Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 071 Wolverine Saga

TITLE-Wolverine Saga

I grabbed this back in 2009 from 5 Alarm Comics. At the time,and hell they might still be doing  it,Marvel would put out these Saga books to give people a good capsule history of whoever.

By 2009 I hadn't read much from Marvel and outside of maybe 5 or so issues read nothing from the X-titles. So really almost 75% of the stuff in this comic I had never read. I am thinking maybe this came out when the first solo Wolverine film was hitting theaters. As a kind of way to catch fans of the films that are wanting to get into comics. Plus it was free. Hell that is a major reason why I grabbed it. I opened it up saw there was lots of text to read. And it kind of reminded me of this 3 issue perfect bound mini series on Wolverine Marvel did back in the early 90s.

I really have no clue how hard it would be to find a copy of this now. But I doubt it would cost more than 2 bucks.And even with my disinterest in post 92ish Marvel I found Wolverine Saga to be a fun read. And a cheap and quick way for me to fill in lots of gaps in my knowledge of Logan.

Wolverine Saga gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 070 Youngblood Battlezone #01

TITLE-Youngblood Battlezone #01
PUBLISHER-Image/Extreme Studios

At one time I owned 8 or so copies of this comic. And I never bought one on purpose. When I moved back in fall 2007 I didn't get to bring but maybe 1/10th of my comics. So craving new comics to read,and the nearest comics shops over an hour drive and such,I started just grabbing whatever I found cheap at thriftstore,flea markets,etc. At Vendors Emporium right before X-mas 2007 I found 30 packs of 4 comics bagged together for a buck a pack. I grabbed all 30. The way they were packaged all you could see was the two outside titles. All of which were not duplicates.

I get home and start opening them up. First one I open the middle books was some random issue of Supreme and Youngblood Battlezone. And out of those 30 packs I got at least 8 copies of this book.

Under a cover from Rob Liefeld and Danny Miki,we get  a guide to Youngbloods tech and weapons. Remember those really cool tech breakdowns in The Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe? Well these are like 8th rate clones of them. Someone named Richard Horie is credited with all the interior art.And good ole Eric Stephenson is listed as writer.

For a few years I would just randomly mail various friends boxes of vhs tapes,comics and other random stuff. And I would always include a copy of this book as a gag gift.

Youngblood Battlezone #01 gets a PASS!