Saturday, October 3, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 03 Blood Feast

Blood Feast
Source-The Bloody Trilogy Blu Ray from Something Weird Video/Image Entertainment

It was the mid 80s when I first heard about Hershell Gordon Lewis's gore films. And almost 10 years later before I got the chance to see the first of his gore films. There was a drive in theater about 2 hours away from where I lived. One Saturday night they had a triple feature of Night of the Living Dead/The Undertaker and his Pals and Blood Feast. By the time Blood Feast had started everyone else in the car had fallen asleep. And I was fairly drunk and the next day could only remember a few scenes from the film.

It wasn't until after Turner Classic Movies started their great TCM Underground series that I got to see Blood Feast again. And I really enjoyed it. But for some reason I never bothered getting the well done DVD release.Then back in early August I got the Blu Ray release that had Blood Feast plus the next two films in HG Lewis's gore series.

The film is about an insane caterer. He worships an ancient Egyptian God. He gets hired out to provide the refreshments for a rich girl's birthday party. So he goes around town killing young women and cutting off various body parts. What I found funny is lots of these kills he does in daylight in heavy populated areas.

Now sure the gore FX look like crap now. The acting is worse than a 3rd grade play. But some how this film rises above those flaws. And as far as anyone knows this is the first gore film made in North America. And one of the first ones made in the world.

The Blu Ray is loaded with extras. You get the original trailer. Plus piles of outtakes,which sadly have no sound. But the best extra is a feature length commentary with David Friedman RIP,Hershell Gordon Lewis and Mike Varney RIP. Since getting this disc I have listened to that commentary 3 times. It is loaded with not only info on the film. But also lots of great stories from Friedman and Lewis.

Blood Feast gets a B-.