Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 303 Cerebus Bi-weekly #03

TITLE-Cerebus Bi-weekly #03
PUBLISHER-Aardvark Vanaheim Press

Reprinting the 3rd issue of the 300 issue long maxi series Cerebus,this issue of Bi-weekly if I read the inside cover right has a tiny ass print run. For a period of time this series kept the early issues of Cerebus in print in single issue form. Since of course there was always the phonebook trades.

Issue 3 is the introduction of Red Sophia. And this is long before Gerhard was added to the art team. Before reading this I hadn't read any pre-issue 30 or so Cerebus.Sim is still in his full on parody of BWS's Conan stuff. The art is great and teh story is good for what it is.

Cerebus Bi-weekly #03 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 302 Thump'n Guts #01

TITLE-Thump'n Guts #01
PUBLISHER-Kitchen Sink Comix

Yeah I know my copy is beat up. But I have had it since 98 or so when I found it at some mall show in TX.

The story,well there isn't much of a story it is just 36 pages of Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley going nuts.

And really your enjoyment of this comic depends on how much you love both creators. I personally really enjoy both.

For me it is a buy,just cause of the talent involved. For anyone else,unless you find it cheap,it is a borrow.

Thump'n Guts #01 gets a buy.