Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Library Book Sale Haul Feb 2015

As normal I hit the local library book sale today. Most months with in the first few days of the month I go see what all they have gotten in recently.

Horror Films by Rhoda Nottridge
Cost-10 cents

This was in the kid's section. I grabbed it mostly cause the cover looks nice and it was 10 cents. It wasn't until I got to the car I noticed who published it,Crestwood House. When I was in elementary school my favorite books to check out of the school library was the 5 or 6 Crestwood House books on horror movies.I had no idea they had kept on making new volumes as late as 92.Each chapter is 2 pages and have lots of great pictures.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book Three Sons of Entropy by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder
Cost-10 cents

So two months in a row I have found a Buffy book at the sale. I got about 5 or 6 of these sitting in my unread book pile.Now I gotta find the first 2 books in this series cheap.

Wizard at Large by Jim Butcher
Cost-25 cents

I had heard of these hardcover collections of Dresden Files novels.The first few Dresden books started out as paperbacks.Then the Science Fiction Book club got the rights to publish them as hardcovers.I already got the last 4 or so books in hardcover,so really have been wanting these collections.This one reprints Blood Rites and Dead Beat.Sure the dust jacket is beat up. I don't care I am 1 book closer to having the complete Dresden series in hardcover.

A Simple Plan by Scott Smith
Cost-25 cents

I have seen the Sam Rami film based on this novel a few years back. It was really good. I hope the novel is as good if not better. Still gotta get the library stickers off it.But for the price I took a chance.

I was walking around with all the above in my arms when the ladies that run the sale told me they had 10 boxes of books they  were recycling. I could have as many as I wanted out of there for free. Never one to turn down free books,I started digging through them.Got 2 books total.

Super Mario World Secrets by Rusel DeMaria and Zach Meston

Found out there is people collecting these old video game guide books. No idea if this is one that goes for a decent amount of money or not. But it was free.

M*A*S*H The Exclusive,inside story of TV's most popular show by David S. Reiss

I have been watching Mash as far back as I can remember. This book seems to be a guide to the complete series. And is in great shape. No idea why this was in the free box. But it looks like a decent read.