Friday, November 11, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 272 Tales from the Darkside #03

TITLE-Tales from the Darkside #03

Seems now with the chip in his head our lead has his evil side released. And this is causing all kind of problems in the lab.

After a bit he is imprisoned in a giant black Rubic's Cube. Which no one can get into.

The scientist leading the experiment realize that they have released something awful into the world.

So at least now I know who the guy that appeared quickly in issue 4 is. Seems he has released "The darkside" to the world and I am guessing the rest of the series will deal with that.

Tales from the Darkside #3 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 271 The Shield #04

TITLE-The Shield #04
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle Comics/Archie

Well after a year,and 4 issues the first story is wrapped up. The Shield is now wanted for what happened in the last issue.

She also finds out more about her origin. And her ties to a man that has gotten influence over the President. So while she is sneaking into the White House,her friend is dressed up in the Shield outfit and out in front of the White House with all the protesters.

Shield defeats the villain and all seems right. But who knows. Hopefully if we get more issues they will come out on time instead of all the delays.

The Shield #04 gets a borrow.