Wednesday, October 5, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 05 Something Weird Video Extra Weird Sampler

Title-Something Weird Video Extra Weird Sampler
Source-Something Weird Video/Image DVD

I have always enjoy collections of movie trailers. Lots of the time the trailer is better than the film. And growing up seeing stuff like Mad Ron's previews from hell,or whatever that tape was titled,and other collections like them I feel in love with the idea of a tape or DVD jam packed with piles of horror/cult movie trailers.
The above pictured disc has over 100 trailers on it. Which works out to 4 hours IIRC of stuff to watch. I first heard of this collection when IIRC Borders got in a bit of trouble because of it. Image/Something Weird Video made a special edition for Borders,the only difference I know of is that version has the Borders' logo on the front cover in the bottom right corner. The deal was if you bought one Something Weird Video dvd from Borders you would get a copy of this trailer collection for free. Well in some Borders stores if you bought any DVD they gave you a copy of this collection. Well some kid ended up with a copy. And since lots of the trailers on this collection are for R rated or Unrated films the kid's parents raised a stink and Borders just pulled all the copies.

Since I had no Borders near me I ended up buying a copy off Amazon. Brand new it was 4 bucks. Which it was totally worth. Many a nights I have thrown this into my player and fell asleep listening to the various trailers.

Sure not all the trailers are in the best shape. But that doesn't matter to me. Just getting to see trailers for films like Asylum of Satan or Please Don't eat my Mother,which is a softcore porn version of Little Shop of Horrors,is worth having a  few trailers look a little beat up.

Something Weird Video Extra Weird Sampler gets a A+