Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 259 Tales from the Darkside #02

TITLE-Tales from the Darkside #02

Found issues 2 and 3 today.Which works out nice cause it a two part story.Same creative team as issue 4 also.

The schlub of man has since a young age had odd things happen to and around him fairly often. When we meet him he is getting fired from his current job. On his way home  his car breaks down. But he gets offered a ride.

Seems there is a connection between some experimental pregnancy drugs from the 70s and a bunch of now adults who randomly warp reality while having a seizure.And this man driving the car offers our lead a chance to stop the seizures.

The lead of course takes the offer to stop all the craziness.Goes to the foundations main office.But as he is getting put to sleep there is a hint that maybe he was lied to. And maybe this "dark version" of himself that he sees while in the seizures will instead be in control all the time.

Yep this is a damn good horror comic.The art is good and adds to the story instead of distracting from it. The writing and dialogue are also pretty good.

Tales fro the Darkside #02 gets a Buy!

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 26 Doctor Death Seeker of Souls

Title-Doctor Death Seeker of Souls
Source-Scorpion DVD

This is one of those early 70s horror films I had read about for decades. Seeing short reviews of it in piles of horror cinema reference books I owned/read.But I never saw the VHS,if it got a release on VHS,for rent at any store. It wasn't until a few years back when Scorpion Releasing put it out on DVD that I finally got a chance to see a film I had been curious about for years and years.

And well... I was kind of disappointed. It is kind of your typical early 70s supernatural horror film. Something that you would see second or third bill at the drive-in. Speaking of the drive-in the kill at the drive-in in this film is the best part of the entire film.

Doctor Death Seeker of Souls gets a D+.