Sunday, April 5, 2015

3 Toys from a box of junk Post Wrestlemania 31 edition

The WWE Slam City figures are well done mini figures. Made of a very rubbery plastic,usually the arms,most stores are clearancing them. So had grabbed a handful of them recently.

Brock Lesner here has a good paint job and good sculpting.With only the shoulders being articulated he loses a few points for that.He came in a two pack with Mark Henry.Found them about a month ago for $2.50 for the two pack.The chair that came in the pack is made of the same rubbery plastic as the arms.

I like the very pissed off look on Brock's face. One other neat feature is any accessory from the Slam City line will fit Brock's hands.

Two bad you can't make Brock suplex the shit outta the other figures. Watching him suplex people over and over again has been the highlight of the last 9 months of WWE.

Hey another Hasbro WWF figure. And another one I have owned before. My original one came as part of that huge lot of Hasbro WWF figures I found at the Thrift store years ago.He got lost in one of my moves.

Then a fellow collector got 3 or 4 Hasbro WWE figures. I traded him some more VHS and restarted my Hasbro collection.

Jake's paint job could be better. But his action feature is better than Brutus's. Pull Jake's right arm back and release it and he punches.I guess making him DDT someone was a bit to complicated.For a early Hasbro figure he isn't bad. Seems to be super common. So finding a loose one shouldn't cost much.

And for the final toy,here is Kofi Kingston from the WWE's mini figure line Rumblers. Most Rumblers had articulation at the shoulders and neck. Kofi has a great paint job. With lots of little details included. The sculpting is typical for the Rumblers line. The hands and feet are oversized. But that also makes it super easy to get the figures to stand up.

Found Kofi here at Fred's. They had marked the single pack figures down to $1. Which is a great deal at Fred's. More than likely when these first hit the shelves there ,Fred's would want $6 or $7.I need to find my Rumblers' Ring.