Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 243 Old Man Logan #10

TITLE-Old Man Logan #10

So in the present Logan is stuck in the bottom of a deep well. One one of the Silent Order,who are monks not Ninjas like I said before,armed with a bow and arrows at the top.

In the present we get Logan making his way to the top of the well. Where as in the past,which is the future for us but Logan's past,him and Maureen get captured by the Silent Order. And Logan reveals some of his powers to Maureen.

This is one of the best Marvel titles I have read in a very long time. Lemire has so far managed to stay true to the original Old Man Logan story,while filling in gaps.

Old Man Logan #10 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 242 Old Man Logan #09

TITLE-Old Man Logan #09

Logan is using the old Patch alias and trying to find Lady Deathstrike. He gets double crossed and ends up massacring a huge amount of guys.He does get a clue as to where Deathstrike might be hiding and heads to what  turns out to be a ghost village.

Then spread through out the issue we get glimpses in Logan's past. Seems while on the run years ago he ended up in Japan. In a ghost town and ran into an order of what I assume are ninjas. Of course the same thing happens in the present day part of the comic.

Lemire has managed to keep this title interesting for 9 issues so far. I am hoping he has a long run that stays of this quality.

Old Man Logan #09 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 241 Rocket Raccoon #3

TITLE-Rocket Raccoon #03

Back in the 80s Marvel started doing 4 issue mini series for what seemed like every character they owned.At the time I wondered why all of the sudden and for only IIRC was 3 years this happened. From what I can find out it was Marvel's way to try to get a bigger market share as a defense against all the new indy comics that were gaining in  popularity.

Anyways Rocket Raccoon at the time was kind of obscure. He had appeared a few times before this. Seems like this mini happened mostly cause Mike Mignola really wanted to do something with Rocket and Marvel wanted more stuff from Mignola.

Now I did read all four issues back in the early 90s,back when lots of those Marvel minis were moved to the quarter bins. But I do not remember much about it. This issue works ok I guess as a standalone. The art is really the main reason to track this down. I am guessing since the mega rise in profile of Rocket Raccoon this formerly cheap mini might not be in the cheap bins anymore.

Rocket Raccoon #03 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 240 Adventure Comics #463

TITLE-Adventure Comics #463

Look at that line up on the cover. Flash,Wonder Woman,DEADMAN!!!,Aquaman,Dr Fate!!!!,Powergirl!!!! and Jay Garrick Flash. FUck that is beautiful.Then the added bonus of this being 68 pages and NO ADS COVER TO COVER!! And all for a buck. Makes me miss the early days of my comic collecting habit. Not that in 79 would I have spent a buck on a comic. Hell no! My weekly allowance was only a buck. I could get 2 comics for that price.

For years I had heard of Spanish Trail Books in Gautier MS. But never knew where it was located.Then right at 10 years ago I was in Biloxi going to have lunch with an Aunt who worked at a bank in downtown Biloxi. On the ride there I saw that there was a Spanish Trail Books right down the street from the bank. So after eating I came back and went inside to see what all they had. After meeting and talking to the owner for a bit she tells me "Most of the comics are in the back room. Go on  back and take a look." I go look and there is 20 longboxes of Silver and Bronze age DC and Marvel stuff.Most of it in great shape. But no prices. I asked her about the prices and got told "I have no clue what he wants for them just make an offer." Knowing I couldn't afford any of that stuff I was happy when I found a box of reader copies of piles of late 70s and early 80s stuff.Having had loved Adventure Comics,thanks to reading it during it's digest days as a kid,I grabbed this issue. Having no idea what it was worth I figure offering her 3 bucks was decent and she would more than likely want at least 5 for it,which I was willing to pay. I bring it up to the counter. She looks at it "How about cover price?" I happily hand her the buck and head out. Planning on coming back anytime I was in the area. Sadly not long after that the entire store got fire and smoke damage and closed down.

Honestly the stories and art are pretty standard late 70s DC. By that time DC was actually producing some superhero stuff I enjoyed reading. The JSA and Deadman stories are the best in the issue. I might be a bit biased but the Aquaman story is the worst.

Adventure Comics #463 gets a borrow.