Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 296 Astro City vol 01 #02

TITLE-Astro City volume 01 #02

Been 20 years since I read the first volume of Astro City. But recently found a bunch of them cheap in the local comic shop cheap bins.

A reporter in Astro City learns how hard it is to be a journalist in a city full of super powered beings. After witnessing a gigantic battle,were the fate of reality is in jeopardy,he writes about it. But quickly learns that he isn't working for a J. Jonah Jameson style rag.

The art is great. I love how with just a few panels and well written pieces of dialogue I feel like I have known the various heroes appearing in this issue for years.

Astro City volume 01 #02 gets a buy.