Monday, February 23, 2015

How come no one told me about these 001

Earlier this month I made a visit to Vendor's Emporium.While there I found 3 toys. 2 from the Frantics line and 1 from the Weird-ohs.

I know of the Weird-ohs cause of a documentary I watched on Big Daddy Roth last year. Pretty sure it was in the Weird-ohs model kits that Rat Fink first appeared. The Frantics I have never heard of.

But onto the toys.

  Each figure comes in a sealed clamshell like packaging. Above is the male Frantic Cat.I did some looking and these sold for $7 originally. Not a bad price for what you get. Now let see what is in the package.

Each figure comes with a pack of 5 trading cards. The two things to the right are pieces of cardboard that were in the packaging as decoration.

While opening the pack of cards I noticed how the wrapper didn't feel right. It looks just like the old wax packs baseball cards came in. But it is made of a different type of paper.As you can see in the picture one of the two pictured cards has the male Frantic Cat figure on it. The other card has what I assume is the Frantics drummer.

 And here is the other three cards.The first card has the other Frantic figure I own on it. After opening the other Frantic figure I learned there is only 5 trading cards total in the base set. There is randomly inserted chase cards. I didn't get any. The art on these cards looks like Jack Davis,of Mad Magazine fame,and Big Daddy Roth worked on them.

 And here is the figure. I wondered when looking at him in the packaging how he would be able to stand up. Turns out there is magnets in his feet and the base is metal.So getting him to stand up is easy.

To me in the face he looks a lot like Buddy Bradley from Hate.The paint job is well done. The sculpting is pretty good. Overall a decent figure and with the cards is worth the $2.50 I paid.

 Here is my other Frantic figure,Totally Fab.
Again it comes with a pack of 5 cards. Here is the pack along with the cardboard pieces from the packaging.

And the same five cards that came with the Frantic Cat figure.Might make this extra set into magnets or buttons.
Here is Totally Fab along with his base. I like the two records,which I figure are 45s,on the base.Thankfully they put magnets in his feet. Without them getting him to stand wouldn't be easy. I now want to find the other 3 Frantics from this series so I can have a complete set.  At least I assume there is only 3 more. The backing board in  the packages shows 5 total figures. But on the front Totally Fab is listed as #25. But I don' t know if that means there are 25 figures in the Frantics or 25 figures total in all of the lines of toys in this lineup. Also on the back it says there is 66 total Frantics cards. I could do some googling to find out.But I am being lazy.

Then there is the one Weird-Ohs figure I found.
Drag Hag is part of the Weird-Ohs. Pretty sure this is all connected to Rat Fink.The backing card says there is 130 cards total. So now I am really confused.

The little purple guy on the wrapper is Wade A Minut. He is another of the Weird-Ohs figures.
4 of the 5 cards in the pack have Drag Hag on them. And unlike the Frantics cards these are all high numbers. With the highest number being 56. The two cards pictured above have Drag Hag ,with a baby in her car.The one on the top is about her and the kid.The bottom one has her and the kid at a laundry mat.
The top left card has Drag Hag and her daughter again. The bottom left card is of Sarge Barge.Who isn't one of the figures pictured on the back of the packaging.Remember when I said there is random inserted chase cards. I spoke wrong when I said I didn't get one. The top right card is labeled as a "Treasure Hunt" on the back. And it has Drag Hag out grocery shopping.
And here is Drag Hag.Her arms are a bit moveable. And like the other two figures the paint job and sculpting are well done.
Here is Drag Hag with her Weird-Ohs skateboard. She attaches to the board with magnets. The board is made just like those finger skateboards that were popular years back.

I am always on the lookout for smaller figures with a unusual look to them. All three of these meet that criteria. Doing a quick google search it seems like these didn't sell well. And I am wondering where the owner of the booth I bought them from got them.If I could find more at say $3 or less I would buy them.

Well I hope yall enjoyed this.I had planned on posting it weeks ago. Then had my computer issues and it hit the back burner.But if you are reading this and have some Weird-Ohs or Frantics you want to sell let me know.