Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 13 Zombiethon

Source-Full Moon DVD

This is basically a highlight reel of any film Empire/Full Moon had the rights to that had zombies in it. So you got stuff like Fulci's Zombie,Oasis of the Zombies and many others. With the only original footage being kind of wraparound piece. About a woman that is being chased by zombies. So she hides out in a theater. That is full of zombies and is showing movies.

A few years back I got a VHS rip of this and reviewed it here on my blog. I knew Full Moon had put it out on a DVD.But it was 15 bucks which is much more than I wanted to spend. Then earlier this year I found it in a bodega. And they only wanted $5. It was mixed in with all the other DVDs they were selling. Which was all big mainstream movies. No clue how this oddball got mixed in there but I am happy it did.

The DVD looks slightly better than the VHS rip I saw.And the only extras are a short intro from Charles Band. And a bunch of trailers.

Zombiethon gets a B.