Thursday, October 22, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 22 Blade Anime series

Blade Anime
Source-Sony Pictures DVD

A few years back on G4 they showed 4 different Marvel comic Anime tv series. Each was 12 episodes long. I am not sure why I didn't watch them when they came out. While I am not a huge anime fan I have enjoyed some of it. And I really liked the Witchblade anime show.

Over the past 2 years I keep finding the 2 disc sets of these Marvel anime tv shows cheap at Dollar General.About 2 weeks ago I was at DG grabbing snacks. Saw they had dropped the price on the Blade anime to $7. I didn't feel like paying that much. But on my way home I saw there was a garage sale near my home. I stopped looked around thinking it was gonna be a bust. Then the husband tells his wife "Go inside get those dvds we bought for the grand kids and they wouldn't watch them cause they said they were too old." She went in and came back out with Thundercats season 1 vol 1 andBl this Blade set. The Blade set was still sealed and they only wanted a buck for it so I took a chance.

In this series Blade is over in the far east. And facing all the different types of vampires that are parts of the various Asian cultures.Which makes for some neat and new vampires for Blade to fight. Deacon Frost is brought back as the lead villain. And at least to me it feels like this anime is set in the same continuity as the first live action film.

Over all the series is decent. The story is nothing special,pretty sure Warren Ellis had something to do with it.But the animation  more than makes up for how average the story is. Done by Madhouse,one of the best anime studios,the animation looks really good for a made for TV show.

One weird quirk about this set I noticed was when you first start the show the audio is in Japanese and the English subtitles are turned on. Cause of my hearing damage I normally keep the subtitles on when watching a film,even if it is in English.And because that first viewing I was more listening to the show than watching it I turned on the English audio. Then I started noticing the English audio and the English subtitles do not match up that often.When I watched the show again today I paid more attention and the subtitles seem to tell the story much better than the English audio.

Blade Anime series gets a C-.