Friday, May 29, 2015

3 Toys from the Junk Box 05/29/2015

Back with more random toys from the infamous junk box.
I loved the Simpsons. But around 2005 I quit watching.Mostly cause it felt like something was missing from the show. But recently thanks to FXX showing hours of the show each day I have been catching up. And one of my favorite side characters is Comic Book Guy.

I have been going to comic shops since I was fairly young. And sadly Comic Book Guy isn't just an creation of the show. I have met many many Comic Book Guys running various comic shops. With David Sincere of Sincere Comics,two stores one in Mobile AL and one in Florida,being the best example of a real life CBG. Many times I watched him insult the customers to their faces.

Back in 2008 I went to a yard sale that covered a huge rich ass suburb of Jackson. Pretty sure it was in Ridgeland. I wandered into one garage. The owner asked what I was looking for. I told him the various things I collect,IE Pez,toys,comics and DVDS. I had on my very old Krusty the clown shirt. "Oh give me a minute I bet I got a toy you will love." he went into his home and came back out with CBG and the Androids Dungeon Playset. And CBG even still had the half eaten hamburger. Which I have lost.

The figure has articulation at the gut,shoulders and neck. And the paint job while basic does the job. The playset is great. It really looks like a miniature version of many comic shops. And it makes sounds. There are 3 buttons. When pressed and there is no figure on the marked spots each button just makes a cash register sound. But if you have a figure on the special spots you get different phrases based on who is on the spot. Now the only Simpsons figure I have is CBG. But one day I plan on grabbing a few more.

For the 10 people that read it the Android Dungeon playset became Lord Fanboy's Funhouse in my Pezzville web comic. Maybe if people ask nicely I might bring that web comic back :P
As a young kid,like most males in the states,I loved Hot Wheels and Matchbox diecast cars.They were the perfect toy when I was 7 and under.They are cheap. Hard to break. And small enough I could put a few in my pocket,lunchbox or book bag. But once I was about 8 or so I stopped getting them. Action figures and video games took over for Hot Wheels.

Then 3 years ago I had gotten a huge amount of pre-record VHS tapes. A friend that collects VHS was wanting a bunch of them. And told me he had some wrestling themed Hot Wheels. So I got him to take pictures.

What he had was 2 of the Racing Champions line of WCW themed hot rods.Back in the mid to late 90s when WCW was blazing hot they signed a deal with Racing Champions. Which is a group  that was just breaking into the diecast toy car market. With most of their stuff being based on legit race cars.

The WCW cars each came with a base that included a cardboard backing that was a picture of the wrestler. I know quite a few of the readers of my blog are wrestling fans. But I bet lots of them do not remember High Voltage. They were a tag team of two guys that got trained at the infamous WCW Power Plant training facility. They were two big muscled up guys who rarely won a match. For some unknown reason I was a big fan of them. And as far as I know this is the only piece of merchandise they got. And this is one of the 4 diecast toy cars I own now.

This is a Tech Deck Star Wars Darth Vader skateboard along with a Vader themed quarter pipe.These tiny fingerboards have always been interesting to me. Not that I could do any tricks on them. Hell I can barely ride a real skateboard without falling off.

As a kid I was a HUGE Star Wars fan.Owning close to all of the original Kenner released action figures. And lots of other Star Wars themed toys. And as a kid I so wanted to learn how to skate. While most kids in my neighborhood wanted to play football,baseball or basketball. I was wanting to go skating. Which was hard to do when every road was either dirt or so poorly paved it felt like you were riding over a washboard.

Back in the start of the year I was making my monthly visit to Dirt Cheap.I had seen this set there before. But they were only giving 50% off the original price of $20. Way more than I wanted to pay. Now it was 80% off the new sticker price of $15. I grabbed it thinking I would hold onto it and give it to my younger cousin for his birthday in June. Then when  a few weeks ago I made a trip down to go visit him and his family I found  out the only toys he wants to play with now is Legos. So once I got home I opened it up and started playing with it.

Sadly my above pictures aren't the best.  The picture of the ramp doesn't show off how good the graphetti style Vader picture looks. It really looks like some one came by with a stencil and a can of red spray paint and tagged the ramp. The skateboard looks even better. You get the old school Star Wars logo at the top. Then the rest of the board has a great full length portrait of Vader.

Well people I hope you enjoyed this trip into the junk box.