Saturday, October 22, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 22 Halloween Resurrection

Title-Halloween Resurrection

Yeah I know this movie sucks. But if you have been reading my blog everyday this month you will know I dedicated this years 31 Days of Horror to Brandon Lee,no not the actor. Brandon was the biggest fan of this entry in the long running Halloween franchise I have ever met. And earlier this year he asked me to include it in my annual October horror movie reviews. So Brandon sir,this one is for you.

At the end of H20 Jamie Lee has killed Micheal,by cutting off his head. Well seems that isn't what happened. Somehow Micheal switched places with someone and Jamie killed an innocent man. Not long after this film starts Micheal comes and after 7 entries in his part of this franchise manages to kill his sister.

After that Micheal heads back to Haddonfield. And some stupid TV producer has gotten the amazing idea to set a reality show in the Myers old home.So we get Micheal stalking and killing the annoying types you see on most reality tv shows.

Hell the only reason I own this film is to complete the franchise. I have only watched it 4 times now. The first time was not long after I bought the DVD. Then watched it a second time cause it had a commentary,which is decent. About 2 years ago Brandon asked me to watch it again,and to keep in  mind all the things he loved about the film. I did and still didn't care for the movie. And the final time was so I could do this review. The acting ranges from horrible to OK at best. The FX work is pretty good. Hell it is the best thing about the film.And while I am not a huge fan of the Halloween franchise,honestly I enjoy the first,3rd and 4th films.But I don't hold them in as high a regard as lots of the horror community.

Well Brandon you got me to watch this horrible film again sir. No idea if you even know I wrote this review. But if you do I hope you enjoyed it. You are missed sir.

Halloween Resurrection gets a D-.

2016 Comic Challenge 258 Tales from the Darkside #04

TITLE-Tales from the Darkside #04

If I am remembering right,these issues are based on Joe Hill scripts for an never produced updating of the classic syndicated horror anthology TV show. Joe Hill gets credited for script and Michael Benedetto gets a Adaptation credit.The always great Gabriel Rodriguez gets the art credit.

Set in the present day "A Window Opens" starts off with your typical suburban teenage girl.She is driving home,gets distracted by her phone. Looks up swerves to miss a man that suddenly appeared in the road.Which causes her to plow into her new neighbor's mailbox.

Doing the right thing she goes and knocks on the door. Tells the parents about the mailbox. And quickly gets asked to babysit the two children,who's eye never leave their tablets.

With the base now built,we get a modernization of that classic Twilight Zone episode where a young Bill Mummy was wishing people into the cornfields.The twist is whatever the two evil looking kids draw on their tablets screen appears.

Yeah now I gotta track down all the previous issues of this series.Plus see if there is a trade out or about to come out.

Tales from the Darkside #04 gets a buy.