Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 176 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #05

TITLE-Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #05
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

After a way too long wait,I love most of the new stuff coming from Archie but am getting a bit sick of the constant late shipping on over half the titles,issue 5 of the not for kids Sabrina title is out. So was it worth the wait............. Yeah it was.

Sabrina has to face the Witch's Council cause of Harvey seeing her induction into the witch group. While on trial she has to face a few tests. Which she passes so she gets declaired innocent.

But it seems Sabrina had help passing the test. Ms Porter AKA Madam Satan made sure Sabrina passed. And now has recurited Betty and Veronica from Riverdale. Yep Betty and Veronica are part of a coven with Ms Grundy in Riverdale.

And with the help of the two ladies from out of town and Ms Porter,Sabrina casts a spell that will bring Harvey Kinkle back from the grave. She gets told it will take 3 days for him to come back.

3 days later we are in the Kinkle house. Ms Kinkle is still setting a place at the dinner table for Harvey,believing since his body hasn't been found he is still alive.Mr Kinkle is sure Harvey is dead. Harvey rises from the grave and makes his way home.

Once he gets there we see that his mother might have lost touch with reality in a major way. Then in the last few pages learn that while it is Harvey's body the mind controling it is someone from Sabrina's past.

The art is fucking stunning. I love the look of the coloring,looks a bit like chalk to me.And the story is not only well written,but also well researched.  I hope there is no more huge ass delays on future issues.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #05 gets  BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 175 Crossed Badlands #098

TITLE-Crossed Badlands #98

Smokey has run into a pair of "Smart" Crossed twins. After impregnating them he wants to move them to a safer location.

They relocate to an organic farm outside Key Largo.And Smokey scavenges all the local cities for supplies.

And finally at the end one of the twins gives birth to a boy. The final panel has Smokey smiling and holding his newborn son.

2 more issues and I am loving how it seems like we are getting a bit of Crossed history happening.

Crossed Badlands #98 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 174 Crossed Badlands #97

TITLE-Crossed Badlands #97

Our lead Smokey is in Port Arthur Texas aka the armpit of Texas. But quickly makes his way across the  gulf coast area of Louisiana before ending up in Gulfport Mississippi.

It is in this city where Smokey and his gang attack a Navy vessel off the coast. After gaining control of it,Smokey enlists the help of a sailor. And they head off to the Florida keys. An area that supposedly has a pair of female Crossed twins that are "smart" like Smokey.

Of course seeing mention of quite a few cities I goto often or lived in made me enjoy this issue a bit more than normal. Really my only complaint is the cover. It looks wonky.

Crossed Badlands #97 gets a buy.