Friday, October 7, 2016

31 Days of Horror 2016 Day 07 Bone Chillers Back to School

Title-Bone Chillers Back to School
Source-      VHS

This was a short lived TV series. Airing on ABC Saturday mornings for only one season. At the time I didn't watch it,thinking it was gonna be a bad rip off of the Goosebumps TV show. Years later once I learned that Linda Cardellini was one of the main stars,plus that the show was based on a series of novels,I decided to try to find some episodes.

I searched for years and never saw any rips floating around. After having given up on seeing this show,I was in a junkstore a few towns over from where I live. It was spring and this place had no A/C. The bottom floor was hot,but I took the chance and went up into the upper story. Where it felt like standing in front of a roaring fire. But up there I found the above pictured VHS,another VHS of Bone Chillers,plus 2 WWE VHS. IIRC I paid a buck for each tape.

So enough blabbering on to the review. The series is set at Edgar Allen Poe High. And Linda is one of the four leads. All of whom are freshmen.This tape has episodes 2 and 3 on it.

Episode 2 is titled Teacher Creature. It is based on book 6 of the series. A new teacher at school gets turned into a frog monster after accidentally eating some toxic frog eggs.

Episode 3,Back to School,is the better of the two episodes.This one is based on book 3. Fitz is tired of the horrible cafeteria food. So stops eating it.Then once all his friends start to love the food he knows something is wrong.

From watching these 2 episodes I saw that the show isn't that much like Goosebumps. Sure they are both horror tv shows aimed at pre-teens.But unlike Goosebumps,which was an anthology show,Bone Chillers has the same cast and every episodes is set around Edgar Allen Poe High.

After getting this and another Bone Chillers tape I went looking to see if there was anymore. There is one more that I don't have. Sadly it seems to be a bit more hard to find than these two. Used copies of the two I found sell for 3 or 4 bucks. The one I am missing starts at 15 bucks and sometimes hits as high as 30 bucks.

If anyone knows where to get the rest of the episodes please let me know. If whoever owns this series is reading this,PLEASE RELEASE THIS ON DVD!

Bone Chillers Back to School gets a B+