Saturday, October 31, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 31 Scream Factory All Night Horror Marathon DVD review

Scream Factory 4 film All Night Horror Marathon

Yeah instead of one film doing 4. Got this set right after it came out what 2 years ago.Had seen the Vagrant once and that was it. So took a chance.

What's the matter with Helen?
From 1971 this movie was boring as fuck. Normally when watching a film for one of my 31 Days of Horror reviews I shut my laptop off and give the film my total attention. After an hour I was so bored with this movie I ended up opening up my laptop and while watching the movie working on a few video projects. Set in the 30s in Hollywood this film feels like a made for TV movie. Shelly Winters is decent. But the pacing and story are so slow I just got bored. So this isn't a good start for this pack. This movie gets a D-.

The Godsend
From 1981,this turned out to be a decent killer/evil kid film. A stranger has her kid at these people's house. Then she disappears. The family is kind of forced into keeping the baby.Who when she gets older starts acting weird. And when the other kids start dying this oddball kid is the number 1 suspect. The Godsend gets a C+.

The Vagrant
From 92,this was the only film on the set I had seen before. I remember it getting a decent review in Fango so I rented it.Bill Paxton moves into a new home and has trouble with a homeless man. Who keeps doing stranger and stranger things. To me the pack is worth owning just for this film. But I have seen that now Scream Factory is releasing lots of the films off their old four packs as double feature Blu rays. So it might be a good idea to just grab the Blu ray with The Vagrant.For how much fun I had with the movie it gets a B+.

The Outing AKA The Lamp
From 82 and the only 4x3 film on the set. This is one I hadn't heard of before. A group of white trash rob this old lady's home. And release a genie from his lamp.The get killed by the genie and the lamp gets sent to a museum to be studied. The daughter of the curator of the place gets possessed by the genie and all hell breaks loose. What a fun film. Sure it is kind of cheap and cheesy.But it is never boring. The Outing gets a B.

I think I paid $15 for this set when I got it. And with 3 of the 4 films being worth watching that isn't a bad price.