Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Library Booksale Haul Jan 2014

Overslept today,which was nice when I have been lucky to get more than 4 hours sleep since before X-mas. Got up grabbed a quick breakfast and had time to kill so went to see what the library booksale had.

Use to be the local library,which is the only one for THREE COUNTIES! Yeah think about that for a few minutes. This place is tiny and covers three entire counties.Anyways used to be they had a library booksale 2 or 3 times a year. And I have found some decent stuff at them. But starting sometime in 2014 they took a small section of the library and made it into a permanent booksale area. With a few bins of paperbacks,3 or so shelves full of hardbacks. Then boxes and bins full of unsorted books,vhs,cassettes,etc.

Was told the other day that they had just gotten in a big amount of new stock and it wasn't the normal stacks and stack of John Grisham,Fern Michaels or James Patterson stuff.

With the prices on books being super cheap I had just brought 10 bucks and maybe 4 bucks in assorted change. I had thought ahead and put a plastic bag in my back pocket. Thinking I would be grabbing lots of stuff.

After a quick glance at the new release shelf,where I saw nothing I wanted to read I walked over to the bins of paperbacks.The last time I was here to look not only was there 2 big wooden bins but at least 8 huge boxes of paperbacks under the bins. No boxes this time. But that just means I don't have to bend over and dig through dusty old boxes.


Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Tried watching season 1 of the tv show and quickly got bored with it. Been avoiding the books since Martin hasn't finished the series yet. But I keep getting recommendations on the books from people who's opinions I trust. Gonna throw this one into the "Will read one day" pile.This copy looks brand new. No cracks on the spine. Really it looks like it was never read or even opened.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer The Angel Chronicles Vol 1 by Nancy Holder

8 years or ago Dollar Tree was overflowing with books from this series of Buffy novels. The ones I found and read were original stories. But this seems to be novelizations of 3 Angel-centric episodes.

The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Gold Bug by Edgar Allen Poe

I love Poe. And this collection of two of his better short stories is great. Dating from the 70s it has pictures from the film versions of the two stories. I know there is better collections of Poe's stories.I mainly grabbed this one cause of the pictures.

Captain Shark Vol 1 Jaws of Death by Richard Silver

I just recently discovered the world of 60s and 70s Men's adventure novels. Stuff like The Executioner,The Remo Williams series and many many others. Even found a few blogs that contain fun reviews of these semi forgotten pieces of fiction. Never heard of Captain Shark. The cover caught my attention and I plan on trying to read this fairly soon.

Red by Jack Ketchum

FUCK YEAH!!! A Ketchum novel I don't own. Really I would have bought any Ketchum novel I found. But to find one I hadn't read. And one where I love the movie,made the trip worth it.This is going never the top of my unread horror fiction pile.

I then started looking at the shelves full of hardbacks. Lots of really old self help books.Bios on people I have never heard of. And a whole bunch of the Left Behind novels.But I did find two things.

The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

I thought I owned this. Thankfully I keep a halfway complete booklist on my laptop. So I checked it and saw I didn't own this book at all. I would have preferred a paperback. But at least the dust jacket is in good shape. I checked and it isn't a first print. No joke if it had been I would have flipped it quickly on Abebooks or Amazon. Already read this book 2 times. Many many years ago. Will re-read it one day.For now it will join my ever rotating hardback shelf.

Spook Country by William Gibson

The only ex-library book in my haul. And one that I got a connection too. This copy comes from my local library. I checked it out the day they got it in. And every visit to the library I would see it sitting on the shelf. I kind of doubt it got checked out that much. Which would be why they are selling it. It is in perfect shape. From what I remember it was one of the Gibson novels that is set "3 years in the future". I enjoyed it but not as much as the Sprawl series or his other earlier works.

So I ended up doing pretty decent. Total cost was $1. I never saw any vhs,dvds,cassettes. Really all they had was paperbacks,hardbacks and a huge stack of magazines. I looked at the mags quickly and it was all Nat Geos,gardening stuff and other mags of that ilk.

Between what I got today and all the books/comics I got for the holidays I am covered until July. So if you are reading this and want to get me a birthday gift,July 10th,grab me a book. Or not,I don't give a fuck.