Wednesday, February 24, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 092 Squadron Supreme #03

TITLE-Squadron Supreme #03
PUBLISHER-Marvel Comics

So Nighthawk is surrounded by the Avengers team lead by Steve Rogers. He activates his team signal and then we cut to the other members. And get to see what they have been up to. Hyperion is a truck driver now. Blur is visiting Pittsburgh. And so on.

Most of the issue is a well drawn and paced fight between the Squad and Roger's Avengers. The stand out for me was Blur managing to defeat Quicksilver. Were it is hinted that Blur is faster than Quicksilver.

The Squad gets the upper hand,until the Golden Age Human Torch reveals a new twist on his powers. And this is when Tundarra,I think I got that name right,makes her presence known. And transports the Squad to Weird World.

Squadron Supreme #03 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 091 Illuminati #01

TITLE-Illuminati #01
PUBLISHER-Marvel comics

Titania has just gotten out of jail. And once her boyfriend,the Absorbing Man ,gets out she wants to move and try to live a normal life.

After weeks of trying to find a job.she ends up getting a job as security at a pawn shop. Thanks to She Hulk,who runs a program for ex-villains trying to turn over a new leaf. A group of 3 armed,and armed with some kind of laser like guns,try to rob the pawn shop. Titania of course uses her powers to prevent the robbery. Which causes her parole cuff to go off. And fairly quickly Luke Cage and Iron Fist show up.

Thanks to an appearance from The Hood,Titania escapes and is asked to join The Hoods new army of villains.

I have never heard of Joshua Williamson before,who is the writer.Same with Shawn Crystal,who is credited as artist.But the story so far and the art are pretty good. The art has a very slight cartoony look to it. Which works pretty well with the colors used.

Illuminati #01 gets a borrow.