Friday, August 19, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 235 Millennium #04

TITLE-Millennium #04

I know I read most of the Millennium series years ago,but I remember nothing about it outside the basic plot. Was wanting something to read while having breakfast and seeing this was written by Steve Englehart I grabbed it off the read pile.

The Guardians have gather a bunch of people to evolve them to the next step up the evolutionary ladder.While this is going on we cut back and forth between the Suicide Squad's base in LA and the Manhunters base in south LA.

Besides the cover nothing else from this issue sticks out.Joe Staton's art is good. But this really feels like you just got dropped in the  middle of a 50 part movie serial. And there isn't enough in  the issue for me to piece together what happened previously.

Millennium #04 gets pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 234 Sons of Anarchy Redwood Originals #01

TITLE-Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #01
PUBLISHER-Boom Studios

With the subtitle of the series I was expecting stories about the original 9 member of SAMCRO. But instead this story is about Jax when he was still a prospect.

Seems he has anger issues. Add in that his best friend Opie isn't joining the club,and you get a angry young man.

Nothing much happens in this issue. But you can tell it is leading up to something major.

Sons of Anarchy Redwood Original #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 233 Regular Show Volume #01

TITLE-Regular Show Volume 01
PUBLISHER-Kaboom an imprint of Boom Studios

This trade reprints issues 1,2,4 and 5 from the Regular Show comic. No idea why they skipped issue 3.

The art and stories do a good job of capturing the feel of the cartoon.Like the first story about how Muscle Man starts a mosh pit at a concert in the park. And this almost unleashes a terrible demon. Or the one where Mordici needs a haircut and him and Rigby go to a new barber shop.

I doubt I would read this monthly but I would grab a copy of the trade from my local library.

Regular Show Volume 01 gets a borrow.