Sunday, June 26, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 201 Spawn #010

TITLE-Spawn #010
PUBLISHER-Image,when they were still with Malibu

Yeah the Dave Sim written sermon about creator rights.With Todd being as lazy as he can be with the art,look and you will see lots of the Spawns are copied directly from earlier issues.

When I first read this in the early 90s I had read a bit of Cerebus,12 issues or so. But really didn't know much about Sim.Todd was still being seen as the big guy who told Marvel to fuck off and was out making it on his own.

Of course now after Todd tried to screw Neil Gaiman out of his rights to characters Gaiman created.All the bits about rights and work for hire in this issue are meaningless.

Unless ya gotta own read every issue of Spawn,or appearance of Cerebus,just skip this issue.

Spawn #010 gets a pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 200 Good Old Boys #01

TITLE-Good Old Boys #01
PUBLISHER-Vertigo an imprint of DC

Underneath that gorgeous Glenn Fabry cover is my personal favorite of all the Preacher one shots/mini series.

From before they died,we get a normal night in the life of Jody and TC. After a bit of fishing they head off deeper into the swamp for a bare knuckle brawl.

Once there Jody jumps down into the pit and is ready for the fight. But this time instead of a man he is gonna fight a gorilla.

In another part of the swamp a helicopter has crashed. On  board is your standard Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon ripoff and a lady obviously based on that 90s movie Cindy Crawford did.

Both our duos end up meeting up. Then Saddam Hopper,who has the most unique way of cussing that I have ever seen,sends mercs after the Cindy clone. Seems she has a tape in her panties that will convict Saddam.

Garth Ennis of course writes this one shot. And Carlos Ezquerra,who I knew from various Judge Dredd/2000AD things handles the pencils.

Ennis manages to parody and homage all the 80s action movie tropes in one issue. And isn't all in your face with it like certain other UK Veritgo writers would be.

Good Old Boys #01 get a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 199 Old Man Logan #06

TITLE-OLd Man Logan #06

Logan is living in the far north cut off town in Canada. So he can keep an eye on his future wife.

Then the Reavers attack. Fuck yeah I have always loved the Reavers.

The art is damn good. Lemire writes a story that makes me want to keep reading.

Old Man Logan #06 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 198 Bloodfire #01

TITLE-Bloodfire #01
PUBLISHER-Lightning Comics

Ahh Lightning Comics one of the many forgotten 90s comic boom publishers. Pretty much if they are remembered at all now it is for Hellina. Which I think Avatar now has the rights to.

So what is Bloodfire,besides a stupid as fuck title?Reace is a hero that works for the US government. In this issue he has to goto some island to prevent a Commie from taking over. Really the issue reads like an unproduced 80s Cannon film.Lots of fights and bullets flying plus explosion.

The art  is OK maybe. The colors look like they were done with offbrand color pencils.

What Lightning did to stand out from all the other companies was they never printed more than 250,000 copies of any issue,yeah think about that.250,000 was a small print run back in the spring of 93.And they would not reprint an issue until 2 years after it's publication. I seem to remember Lightning also started the 90s Nude cover gimmick. But that might have been another company.

Bloodfire #01 gets a pass.