews. And it is something I wish was done more often.

Top 100 Horror Movies gets a 2.72 outta 5

2015 Reading Challenge Book 048 Gamemaster Conquering Super Nintendo Games

TITLE-Gamemaster Conquering Super Nintendo Games
AUTHOR-Jeff Rovin
COST-10 cents

When I was younger I loved this kind of books. Most Schoolastic book fairs I would buy at least one. For the younger readers this is how we learned about various video games. We didn't have people with highly annoying voices doing Lets Play vids on youtube. Hell we didn't have shows on tv that talked about video games. You had books like this,a handful of video game magazines and word of mouth.

I had actually forgotten about these books until I started watching the Game Chasers show on youtube. They pick up this type of books when they find them cheap. And I did some research and found out some of these books have decent resale value.

This was found at my local library.All the neon colors on the cover caught my eye.And since I recently added a Super Nintendo emulator to my computer I thought a book like this would be handy in choosing what games I wanted to play.

There is over 100 game reviews in the book. With each one getting at least a page.Mr Rovin does a good job. In a small space he tells you the story of the game,gives you some tips on the harder parts of each game. And even sometimes gives you cheat codes and/or passwords. The tips for EVO Search for Eden have been really handy. I hadn't even heard of the game before. After reading about it in the book I knew I had to try it out. And it has become one of my favorite games.

My only complaint is there is no pictures in the book.Some screenshots would help break up the walls of text.

Gamemaster Conquering Super Nintendo Games gets a 3.15 outta 5.

2015 Reading Challenge Book 047 Asia Shock

TITLE-Asia Shock
AUTHOR-Patrick Galloway
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

Back in 2008 I was ordering the first Cinema Sewer book off Amazon. I wanted to add something to the order so I would get free shipping. Saw this book and took a chance.

Before reading this collection of 47 reviews I had seen maybe 10 Asian films Since reading this book I have watched many many more.

The author does a good job of not only describing the films. But putting them in the proper cultural context. Which is very helpful when dealing with cinema from countries you don't know much about.

Most of what is covered is horror,dark fantasy and black comedies. And I am a fan of two of those genres. With fantasy films just being a genre that while I don't hate it,I am not a huge fan  of.

Mr Galloway also gives lots of background info on stuff like the infamous Hong Kong Category III rating,directors like Takashi Miike,and all kinds of great bits of history on the film industries in the various Asian countries.

The only real flaw with the book is something that couldn't be avoided. When this book came out the Asian horror explosion hadn't yet happened in the States. So finding some of the movies mentioned wasn't that easy. So Patrick gives a list of websites where you can buy or find out more info on the various films he covers. Of course with this book being from years back lots of these websites do not exist anymore.But as I said this couldn't be avoided.

Asia Shock gets a 2.98 outta 5

Thursday, March 19, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 046 Horror Show

TITLE-Horror Show
AUTHOR-Greg Kihn

Back in 97 I kept seeing the cover of this book in K-mart. Finally I grabbed it to check it out. The name Greg Kihn rung a bell. Then I realized it was the guy who sang "My loves in jeopardy". After reading the blurb on the back and seeing it was nominated for a Bram Stroker award I bought it.

We start off with a reporter for a horror magazine tracking down the infamous b-horror director Landis Woodley. Woodley is pretty much Ed Wood under a different name. The reporter gets Woodley to agree to a no holds barred interview.

The meat of the story is set back in the late 60s. Woodley and his crew of outcasts are prepping to make a film. Titled Cadaver and set in the LA morgue. Woodley knows if this film isn't a huge hit he will not be able to get the financing to make another film. After the first night of filming Landis and his FX guy,Buzzy,realize that they only have two zombies. And the film is suppose to have a huge horde of zombies. So Buzzy comes up with an idea. One that should push the film above it's low budget origins.

So what is this idea? Since they are in a morgue Buzzy wants to use some of the corpses in the film. Woodley agrees. But they don't know the corpse they pick isn't a normal corpse. Turns out it is the corpse of the head of the Church of Satan. Who had just recently obtained a set of tuning forks from a South American tribe. These forks when used properly summon a snake headed demon. The first time the Priest of Satan uses the forks,while attempting to get into the undies of Devila,he ends up getting possessed by the demon. To prevent the demon from attacking his young daughter,the priest leaves and kills himself.

So Landis and his crew use that corpse and finish the film. But Buzzy doesn't want to end his corpse antics there. He shows up to the morgue a few nights later and steals the corpse. Then brings him to the crew showing of the finished film.

We then jump back to present day. Landis has asked the reporter to come back over and see some footage from Cadaver that had to be removed cause of the Hayes code. It is around this time we learn that besides Landis everyone else on the crew has died in mysterious ways. The reporter thinks there is a curse. And while watching the cut footage with Landis ,the corpse comes back and wants his revenge.

Since buying this book almost 20  years ago I have read it many times. Any time I want a fast easy read I usually end up reading it. Then when I moved back in the fall of 2007 I ended up losing my copy.

The more you know about the late 60s era of horror films the more you will enjoy this book. Cause it has lots of characters that are obviously stand ins for real people. Like Devila,who is Vampira, The old actor Lubis,who is Bela Lugosi. And many others.

Horror Show gets a 3.96 outta 5.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How come no one told me about these 002

Found all of these last year at Dirt Cheap. I have been picking up a few of the various Vinyl toys that are flooding the market. But until finding these everyone I have found in stores was based on a licensed property.

Nooks Website
There's the official website. Huge parts of it don't work anymore.Seems there was a way to register each Nook you bought by entering the identification number each Nook has.

Yeah this line are called Nooks. They are 10 centimeters tall.Got articulation at the shoulders and neck. Each are individually numbered on the bottom of the left foot. The bottom of the right foot has the Nooks name. The original price tags on them was 8 bucks.But Dirt Cheap was clearing them out at 50 cents each. I grabbed one of all the different ones they had. Plus the three I liked the best I lucked out and found extras of them. So I bought those also and they are current attached to the dash of my car.

                                                             Cuddles #023 of 150
Cuddles has a bendie tail that isn't shown in the picture.Grabbed this one mostly cause I was grabbing one of each Nook the store had.

                                                               Sunshine #028 of 150
Sunshine seems to be some kind of hula girl. With pretty decent detail in the various paintjobs.

                                                          Frederick #029 of 150
I love this wacky looking monster. That has a huge screw going thru his head.

                                                            Frank #064 of 150
I wish I had found another of this one. Such a good representation of Frankenstein's Monster.

                                                    Nookman #075 of 150
This super hero style Nook has a plastic cape. Which reminds me of the capes we had on the old Kenner Star Wars figures.
                                                               Grunt #080 of 150
Sadly a few of these are missing accessories. Grunt came with a wrestling belt. But I did find 2 of him. So he is one of the aforementioned Nooks I added to my car dash.
                                                             Huffpuff #083 of 150
You can't seem them well in the picture,Huffpuff has a bendable rubber wings on his back.
                                                                Kyoto #095 of 150
This is another that is missing something. She came with chopsticks and a bowl of rice.
                                                           Travis #100 of 150
No idea why this robot looking Nook is named Travis. This is another one I bought 2 of.
                                                    Haka the Maouri Man #125 of 150
Really love the paint details on the face. Supposedly some of the Nooks are rarer than others. This is one of the supposedly Rare ones.
                                             Speedy the Super Hero #129 of 150
Another super hero Nook. And another that has a plastic cape.
                                                         Bobbin Hood #134 of 150
Yep he is missing his bow. I looked all over the shelves for it. The arrow can be removed from his hand.
                                                                 Yin Yang #135 of 150
                      A simple design that looks great.Also another of the Rare ones.
                                                  Bongo the Monster Nook #137 of 150
The last one I bought two of. I love how he reminds me of the Metaluna Monster from This Island Earth.

I looked around the net after buying all these. Besides the official website there is very little talk of them online.Kind of surprises me since these vinyl toys are pretty popular. Since buying all these Dirt Cheap has sold all they had. Might have to hit up Ebay and see if I can grab a few more for cheap.

Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 045 Clive Barker's Great and Secret Show

TITLE-Clive Barker's Great and Secret Show Hardcover
AUTHOR-Chris Ryall adapting the Clive Barker Novel
FORMAT-trade paperback

Last year the Sci Fi Book club was clearing out a bunch of comic book hardcover and trades. I waited until they had a site wide sale going on and grabbed right at 100 bucks worth of comics for about 30 bucks with shipping. I had always heard good things about the comic adaptation of The Great and Secret show. Which is my favorite of Barker's full length novels.

I first read the novel back in 90 or 91. I was in my mid teens and I devoured the book in less than 4 days. By the second chapter I was hooked. And I would stay up until 2 am each night reading,which meant I ended up at school with 3 hours sleep.Hell during our daily 15 minute break between the first and second classes of the day I would sit out in the courtyard reading. Same with lunch. Which is why I am puzzled I waited so long to read this comic.

Chris Ryall does a really good job adapting the long and somewhat confusing book. It has been 4 or 5 years since I read the novel,but I didn't notice any major parts of it missing from the comic. Gabriel Rodriguez does something I haven't seen in many adaptations of novels into comics. He makes the various characters appear on the page very similar as they appeared in my head.

So what is the story. A postal worker gets assigned to the dead letter office in a central hub for the US Postal Service. His boss tells him to remove any money or jewelry from the packages and burn the rest. Jaffe,the postal worker,starts reading some of the letters and discovers a hidden society. Who practice what is called The Art. Using this they hope to break into the dream sea. Where all ideas and really every thing comes from. We learn that you will swim in the dream sea at least 2 times in your life. The first night you are alive,which of course you don't remember. And your final night alive. But there is a chance at a third visit. The first time you sleep beside your first true love you will visit it. Jaffe becomes consumed with using the Art to visit the dream sea Quiddity.

Thanks to a scientist,Jaffe manages to create a serum that evolves someone to godhood. Jaffe and Fletcher,the scientist,both evolve. And wage a decade long war. With Jaffe representing the dark side of humanity. And Fletcher representing the dreams and hopes of humanity.

Through a fairly involved sequence of events Jaffe and Fletcher end up having kids with some unsuspecting teens. Jaffe has a set of twins and Fletcher has a son.

By the time the kids are in their late teens,Fletcher's son comes to the town were he was conceived and this starts a chain reaction. Which might destroy all of existence.

I can't really say much more without spoiling a lot of the ending.I love how Barker leaves clues early on in the novel,that if you catch them will tell you vital information long before he straight up reveals it.

In the novels this is the first of "the Books of the Art" series. The second book came out in 94  or 95 and is titled Everville. But since then we haven't gotten another book. Both novels so far while leaving a few things left hanging,do have proper endings. I haven't even heard Barker talk about the Art series in a long time. When I met him almost 20 years ago I spaced out and didn't ask him about this series. I was just so happy that I was getting to meet one of my favorite authors.

Clive Barker's Great and Secret Show gets a 4.32 outta 5.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 044 Cinema Serial Killers

TITLE-Cinema Serial Killers
AUTHOR-Paul B. Kidd
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

Grabbed this last month at Dirt Cheap. It is a collection of short reviews of about 20 serial killer films. Then if the film is based on a real case we get long articles on that.

Most of the entries are well written. But I was kind of shocked the author isn't a fan of Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. With him saying there was nothing entertaining about the film. Also since the author is from Australia there is piles of Australian slang. Most of which thankfully I can puzzle out from context.

Now thanks to the book I got a list of films I want to see. Like the Dahmer film with Jeremy Renner. I had no idea this film existed. Same thing with the H.H. Homes and Albert Fish films that are mentioned.

Cinema Serial Killers gets a 2.50 outta 5.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Library Booksale Haul March 2015

Dropped $4 this time. But grabbed 4 armfuls.

Another unofficial games strategy guide. Covering lots of SNES games. Each game gets at the most 3 sentences of strategies. So it isn't that helpful.

Read Lemons never lie late last year,it was written by Westlake under a pen name. I enjoyed it so figured for 10 cents I would take a chance on another book from him. Seems to be a comedy/mystery book.

Seems to be a horror/comedy novel. Never heard of the author,it would be cool if it was Mark Henry the pro wrestler. It had on the cover  Dollar General $1 price sticker. And later the day I bought this I saw copies at the run down Dollar General in the down town area.

The cover reminds me of the 5th Wild Cards novel. Hell when I saw it from a few shelves over I thought it was that book in hardcover. I was actually a fan of Clinton,but thought this would be a decent laugh.

And to counter balance the previous book I got this book.For various reasons I wasn't a fan of Mr Bush. I think the first time he ran I wrote in Jesse Ventura.Second time I wrote in Steve Rogers. Yep voted for a fictional character.

Thankfully I had a list of my dvds/blu rays with me. Checked it and I don't own Creepshow in any format. Haven't tried it out yet. But for 25 cents if it doesn't work I will display the box with the few other VHS I have held onto.

Yep 3rd month in a row I found a Buffy book. This is the first book of the series I got the last book of last month. I am hoping the second book in the series will show up. If not I will grab a used copy online.

Never seen the film,but I have enjoyed Priest's comic book work.

I love the movie. One thing I don't like about the book is it in in that over sized paperback form. Which makes shelving it a pain in the ass.

Been wanting to read more Thompson. Read Fear and loathing in Las Vegas years ago. But really don't remember much about it.

Remember in the early to mid 90s when Virtual Reality was the big thing various companies kept promising us? This appears to be the instruction book to a PC Virtual Reality headset. I haven't even looked to see if the discs mentioned on the upper right corner are in the book. And with how old this is I doubt they would work on any computer I have.

Years ago when I was working a job where they just needed a warm body sitting in a chair for 8 hour shifts I read at least 12 of the Cat Who mystery series. Until recently I had kind of forgotten about this series of fun books. This is as the cover states a guide to the series.It looked like someone gave the library an complete run of this series. Because besides this I found 20+ of the novels.

From the early 80s so I am sure it will be full of Cold War scare tactics.

When I saw this I thought Art was the guy who did Candid Camera. Turns out he did Kids say the darnest things. But I usually enjoy bios.

Sure I have read this before. But I don't own it. Grizzard was the last newspaper columnist I read. I was buying the Jackson county paper just to read his stuff. Once he passed I quit reading the newspaper.

A book about Hunter S THompson. So another Bio for cheap.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 043 Battlestar Galactica TPB from Maximum Press

TITLE -Battlestar Galactica
AUTHOR-Rob Liefeld & Robert Napton
FORMAT-Trade paperback

Being a young child when the first Star Wars film hit theaters I became a huge space opera fan. So when Battlestar Galactica started airing I had to see it each week.Even going as far as getting my parents to set the vcr to record the show.I managed to convince them to let me keep 3 tapes of BSG. Which was huge back then cause blank tapes were like $10 bucks each.So once we got a new vcr, a VHS model. That's right I was recording BSG on a Betamax vcr.But once we got the VHS my parents let me move the Betamax to my room. And for years I would watch those BSG tapes over and over. Even now that I got the entire series on DVD,I would love to still have those worn out old Betamax tapes.Just getting to see those old ass commercials again would be a time trip to my childhood.

In 98 I had found  a great comic shop. Was talking to the owner about BSG and he jokingly mentioned that Rob Liefeld had published a BSG comic. This sent me diving into his back issue bins to find the dozen of so BSG comics published by Maximum Press in the mid 90s. I found a couple of issues of the anthology title Asylum. Which had a 5 to 8 page black and white BSG story in each issue that I found. But what I really wanted was the first four issues from Maximum Press. I had seen a online review of those 4 issues.They seemed to provide a good resolution to the first season. And a good start to more stories. Sure I could have ordered them years ago from Mile High,Mycomicshop or one of the many other online shops. I am sure I could have gotten all the issues off Ebay fairly cheap. But I wanted to find the issues in a shop or at a con. I do enjoy the "hunt" for back issues. And keeping fairly cheap but not that common stuff on my want list makes sure that at almost any comic shop or con I can find 10 to 20 bucks worth of comics I don't own and want.

After close to a decades worth of searching all I had was an almost complete set of the Asylum comic. And 1 issue of a later series from Maximum Press.I was looking for the dvds of Galactica 1980,yeah I have finally seen this horrible series,and below it I saw a BSG trade published by Maximum Press.I clicked the thumbnail and found out it reprinted the first 4 issues that I had been searching for all these years.And it was $2. But I was conflicted. I really wanted to find this at a shop or a con.I thought about it for a bit.And decided that the price was better than I would more than likely ever get at a con or shop. Plus I had "hunted" for them for right at 10 years.

So after waiting all this time how  is the comic? Well the art is your normal mid 90s Liefeld hacked out clone art. I do not hate Liefeld art. Sure isn't amazing and more often than not has horrible layouts and anatomy. But it has a weird funky energy to it that reminds me of the energy Creeper era Steve Ditko artwork has.The art isn't good enough to add to the story. But also isn't bad enough to subtract from it either. Then there is the writing.I wonder how much of it is from Rob's mind and how much is Mr Napton. I have never heard of Napton before. Sadly like the art,the story isn't good or bad. It is just there. Was I entertained? Yeah,I was. But I am a huge original BSG fan and will read and be at least slightly entertained by any media that continues the story from that one single season.Well not any media, FUCK GALACTICA 1980!

Battlestar Galactica trade paperback from Maximum Press gets a 2.50 outta 5.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dirt Cheap Haul late Feb 2014

Made my pretty much monthly trip to Dirt Cheap. Budgeted out 25 to 30 bucks. After looking at the furniture,where I found a dresser I wanted but it was about 100 bucks more than I want to spend I saw they had 3 shelves full of books. Dug around and noticed that instead of a percentage off the cover price all books were $4. Grabbed Cinema Serial Killers by Paul B. Kidd.

Flipped thru it earlier and I like the format. The author talks about films with serial killers,then if the killer is based on a real person you get a bio on that person. I got a feeling this is gonna move up to the top of my "read next" pile. And $4 for this was great cause it is originally $25

I am always looking for more lamps for my room. The I hate using my big light in the ceiling fan. So I keep lamps all over the room.Saw this and thought it will look good on my wall or on a shelftop.It was on a shelf that had the 80% off sign. I suck at figuring out percentages in my head. But since it was $14.99 I guesses it would be around $3. I was right it was $3.It is battery powered,using 3 AA batteries. Sadly since this is Dirt Cheap that means something might be missing and there is no returns. The sticker that makes it look like it is breaking thru the wall and the screws you mount it on are gone. No biggie on the screws I am sure I can find some in the workshop out back of the house. Really thinking about attaching this to the side of my big shelf.

I walked up and down the various house hold and other junk aisles. Seeing only a set of Simpsons tumbler that caught my interest. Priced at 20 bucks for 5 they were 20% off. Meh too high for what they are.I got to the back wall which is the toy section. The place was packed with kids. So trying to maneuver a cart around the kids playing with stuff wasn't easy. Squatted down to check the bottom shelf and found.

I love mini figures. For years I had 100s of loose full size,IE for my generation 3 to 5 inch,action figures. But displaying they eats up so much space. Mini figures eat up so little space I can have piles all over my shelves,tabletops and entertainment center. I had eyeballed this two pack of Playskool Heroes figures on a previous trip. But that trip the $11.99 figures were only 50% off. This time they were 80% off. Making them $2.40. They got way more articulation that I expected. Gonna have to see if they made a Captain America figure for this line.

Been wanting to get some board games. This seems to be a fast paced comedy themed game. It was 80% off of $12.99. Making it $2.60. I took a chance. Opened it up and checked out the rules and stuff. Should be fun.

I know I just said I don't have much room for bigger action figures. But this one looked too good and was too cheap for me to pass up. Plus I am converting half of my computer desk into a figure display area. The articulation is nothing special. The elbows,hips,waist and tail move. The paint job and sculpting are really good. I guess these came out to promote the newest Godzilla movie.And I wish I knew who this one is. But it was $10.99 at 80% off,so $2.20.

After looking at piles of opened then taped back shut lego sets and remote control helicopters and cars,all of which were marked way the hell down. But with each of the legos missing pieces and the RC stuff all missing wires or plugs,they aren't worth it even at the super low price.

Hey another figure from the Godzilla line. On this Godzilla the jaw,shoulders,elbows and hips move. Plus he has a button on his tail that makes him do a "attack" action.

Yeah lame as fuck isn't it. But I currently don't have a Godzilla figure,this one will look great fighting my Macross figure. What sucks is this one while having more points of articulation it isn’t  as posable as the other figure that has less points of articulation. The paint and sculpting jobs are as good as the other figure. I guess since this one has a amazing attack action feature they thought it should cost more. Originally $12.99 I got it for $2.60.

I was almost at the end of the toy section,which thankfully wasn't as crowded as the other end. Looked at the bottom shelf,piles of stained stuffed animals. And what do I see way at the back. A Tech Deck Darth Vader skateboard and quarterpipe playset. My first thought was to grab this as a birthday gift for my cousin's youngest son. He loves Star Wars.But the more I look at it the more I want to keep it. Anyways besides one none discounted item this cost me the most. Originally $14.99 I got it for $4.50.

So I spent $23.55. For what was originally $88.95. So my savings is $65.40

Now there is 4 items I bought I didn't include in these totals. 3 of them because I can't figure out what their original cost was. The other item wasn't discounted at all.

Dirt Cheap always has two big tables full of ex-Blockbuster rental copies in cardboard sleeves. What I dislike is the price is always changing. Sometimes they are a buck each. Sometimes $3. This time they were 75 cents. I grabbed .....

Tears of the Black Tiger-The artwork on the disc makes it out to be a Asian made and starring Western. I guess like Sukiyaki Django.

Stripped Naked-From Anchor Bay,no idea what this movie is. But the title sounded sleazy and with Exploited Cinema going soon to that Grindhouse in the sky I wanted to grab something sleazy to watch in tribute. My luck it will be some National Lampoon film that sucks.

Twin Peaks Complete series Disc 4-I have been trying to get cheaply Region 1 dvds of Twins peaks Pilot episode and season 1.Months back I got the Pilot from this same boxed set. I thought I grabbed a disc with episodes 4,5,6 of season 1.But it is 8,9,10 of season 2. So if anyone reading this needs Disc 4 of the Twin peaks gold box set let me know. It is free.

I was slowly making my way to the register to checkout,when someone threw something into my cart. "Newt you need this shirt!" I got told.

Yep they sell shirts with their logo on it. I wish they had one with the crackhead looking bird that is their mascot. But this one is good. I have been trying to get more non-black shirts. So a bright green shirt is a nice addition.This was also the most expensive item. But $5 isn't bad for a t-shirt.

              I doubt I hit Dirt Cheap again this month. Overall I got a good haul this time. 
Godzilla and the other monster are preparing to go attack my Macross figure,which is out of the shot to the right. I think Playskool Heroes Iron Man might be drunk.