Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What cha reading for Wednesday 11/19/2014

Edward Lee
The Black Train

This was the second Lee novel I read. A chef with a struggling Foodnetwork show goes around hitting up microbreweries. He ends up in a tiny southern town. Where there is lots of ghosts and a dark past.

Lee is one of the so called splatterpunk authors. With of all of his fiction being extremely violent and full of sexual content. This is the second most extreme novel of his I have read. And I have heard that this is a toned down version of the story. From my research this story was first printed under a different title by  small press publisher. I have been tempted to track that version down. Mostly because this version has a few scenes that turned my stomach.

Now that Leisure press is basically gone all of their older stuff is out of print. But check stores cause I see these paperbacks being cleared out cheap. Over the past 3 years I have gotten piles of horror fiction from Leisure for 3 bucks or under  a novel.