Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 053 The Darwin Awards 3

TITLE-The Darwin Awards 3
AUTHOR-Wendy Northcutt
PRICE-50 cents

I had heard of the Darwin Awards for years now. They are awarded to people who die because of their own stupidity. So I had made a stop at my local library. Was looking at the books they had for sale and saw this. Now what sucks is they had just raised their prices. Use to be it was 10 cents for paperbacks and a quarter for hardbacks. Now it is 25 cents for a paperback and 50 cents for a hardback.

There are so many great stories in here. Like the idiot that shot himself with a pistol "To see how it feels." Then a few days later did it again "To see if it hurt as much as the first time." Hell there is a great one set in my hometown of Biloxi MS. About some moron cutting a bottle of explosive gas open with a butane torch.

My only complaint about this book is how much wasted space is on each page. Most pages have maybe 2 paragraphs. And if they had not wasted so much space per page we could have gotten many many more stories.

The Darwin Awards 3 gets a  2.84 outta 5.