Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 221 Moon Knight #05

TITLE-Moon Knight #05

Lemire is joined by a shitpile of artists to create the final part of the New Egypt story.

Marc is confronting Moon Knight at the top of the structure. When Moon Knight runs thru a door with Marlene.So Marc pursues them.

Each door he goes thru is a trip to a different reality. With each reality drawn by a different artist. It is kind of like a tour thru the art history of Moon Knight, well if you skip the Stephen Platt era. BTW what the fuck happened to S.PLatt?

Moon Knight is revealed to be Khonshu.And he wants control of Marc's body. Marc refuses and jumps to his death. Then he wakes up. Seems he is an actor named Steven. And is working on an Egyptian themed film.

Yeah Lemire has hooked me I will be back next issue to see where the hell he takes this intriguing series.

Moon Knight #05 gets a Buy.