Saturday, October 1, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Film 01 Transylvania Twist

TITLE-Transylvania Twist

I use to always get this horror/comedy mixed up with the horror/comedy Transylvania 6500.With the passing of Angus Scrimm I have been trying to watch every film he was in. And managed to track down a copy of this movie.

What we get is a parody film in the style of Airplane or Naked Gun. Not in the style of the Scary Movie series. So the humor doesn't rely way too much on the audience going "Oh yea I remember that film."

The cast is what saves this film from being just another small release late 80s horror movie. You got Teri Copley as the lead. Angus Scrimm playing the Tall Man again. And in a nice touch Boris Karloff shows up. Using footage from what I assume is the Terror.

I have no idea how hard finding a copy of this film would be. But I wouldn't pay more than $5 for it. While it is funny. It is nothing that you should make a huge effort to get a copy of.

Transylvania Twist gets a C+

31 Days of Horror 2016 Intro

Hi everyone. As long time readers of this blog know,pretty much every year I watch 31 horror movies/tv shows in October and post a review each day. Most years I start planning out what films/tv shows I am going to watch as early as spring.

But this year ...well around that time a friend of mine passed. Brandon "Fucker from Hell" Lee was his name. No this isn't Bruce Lee's son. Brandon AKA Fucker was a person I met 6 years ago on a horror forum. At first all of us there figured he as mid 20s. Mostly based on the films he watched liked. It wasn't until he posted a link to a video on Youtube that we learned that Fucker,his name on the forum was The Fucker from Hell,was at the oldest 16.

Unlike most people his age he had a passion for horror. And he wasn't satisfied by the stuff coming out at the time to the theaters. He was going back and watching older stuff. Which is rare for someone his age.

Over the next 6 years I got to know Brandon fairly well. Like myself ,he was also up all night. So many times at 3am him and I would be chatting about whatever we had saw recently.

A few years ago he started doing his own version of 31 days of horror. But instead of written reviews he did them as videos. Fucker wasn't afraid to go against what most horror fans thought. Plus his passion for cinema of any genre kept growing.

The last time I talked to him,we were suggesting films for the other to do during the 31 Days of Horror. He seemed to be really excited to do more video reviews and was in the middle of trying to watch 900 movies in the year 2016.

About a week later I had just gotten home. Was out on my porch eating dinner and checking my email. When I saw a message from a mutual friend of Brandon and I. It seems that the day after I talked to Brandon he died. He was 21 or 22. I still do not know the cause of death. All I have been told was it was sudden and unexpected.

When Brandon died the online horror fan community lost a great person.Sure he was a bit odd. But I gotta admire him for many reasons.Like how he refused to illegally download or stream a movie. In his mind doing that was being disrespectful to everyone that worked on that film. Think about it how many people in their early 20s have never watched an illegally obtained film? I am betting it is a tiny number. As I mentioned before Brandon sometimes had views on horror that went against the horror hivemind. Like how he didn't get why people hated the remake of Psycho. "It is a shot for shot remake of the original. So why would anyone love the original and not also at least like the remake?" Then there was his love of Dimension films. One of Brandon's favorite horror films was Dracula 2000. He loved all three films in that series. But the first one was his favorite of the three. Or how he was one of the few people I know that enjoyed Halloween Resurrection.Not to long after Brandon had passed I was talking to his mother. And she mentioned how he loved that movie so much he kept a poster of it hanging over his bed. So it was the first thing he saw each morning.

This years 31 Days of Horror is my tribute to Brandon. Every year since I have known him he would read each review as it appeared online. Then would talk to me about it. Debating on various things in each film. And I looked forward to seeing what he had to say about the films I watched.I am gonna miss not hearing his thoughts on whatever films/tv shows I review this year.

RIP Brandon "The Fucker from Hell" Lee,I hope that where ever you are you got a steady supply of new films to watch. You were truly one of a kind sir. And anyone that got to know you feels the loss of you not being around anymore.