Wednesday, October 14, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 014 Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to me
Source-Mill Creek Blu Ray

Ahh Happy Birthday to me,the kind of forgotten decent 80s slasher. With the blind girl ,well blind on the show,from Little House on the Prairie.I had heard a bit about it back in the day. But never saw it for rent.Then I saw that first DVD release from I think Anchor Bay. There was some bitching cause some of the soundtrack was changed. Then there was a later DVD with the original soundtrack.While I liked the film I never saw the DVD for less than 15 bucks and I wasn't going to pay that much to own it.

Then I see online somewhere that Mill Creek put out a double feature bluray of Happy Birthday to Me and When a Stranger Calls. HB2M has the original soundtrack and both supposedly look good. Plus it is only $5.I grabbed a copy.

Ok so Virginia is part of this group of popular teens at a private school. And they are all being killed off one by one. Virginia also suffers from flashbacks and blackouts.

This is your typical clone of Halloween/Friday the 13th. The scarf/motorcycle kill and the wacky as  hell last 10 minutes are what makes it stand out from so many other slasher clones.But we get decent acting,pretty decent kills,and a fucked up ending.

Happy Birthday to me gets a C+.