Friday, May 6, 2016

Cardsone comic/trading card grab bags from Dollar General

For right at 10 years now I have been finding packs of 2 or 3 comics plus some trading cards,all at Dollar stores. And all of the packs come from a Florida based company called Cardsone.

About a week ago I happened to be in a Dollar General I rarely goto. Saw they had a few of these packs. But at the time I had maybe 3 bucks on me. So I hid them behind some old issues US Weekly and hoped they would still be there in a few days.

A few days later I go back and there is 4 packs. So I grabbed them and checked out. As soon as I got out in the car I opened them up to see what I got. Normally I am use to finding these packs at Dollar Tree. Were on average I got 3 comics plus 1 random trading card. These packs were $4 each,had 2 comics,a few random trading cards,plus an unopened pack of trading cards.And every pack had the below.

Mostly it is a catalog for comic supplies from Cardsone. But it does give a few basic tips on collecting comics. Nothing major is revealed.

But onto the cards. Up first is the just random cards they throw in the packages.
So Lion King,Disney Premium,Batman TAS and some WWII card. The Disney Premium has this gold foil border. And the WWII card looks metallic.
Also got 4 Elvis trading cards. These seem to be from that 90s set.All 8 of these cards are just gonna end up being used as bookmarks.

As far as packs of cards. Got 3 packs of VR Troopers puzzle cards.And one pack of the first set of Mighty Morphin Power Ranger cards.

 The above two are one of the puzzles. Seems each pack has a full puzzle. And each piece is double sided. I barely remember VR Troopers so have no clue who Ryan Steel is.
The other two packs contained the same puzzle pictured above.
The Rita card on the top left has a kind of foil process added to it. Back when this set was coming out I actually managed to collect a full set. But lost them years ago.

Now onto the comics. Gonna start with the two titles I had never heard of.
 From Top Cow comics here is Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter #01.The only name I know is David Wohl. But the art looks decent. I have noticed that most Top Cow titles at least have decent art.
Hunter Killer #05 is next. Written by Mark Waid and penciled by Mark Silvestri. This looks pretty damn good.
American Entertainment Exclusive Edition  Witchblade #02 Encore Edition.David Wohl writes this. And this is from back when Michael Turner was still drawing Witchblade.
The Darkness Level 3,I read a bit of Darkness back when Top Cow put one of it's trade on sale. David Wohl again is writing.

The Darkness vol 2 #14,pretty sure the Darkness trade I read was from volume 2.
 Robotech The New Generation #11,I haven't read any of this Robotech series before. But the other ones from Comico have been really good.
 Batman #446 has Marv Wolfman writing and the late Jim Aparo doing the art.
And saved for last Spawn/Batman by Frank Miller an Todd McFarlane. This is the only one of the comics I had read before getting these grab bags. I hated it back then. And rereading it the other day I still hate it. This was the comic that proved to me not everything Frank writes is amazing.

Overall it was kind of a bunch of crap. Sure all the Top Cow stuff looks decent. And the Batman comic should be fun. The Robotech comic,well the coloring on the inside looks wonky. And Spawn/Batman sucks ass. The trading cards are neat but like I said they are gonna become bookmarks. Overall these packs were not really worth the $4 I paid for each one. The 3 comics and a card for a buck packs from Dollar Tree are a much better deal.