Sunday, August 21, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 236 Ms. Tree #29

TITLE-Ms. Tree #29
PUBLISHER-Renegade Press

I had heard of Ms. Tree for years.Even seeing a few issues of her run at DC comics. But I had never read any. Then at a con I found right at 30 issues for 25 cents each. So I grabbed them.

Issue 29 is the start of a new story. Ms Micheal Tree has spent 3 months in the mental hospital. Because she lots her mind and ended up killing a Mafia guy that killed her husband. So as you might be able to read on the cover Ms. Tree is saying she will never use a gun again.

The issue has 2 chapters of this story. Both of which are written by Max Collins and drawn by Terry Beatty.I like how each page is black and white with one added color. This technique gives the book a look that really stands out.

Ms.Tree #29 gets a buy.