Thursday, October 8, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 08 Terror Firmer unrated Director's cut

Terror Firmer
Source-Unrated Director's cut 2 disc DVD

I have love Troma since when I first saw Toxic Avenger back in the 80s. So as soon as Netflix had Terror Firmer for rent I rented it. For a few years I would blind buy anything  Troma put out. But they had a 3 or 4 year long slump. So I switched to renting their stuff first to see if it was worth buying. And Terror Firmer was. But the only versions I could find locally for sale were used and looked to be in bad shape. So I figured if I waited I would find a decent copy for a good price.

I didn't know at the time I would be waiting 11 years. Yep 11 years. At the 2014 Coastcon,I was at this one dealer's table. She always has a great selection of new and used DVDs and Blu rays. I am standing there chatting with her. We found out the year before we have a mutual friend. When I saw Terror Firmer in her bins. And it was still sealed. "I am asking $8 for it since it sounds like one of the discs is loose." I shook the case heard a disc rattling around. But figured it wouldn't be too scratched up to play. Plus since it was still sealed that meant it would have the Terror Firmer mini poster. I paid her for it and the other things I was buying. And opened it up to see if there was any damage to the loose DVD. Nope not even a tiny scratch.

Set on the set of a low budget film,Terror Firmer is in some ways a film version of  Kaufman's first book on how to make a movie. There is some lady killing off people involved in the film. Add in the normal issues on the set of a low budget film and you get all kinds of mayhem.

The cast is pretty damn good for a Troma film. You got Debbie Rochon as the diva actress,Lloyd Kaufman playing a version of himself as the blind director,and then there is Will Keenan and Trent Haaga. I had seen Keenan in Tromeo and Juliet. And Haaga I had seen in a few Full Moon movies. Both are good actors and really shine in this film

The FX are also pretty damn good for a modern Troma movie. And thankfully there is no CGI. There is even a few scenes where Haaga,who plays the FX guy in the film,explains how they do a few of the FX.

Now of course with this being unrated and a Troma film that means it is loaded up with gore,nudity and plenty of non-PC stuff. If this film had been sent to the MPAA it would have gotten an NC 17.

The 2 discs of this set are loaded with extras. The movie has 2 commentaries. Both of which are worth listening too. And there is a great Easter egg. Where you will be shown the R rated version of the film. When it comes to a scene that had to be cut to get an R rating,Lloyd shows up on screen and describes  what is going on. The second disc has a really long and really good documentary on the making of Terror Firmer. Which is almost as entertaining as the film is.

Terror Firmer gets a B+.