Sunday, January 31, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 057 Untold Tales of the New Universe DP7 #01

TITLE-Untold Tales of the New Universe #01

Set between issues 4 and 5 of DP7 this comic is a neat way to tell new stories of the DP7 group.

While on the run from the clinic,the group stops a big brawl in a biker bar. Which attracts the attention of a Native American from a local rez.

Seems him and his sister both developed powers during The White Event.And her power is she can raise the dead.

So her brother want's the DP7 to help him fight off his sister and her army of zombie like creatures.

There is a big fight. And of course the DP7 win.

Now I have read all the other issues of this series. But I am wondering how much sense this would make to someone that hasn't.

Untold Tales of the New Universe #01 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 056 The Black Hood #08

TITLE-The Black Hood #08
PUBLISHER-Dark Circle Comics an Imprint of Archie Comics

The hood is trying to facing a group of petty criminals. And does manage to get the upper hand. But not before some of them steal his motorcycle.

Most of the issue is about him dealing with the aftermath of this fight. His struggle to stay clean and keep his fellow police officers and his therapist from knowing he is being the Black Hood again.

The art is gorgeous as always. And fits the mood of the book.And Duane Swierczynski has quickly become one of my favorite authors.With  his blending hardboiled crime fiction and a very pulp like masked hero comic.

Between this,Afterlife with Archie,Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the revamped Archie and Jughead titles,Arcie comics has in less than a year become one of the best comic publishers.

The Black Hood #08 gets a Buy!

2016 Comic Challenge 055 Dr Strange #02

TITLE-Dr Strange #02

So some kind of goblin looking demons have come out of the librarian's head and Dr Strange's magic is acting strange.

Holy fuck is this good. Aaron has managed to take what made Lee/Ditko's Dr Strange tales so good. And put his own twist on them while staying true to Dr Stranges core.

Chris Bachalo's art is so good. Been a fan of his since I saw his art on the first Death mini series from Vertigo.And he is a great artist for Dr Strange.

Dr Strange #02 gets  BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 054 Mandrake the Magician #04

TITLE-Mandrake the Magician #04

So now the demon possessed Narda has merged with the castle and is on a rampage. Mandrake is trying to come up with and plan. And decides to get some advice from his partner Lothar. And after a talk with Lothar he figures out how to stop this demon.

And he does manage to stop it. But in the process Narda dies. So while Mandrake won he suffered a great loss.

With the delays and stuff I get the feeling this is the last of the King Feature heroes we will see from Dynamite. What I have read from this line is well done. But sadly it seems like the sale figures just aren't there.

Mandrake the Magician #04 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 053 Mandrake the Magician #03

TITLE-Mandrake the Magician #03

After a long delay issue 3 came out. Mandrake is trapped in the dungeon of his now former wife. Who is head of the Cobra.

And while Mandrake is trying to escape Narda is gaining more power from a demon. Who ends up taking over her body.

Mandrake and his newish sidekick escape the dungeon and make it to the throne room. But it is too late the demon has possessed Narda.

While the story is good. The art,which changed from the last 2 issues,is good.But the change from the more cartoonish style of the previous 2 issues to this way more realistic style is jarring. I am assuming whoever did the first two issues got behind and that is why the long wait happened.

Mandrake the Magician #03 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 052 Project Superpowers Blackcross #06

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #06

So our heroes stage a last stand against The American Spirit. And win.

Really hard to say much about this issue. It feels like Ellis ended his story and left it totally open for someone to carry on or just ignore it and reboot Project Superpowers again.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #06 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 051 Project Superpowers Blackcross #05

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #05

In this the penultimate issue I think Ellis finally reveals how this is connected to the previous Project Superpowers series.

Seems while trapped in Pandora's Box the heroes realized they could escape to another Earth. One with no heroes. But that had versions of themselves. So they are trying to come over and take over their other selves bodies.

And The American Spirit is trying to prevent them from escaping. Kind of like how in the first series he is the one that trapped the heroes in the box.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #05 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 050 Project Superpowers Blackcross #04

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #04

The guy from issue one who set himself on fire returns. Right as Black Terror and Lady Satan are trying to figure out how to dispose of a body. Seems the guy is now possessed by the Flame.

And another agent gets attacked by the American Spirit.But the big thing is the deputy cop gets visited and I assumed possessed by the Women in Red. Who seems to say all the heroes are stuck in a prison,and this American Spirit that is coming is a kind of prison guard.

This is making me think that maybe this is all happening while the heroes were stuck in Pandora's Box in the first Project Superpowers series.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #04 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 049 Project Superpowers Blackcross #03

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #03

The agent reveals to the local cops the secret about the Black Terror analogue. WHo leaves the hospital with Lady Satan.

Then we cut to an old abandoned mansion. With a very Bruce Waynish man coming home after being gone for years studying abroad. He is contacted by who I must assume is the Green Lama.And allows Lama to take over his body.

Back at the medium who Lady Satan has possessed home,her boyfriend returns and attacks Rob AKA Black Terror. Which causes BT to punch the guy's jaw off.

So half way thru this series and I seem to have gotten a decent amount of the plot. The art this time seemed to have a bit more detail.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #03 gets a Buy.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 048 Project Superpowers Blackcross #02

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #02

Seems Lady Satan has crossed over. Our Black Terror analogue,who is in the town under witness protection program,gets a letter bomb. Which burns the Black Terror's skull and crossbones onto his chest.

And a government agent who was leaving town gets ordered to rush back.But on his way back runs into the American Spirit. Who kills him and mutters some cryptic shit.

The story thankfully is moving along at a decent pace. And I don't feel totally lost.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #02 gets  buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 047 Project Superpowers Blackcross #01

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #01

I have enjoyed all the previous Project Superpowers stuff,plus this having Warren Ellis at the helm,so I had to get this. But knowing how Dynamite is with delays I waited until the series was over to even attempt to read it.

This issue has a very Twin Peaks meets Project Superpowers feel. Set in a tiny NW town. With Lady Satan making an attempt to come over,from what I have no clue. Someone who I think is the Black Terror analogue. Dead body's with Stars and stripes clawed into them from The American Spirit. And oddest of all a man who self immolates.

The art is your standard Dynamite decent. Like Avatar to me lots of the art in Dynamite titles looks very similar.Can't really say much about the story so far,since this issue was just pure setup.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #01 gets a borrow.

Friday, January 29, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 046 Archie #05

TITLE-Archie #05
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

While Archie is helping Veronica plan for her big party,Jughead,Betty and Reggie are working on the plan to split the two up.

But after a short while Betty and Jughead realize that in her own kind of strange way Veronica really does care for Archie. And that eventually he will get tired of her crap and end the relationship.

This issue felt a bit padded. In that there was about 10 pages of story and the rest was padding.

Archie #05 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 045 Archie #04

TITLE-Archie #04
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

After 3 issues of build up we finally learn what the Lipstick incident is. But before we get to that we got a flashback.

Back when Archie and Betty were just two friends. They had been close since early childhood.And everything was going fairly well.

But of course something has to change. Two of the other girls at Riverdale get it into their minds that Betty needs a make over. So they take her to the mall and change Betty's look.

When Archie comes to pick Betty up,they are going to a midnight horror film,he is in shock.Which causes him to treat Ms Cooper very differently.

Of course this leads to an argument. And we get to finally see the much talked about lipstick incident.

Then we jump back to present day. Archie was just wanting to get in some practice time with his band. But Jughead has left. So sitting in his garage alone,Archie discovers Veronica has come over. And he starts playing a song for her.

Cut to Betty's house. Where her and Jughead are formulating a plan to make sure Archie and Veronica do not become a couple. And on the final page we find out they have enlisted the help of Reggie Mantle.

I am really loving this revamping of Archie. Like with Jughead they are keeping the core of the characters. While also updating it to appeal more to modern audiences.

Archie #04 gets a Buy.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 044 Southern Bastards #013

TITLE-Southern Bastards #13

Growing up in a tiny southern town,were High school football is king,this series really connected with me. Instead of your normal southern caricatures we get people that seem so real.

This issue is the night of a big football game. And Coach Boss' team hasn't lost a game in a long time. But their opponents have a secret weapon. And thanks to him they end up slaughtering the Running Rebs.

I love how Image has changed since they first started. Early Image was all Marvel clones. But now Image puts out some of the best non-superhero titles I have seen in years.

Southern Bastards #13 gets a Buy.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 043 Jughead #03

TITLE-Jughead #03

Over the last year and a half Archie has become one of my favorite comic companies. Starting off with their two horror series,Afterlife with Archie and the Sabrina revamp. Then The Black Hood and SHIELD from the Dark Circle imprint have been damn good. But the revamping of Archie and now Jughead are the real standouts.

After being expelled from school in the previous issue,no worries Jughead was set up by the new principal,our titular hero is trying to get back into Riverdale High.

Like the two previous issues we get Jughead daydreaming. This time he is a super spy like Jame Bond. Which is also a nice nod to the old Archie spy stories.

I have no idea how well these revamped Jughead and Archie comics are selling. But at least for me they are great. They managed to not only bring both ancient characters into the modern age.But at the same time not losing what made they so compelling.

Jughead #03 gets a Buy.

Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 042 Crossed Badlands #092

TITLE-Crossed Badlands #092

I wasn't expecting this storyline to end so quickly. Usually most stories in this series run at least 3 or 4 issues.

So we go back to the comic shop. And our artist in peril is fed up with the way she is being treated. So she formulates a plan.

Gonna be honest this wrap up of the story didn't work for me. It felt really rushed. And even the art looks like it was rushed.

Crossed Badlands #092 gets a borrow.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 041 Mr Monsters 3D Hi-Octane Horror #01

TITLE-Mr. Monster's 3D Hi-Octane Horror #01

In the mid 80s Michael T Gilbert took his Mr Monster comic book and started putting old pre-code horror comics in the backs of lots of the issues. This must have done well,cause not to long later it spun off into the Mr Monster Super Duper Specials. With most issues of  the specials focusing on a genre. I actually discovered Mr Monster cause of these specials. I was in a comic shop in Mobile Alabama. And was digging thru the cheap bins,which were 25 cents a comic. Ended up with a Mr Monster comic reprinting lots of crime comics. I loved it and have slowly over the past 25 years managed to get every issue.

In 2008 Mile High Comics was having a big sale. Which is the only time I will buy from them. Mostly cause their prices are usually way high. But when they have a sale you can get stuff for a good price. I was on  a 3D comic kick. And saw not only did Mile High have the 3D horror issue of Mr Monster.But it was extremely cheap.  I of course bought it.

So how is the comic? It starts off with a 3 page intro with Mr Monster and his lady Kelly. Then we get the first pre-code story. Which is Joe Kubert's Picture of Evil. A story that according to some sources is the first horror comic story in 3D. Being a fan of Mr Kubert I loved this story.

The second story, The Damned, is the only original story in the comic. Written and drawn by Gilbert,it is a neat exercise in graphic storytelling.

The final story is a classic from the late Bob Powell,Until I started getting all the various public domain comic reprints that Eclipse put out I had never heard of Mr Powell. And "The Blind,The Doomed and the Dead!" is classic Powell. Great artwork  and a great story. With your kind of standard horror comic twist at the end.

After the Powell story we get a one page wrap up from Gilbert.Followed by a letters page. I so miss comic book letter pages. As a kid and a teen I would write into my favorite comics. And the first thing I would do when I got my new comics was flip to the letters page and see if my letter got published.

Unlike lots of the comics I have reviewed this year,this one isn't a cheap find. To get a mint copy with the 3D glasses you are gonna have to spend at least $5 if not more. If you are a fan of pre-code horror comics this is totally worth tracking down.

Mr Monster's 3D Hi-Octane Horror #01 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 040 Hanna Barbara Presents #04

TITLE-Hanna Barbara Presents #04
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

This is a comic I grabbed at a con. I love both Quick Draw McGraw and Magilla Gorilla. So seeing this for cheap and it starring two of my favorite Hanna Barbara superstars I had to get it.

The first story is with Magilla.Were the pet store owner sells Magilla. Who is shipped off to the Lost Monkey Mine.Magilla enters the cave and finds his new owners. Who look like your typical hillbillies from various cartoons. And Magilla discovers he is there to work in the mine. Magilla finds out from the other monkeys that he is there to work the mine. So he helps them escape.

This story really feels like an episode of Magilla Gorilla. And like the other Archie Hanna Barbara comics the art looks just like the cartoon.

The second story stars Quick Draw. And is your typical Quick Draw story. With McGraw being his normal dumbass self and his trusty sidekick having to do the heavy lifting.

And just like the Magilla story this one feels like an episode of the Quick Draw cartoon.

The third story is the stand out. In this one we get a team up between our two characters that appeared on the cover.

There is a gorilla that looks almost exactly like Magilla. Who is robbing towns in the old west. So Quick Draw McGraw tracks him down. And like what usually happens Quick Draw gets out smarted. So the criminal gorilla gets away.

At the same time Magilla is on vacation in the old west. He walks into a saloon. And is mistaken for the criminal gorilla. Soon after arriving in town Magilla meets up with the Killer Gorilla and is conned into trading clothes with him.

And now since he really looks like the Killer Gorilla,of course that means Quick Draw arrests Magilla.

By the end the mix up is fixed. And Magilla gets a bunch of reward money for helping capture the Killer Gorilla. So Magilla spends that money on bananas.

Now the first two stories are decent. They are nothing we haven't already seen in the stars TV shows. It is the third story that makes this issue stand out. I like the team up. And thought it was pretty well written.

Hanna Barbara Presents #04 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 039 Brat Pack Maximortal Super Special #01

TITLE-Brat Pack Maximortal Super Special #01

Starting right at the end of Brat Pack #05,this comic was Rick Veitch's attempt to test the waters and see if their was an audience for his King Hell universe. Since only this issue and issue 2 came out I doubt there was a big audience. I didn't even know this comic existed until I found it while digging thru the cheap bins at 5 Alarm Comics.

Dr Blasphemy is confronted by Maximortal. And we get glimpses at where Veitch is wanting to take this story line. Lots of meta-fictional stuff in this comic.And at the end Maximortal gives Dr Blasphemy a copy of the first Maximortal comic. Which shocks the good Dr.

The artwork is great as pretty much everything Rick Veitch does. And if you have read Brat Pack and Maximortal,which I have read,the writing in this issue is damn good. But if you haven't I doubt it would make any sense to ya.

Brat Pack Maximortal Super Special #01 gets a borrow. Unless you are a huge King Hell fan then it is a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 038 Yogi Bear #01

TITLE-Yogi Bear #01
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

Yeah I am reading an Yogi Bear comic. A few years ago I was given what had been a cousin's old comics. Mixed in there was lots of comics based on various cartoons.

Our first story is Big City Bears.And in the first panel the head Ranger is throwing Yogi and Boo Boo out of Jellystone. Cause they won't stop stealing picnic baskets.

So our two bear pals hop a train into the big city.And they get a job singing and playing piano at a restaurant.They are loving the job. Then one night are watching TV and see a special on Jellystone Park.And they learn that the Ranger misses them. And the park isn't the same with them gone.

Yogi calls and sets up a meeting with the Ranger. And works out a deal for them to come back. It is right in time,cause they get fired from their jobs for eating to much.

The second story has Yogi winning the state lottery.Now I do wonder how Yogi can get the money,since he has no ID,Social Security number,etc.Yogi of course uses the money to order picnic baskets. But realizes quickly it isn't as fun if he doesn't have to steal them.

The other 3 stories are average at best.

One thing I want out of a comic based on a cartoon is art that looks like the cartoon. And this comic does that really well. The stories all feel like something Hanna Barbara would have done in the cartoon.

If I hadn't gotten this for free I doubt I would have bought it.

Yogi Bear #01 gets a Pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 037 D.P.7 #02

TITLE-D.P.7 #02
PUBLISHER-Marvel under their New Universe imprint

Yeah the New Universe.Also known as Shooter's Folly. To celebrate one of their big anniversaries Marvel created a new imprint. Set in the real world,with a few minor changes,the New Universe was a good idea that wasn't executed right.

D.P.7 was one of the more popular titles of this imprint. After the White Event a group of 7 people are at a clinic in Wisconsin. All of them have developed powers. And like the X-men some of them would rather not have the powers. Like Scuzz. A teenager who's sweat is full of acid. So he is constantly burning up his clothes. And also can not touch anyone.

In issue 1 our leads found out the clinic they were at had sinister purposes for them. So they ran away. And in this issue end up facing a group of mercenaries the clinic has hired out to find them and bring them back.

Some where's in my collection I got a complete run of D.P.7. And every few years sit down and re-read the entire run. One neat thing is you can almost see this title as a dry run for Jim Shooters Harbinger title at Valiant that came out almost a decade later.

D.P.7 gets a borrow. Unless you find it for a buck or less then it is a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 036 Punisher #01 MAX Series

TITLE-Punisher #01 MAX series

The start of the long running MAX series. For those that don't know MAX is Marvels adults only line of comics.

And what a way to start a series. Frank has been to his family's grave. Then infiltrates a mafia party. Where he kills one of the oldest members and calmly walks out. Of course all the mobsters chase him outside. But Frank has a plan. He has a full auto machine gun. And wipes out almost all the people after him.

Then we skip ahead and find out that Microchip,Frank's old partner,has put a hit out on Frank.

Before this the only Garth Ennis written Punisher I had read was the mini series that Thomas Jane movie was based on. And like most other Ennis comics this is a nice blending of ultra violence with a multi-layered story.

Punisher #01 MAX Series gets a Buy.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 035 Hate Jamboree

TITLE-Hate Jamboree!

I started reading Hate around issue 3. Before that I had read a few issues of Peter Bagge's Neat Stuff. And Hate took my favorite character from Neat Stuff,Buddy Bradley, and moved him from suburban New Jersey to downtown Seattle.

After 30 issues Mr Bagge was ready to end Hate. And Hate Jamboree came out about a month after Hate ended. It is packed with interviews with pretty much everyone who worked on Hate. And goes into lots of detail on how and why Peter Bagge created Buddy and then decided to move him to Seattle.

The interviews are great. But my favorite part of this comic is all the hard to find artwork and comics it reprints. Peter Bagge did lots of stuff from various indy music magazines. And also did some work for various porno magazines.

Now if you have never read Hate this comic I would think would have no interest for ya. But if you are a Hate fan or a fan of Mr Bagge this is a great read.

Really the only bad part of this comic is it is slightly taller than a normal comic. So storing it is a bit of a hassle. Plus the cover is made out of really cheap paper. It feels a bit like newsprint.If you are one of those comic fans that has to have everything in mint ...well finding this issue in mint condition might be a bit hard to do.

Hate Jamboree gets a BUY!But only if you are a Hate/Bagge fan.

2016 Comic Challenge 034 Cat and Mouse #01

TITLE-Cat and Mouse #01

I had never heard of this series. Then a few years back I had won a random lot of 100 comics off Ebay. And in that lot was about 6 issues of Cat and Mouse. I opened up an issue and saw that Steven Butler,an artist from Mississippi,and Mitch Byrd,another artist from MS,had created this series. And Byrd was the main artist on the title.

After reading those issues I was hooked. And later on that year at Free Comic Book Day I got to talk to Mitch Byrd a bit. He lives on the MS gulf coast area. And was at 3 Alarm Comics in Diberville. The comic shop owner had went thru his back issue stock and put out a bunch of comics Mitch had worked on. I had been wanting the first issue of Cat and Mouse and saw a copy.Plus since it wasn't bagged and boarded it was only a buck. I handed it to Mr Byrd,and explained to him how much I enjoyed the series. "Thanks,but this was very early in my career.So when I look at it all I see is all the mistakes I made."

Set in 80s New Orleans. Cat and Mouse are a team of cat burglars. And both of them are well trained martial artists.

So this series was kind of a mash up of lots of stuff. You get the big city crime drama. Plus a heavy amount of martial arts and ninja stuff,remember this was the 80s when ninjas were mega hot.

Really my only complaint about the comic is I wish it was in color. I have seen so much of Mitch's artwork in color. And while his art works in black and white. It is even more amazing when in color.

So if you like crime dramas and/or 80s era action films go digging thru you local comic shop's cheap bins and try out some issues.

Cat and Mouse gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 033 Brat Pack #05

TITLE-Brat Pack #05
PUBLISHER-King Hell/Tundra

Set a bit over a year since the last issue. Rick Veitch starts the issue off showing us how in a bit over a year all of the Brat Pack have become corrupt pieces of shit.

We see the priest from last issue. Who is trying to hang himself in the bell tower of the church. But his former alter boy,who is now Chippy,shows up. And lets the priest know the rest of the Brat Pack is waiting inside the church.

Down in the church we get more images of how bad off the Brat Pack is now. With the King Hell universe's version of Speedy smoking crack. Kid Vicious,who is the sidekick for the fascist Judge Jury,is now a roided up mess. And the single female member is preforming a coat hanger abortion on herself.

Then a coffin rolls itself into the room. We know it is being remotely controlled by Dr Blasphemy. I had been wondering why the heroes even bother with having sidekicks. When the sidekicks really don't do much. And once the coffin is open we find out why. Seems all the Brat Pack members are part of a huge merchandising deal. Which is how their heroes get the money to fund their war on crime.

Of course this is a trap set up by the evil Dr. And all of the Brat Pack dies. The heroes show up. And manage to capture the Dr. They rip off his mask and we find out the Dr is really the priest. Then while all the heroes are gathered in the bell tower horrible weather hits. Which we find out is caused by Maximortal's return. And the series ends with that happening. Plus we find out that this universe's version of Green Arrow,well his butler is the real Dr Blasphemy.

I can see once again why Mr Veitch changed the ending a bit for the trade paperback. The one in this issue is kind of confusing. And if you haven't read the Maximortal series ,well this ending doesn't make a lot of sense.

Now I am wanting to go and re-read the trade. Just so I can see what all was changed. And I also really wish  Rick Veitch was able to finish up the King Hell storyline he started with Maximortal. I know years after this series ended he put out a two issue series that was suppose to connect and explain the gaps left after reading Maximortal and Brat Pack.

Brat Pack #05 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 032 Brat Pack #04

TITLE-Brat Pack #04
PUBLISHER-King Hell/Tundra

The priest who has been helping the heroes get their new sidekicks has had enough. One night the Midnight Mink and Chippy come to visit him. And the priest whips out what appears to be an Uzi and shoots Mink multiple times. But Mink brushes this off like it is nothing.

Now I was wondering how this could be. When since Mink is basically Batman,that means he has no powers. But a few pages later Mink lets Chippy know about Mink's previous relationship with Maximortal/True-man.

Seems Mink found out he has infected with HIV. So Maximortal gave Mink a blood transfusion. Which not only would hold the virus in check. But also gave Mink fast healing.

We then find out that each of the heroes has a connection to Maximortal. And once he was gone is when they took over. And also when the world really went to shit.

Chippy also meets the last living member of the previous Brat Pack. Who we find out is the previous Chippy. And I must assume that Mink gave that Chippy some of his blood. Which is why he survived.

Brat Pack #04 gets a Buy!

2016 Comic Challenge 031 Brat Pack #03

TITLE-Brat Pack #03
PUBLISHER-King Hell/Tundra

With the Brat Pack dead,the heroes are wanting replacements. And most of this issue is about the new Chippy. Who is the Midnight Mink's sidekick. Think of Robin and Batman.

We also see the other 3 heroes getting their new sidekicks. And get more of an idea how corrupt and morally bankrupt these heroes are.

Then we see that it looks like one of the previous Brat Pack members isn't dead. And is now living in
he bell of the church's tower.And of course Dr Blasphemy is curious how this one member survived. And I had no idea how they did.

Brat Pack #03 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 030 Brat Pack #02

TITLE-Brat Pack #02
PUBLISHER-King Hell/Tundra

With this issue we see the heroes getting their new sidekicks. And everything that has ever been hinted in the subtext of heros like Batman,Punisher,Wonder Woman and others is brought right in to the forefront.

But as we get towards the end of the comic all these new sidekicks lose their parents in mysterious circumstances. I get the feeling the Doctor Blasphemy is behind all this.

Brat Pack #02 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 029 Brat Pack #01

TITLE-Brat Pack #01
PUBLISHER-King Hell/Tundra

Been at least a year since I read this seemingly forgotten piece of classic indy comics. So this time instead of grabbing my trade off the wall,which has a different ending,I dug out the issues. Pretty sure outside of issue 01 all the rest of my copies are first prints.

We start off seeing a slum like city,that is named Slumberg. A call in radio show gets a call from someone calling themselves Doc,which is all about the city's group of teen sidekicks. The Brat Pack of the title.

There is your Robin analogue,taken the Robin and Batman relationship past the levels Whertham saw. A Punisher like hero with his kill them all partner.And others.

But not long after we get to know these teens they get bamboozled and killed. Seems Doc is actually Doctor Blasphemy. And he did this to set the Brat Pack up and kill them.

I am always surprised that this doesn't get broughten up when the talk of the grim and gritty series like DKR,Watchmen and Moore/Gaiman's run on Marvelman/Miracleman happens.

Brat Pack #01 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 028 The Walking Dead #150

TITLE-The Walking Dead #150

I am a bit surprised. I was expecting a major death or some kind of huge action. And instead I got another of Rick's great speeches.

The art is as great as it always has been since Adlard took over,not that Tony Moore's art was bad on this title. And like pretty much in every issue Kirkman does a great job with the dialogue and story.

The Walking Dead #150 gets a Buy!

2016 Comic Challenge 027 Dark Knight III the Master Race #02

TITLE-Dark Knight III The Master Race

Before I even start talking about this issue got a few things I need to point out.

1.I loved Dark Knight II. And understand why it is not liked. But for me it was almost as good as Dark Knight Returns.

2.Yeah I know Miller is insane. But the stuff people bitch about in his modern work,pretty much everything he has done since 9/11,was there in Ronin,Daredevil,DKR.

Last issue Carrie Kelly got caught by the cops while wearing a Batman outfit. Plus we saw the Atom trying to return the people of the bottle city of Kandor to normal size.

So this issue we have Carrie in jail being interrogated by the police. After a while Ms Kelly breaks and tells a story of how Bruce Wayne has died. Notice how she says Bruce Wayne not Batman.

Then the rest of the main story is  Atom finishing up a device that will return the Kandorians to their normal height. But it all goes wrong and I think this is the introduction to the main villain of this story.

The back up story is all about Wonder Woman training her daughter. And is not bad.

I get that people also seem to not care for Miller current art work. But for me it is still soo good. Like the cover above I would love that as a huge poster.

Dark Knight III The Master Race #02 gets a Buy.

Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 026 The Humans #10

TITLE-The Humans 10

So this is it the final issue. The Humans are brawling at Abe's fortress.

After much carnage the fight is over. The Humans have won,but suffered many losses.

And we find out that a sequel will be coming out with some of The Humans in jail.

I had heard this series was good.But wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was. Fuck it! It was better than good it was FUCKING GREAT!!.

Now I need to see if Image was smart and put the entire run out in on trade or hardcover.

The Humans #10 gets a BUY!!!!

2016 Comic Challenge 025 The Humans #09

TITLE-The Humans #09

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny leads the gang to Abe's fortress. And we get piles of carnage. All of it well rendered,

Since this is the next to last issue I was expecting lots of deaths. And surprisingly I didn't get as many as I figured.

Then there is the final image. Johnny on his bike reminding the traitor what happens when you break The Humans code.

The Humans #09 gets a BUY!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 024 The Humans #08

TITLE-The Humans #08

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another issue that totally blows the previous one out of the water.

Johnny wants revenge on the Skabb that stabbed his brother in the back. So the Humans head off to the bar the Skabbs hang at.

After challenging the Skabbs to a fight,which they want to postpone till later,the Humans say fuck it and trash the bikes and them Johnny tosses a grenade into the bar.

We got 3 survivors. The leader of the Skabbs,a female member and the  backstabber. And once again the comic hits that S Clay Wilson type of comic book excessive violence.

The Humans #08 gets a BUY!!

2016 Comic Challenge 023 The Humans #07

TITLE-The Humans #07

Holy shit!!!

I figured with a big brawl set to happen at Kirbys this issue would be an action packed piece of simian sequential art. And I was right. But it was much much more.

The Humans have a traitor in their  gang.Who is working with Abe to take them down. It is all set up to take place at Kirbys.

Johnny has met back up with Peg and headed back to her room. He has a mild flashback and they end up in the bed.

While at the same time the Skabbs,who last appeared IIRC in issue 1,get ready to attack Kirbys.

So we get really hardcore images of violence,the stuff at Kirbys,mixed with underground comix levels of sex,the stuff with Johnny and Peg.

By the end the fight is over. There is many deaths. And Johnny makes it there in time to see his brother being zipped up in a bodybag.

The Humans #07 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 022 The Humans #06

TITLE-The Humans #06

Johnny makes it to the strip club,Kirbys,and finds out his old GF works the night shift. So he has wait.

After being confronted by the club owner,our lead drops a stack of cash and proceeds to get shitfaced.Which is working out OK until some jockish ape attacks him. Johnny of course kicks his ass.

The fight makes the owner kick Johnny out. And outside he gets jumped by the jock ape and a bunch of his friends.

Finally after all this,while Johnny is recovering in the back of Kirbys,his ex GF shows up.

The cover this time is just amazing. And the art is as good as always.

The Humans #06 gets a Buy.

Friday, January 8, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 21 The Humans #05

TITLE-The Humans #05

And now the action has rampped up. The Humans are escorting a drug run into LA. All looks good for a decent amount of time. Then another gang attacks.

Which gives us 8 or so pages of just carnage. All beautifully drawn,inked and colored.

The issue ends with Johnny heading off to find his old girlfriend. Who is now supposedly strung out stripper.

The Humans #05 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 020 The Humans #04

TITLE-The Humans #04

In this issue we get a bit more of Johnny's past.Then the gang heads off to meet up with Abe.And watch a skin fight. In this world the human beings are kept as pets. And Abe runs fights between the human beings.

So the leader of The Humans comes up with a plan. He wants more money for the protection runs his gang is doing for Abe.

And his plan works. But I get the feeling Abe is gonna get his revenge.

The Humans #04 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 019 The Humans #03

TITLE-The Humans #03

So it is the morning after the big party. Johnny wakes up and starts having Nam flashbacks.

And most of the issue is us getting to see part of what he went thru over in the war.

The rest is detailing how one of the gang members is creating a new hybrid of acid and speed.

The detail in the art this time is so damn good. I am kind of surprised at how much detail is packed into most of the pages.

The Humans #03 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 018 The Humans #02

TITLE-The Humans #02

With the second issue it is mostly introducing us to Johnny. His brother is the leader of the gang.And Johnny was long thought dead over in Vietnam.

But Johnny is back and making his way to The Human's HQ.

Another issue of world building. But it works. The art is even better this time.

The Humans #02 gets a Buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 017 The Humans #01

TITLE-The Humans #01

I had heard about this series last year. And it sounded interesting. It is about a biker gang made up of primates. Who are called the Humans.

This first issue is pretty much a set up/world building issue. We see that a member of the gang has died and the rest of the members are on their way to bury him.

Then a rival gang shows up and we get a few pages of fights. Which has great art. I loved the one Human's member that looks like Jughead from Archie.

To wrap it up we go back to the Human's hang out. And find out a long thought dead member is on his way back.

The Humans #01 gets a Buy.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 016 Ferals #02

TITLE-Ferals #02

With issue 2 our lead is now the main suspect for 3 murders. And is locked up.

Gabriel Andrade's art is even better than it was in the first issue.

While locked up the jail gets attacked by a werewolf. Our lead gets the drop on him and manages to pull out one of the lycanthrope's eyes.

We end the issue with our lead,I really need to learn his name,running out of the jail and it looks like he is slowly becoming a werewolf.

Ferals #02 gets a Borrow.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 015 Feral #01

TITLE-Ferals #01

Thanks to the Rock Shock Pop forums I found out about this David Lapham series from Avatar.

Set in a small town. Were there is only 3 police,Ferals is about the discovered of a dead body and the local cops trying to figure out who did it.

Our lead is a drunk,womanizing,young cop. Who near the end of the issue has one of his women attacked by a werewolf. He tries to stop it and gets his ass handed too him.

Ferals #01 gets a Borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 014 Crossed:Badlands #091

TITLE-Crossed:Badlands #91

This is the start of a new story line. Max Bemis is back from the previous storyline. And he has come up with another interesting setup. When the Crossed outbreak happened a female indy comic creator got stuck in a shop ran by 3 Comic Book Guys.

After a few weeks they start demanding she create a weekly comic since they have already read everything in the shop.If she does she will get better treatment.

With Crossed either you like it or you don't. While some stories are much better than others,it never drops below a read for me.

Crossed:Badlands #91 gets a Buy.

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 013 Archie's R/C Racers #7

TITLE-Archie's R/C Racers #07

We got Archie,and most of the main gang vs Reggie in a 50 state RC race.

After Reggie pulls a sneaky trick,attacking the Archie driven motorhome with RC planes,both groups find out from Mr Weatherbee that they must goto the Cleveland Airport.

Part II of the story has Reggie's group,which also has Veronica,heading into a town where some costumed oddball is draining all the power from everything.

By part III we have Ms Beasley leading all of Archie's group,who are wearing pots on their heads to avoid the evil villain,in to save Reggie and his group.

This is just such an odd comic. I know at the time it was coming out RC cars and racing them was pretty popular. But to base a comic around that was kind of odd.

Archie's R/C Racers #07 gets a borrow. I would say buy this if you find it for a buck or less just cause of how strange it is.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 012 Supreme #3


Supreme is now leader of Heavy Mettle. Hostage situation. Bloodstrike,remember Feel the Blood on issue #1?,are also brought in for what seems to be crowd control.

Supreme uses his eye power beams to microwave some bad guys head. And generally the art this time is Liefeld clone good.

I am actually kind of liking this series. Over the course of about 5 cons I built a set of whatever wasn't out in trades.Most of the issues costing me at most 50 cents.

I don't know or understand why.But I enjoy seeing Rob Liefeld being not only the Stan Lee  but also the Jack Kirby of his corner of the Image Universe. So who does that make Ditko and Heck? Chap Yaep and Mayrat Michaels?

Supreme #03 gets a buy,but don't pay more than a buck. Really try to find this for under 50 cents and know going in you are getting Liefeld's 3rd rate versions of silver age DC and Marvel characters.

2016 Comic Challenge 011 The Walking Dead #149

TITLE-The Walking Dead #149

I normally read Walking Dead as soon as the new issue comes out. But I got behind. Since the comic took a jump ahead in time it has been a slow build.With a new group of villains introduced. And they made a huge impact 3 or 4 issues ago.

This issue is mostly showing us the aftermath of the Whisperers attack on the new communities. Rick is at his wits end.And goes to an unexpected source for advice on how to handle this.

I am expecting the next issue to either be bigger than normal or something major to happen.

The Walking Dead #149 gets a Buy.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 010 Razor-Bleeding Heart #01

TITLE-Razor Bleeding Heart #01

OK back in the mid 90s I ended up with about 20 copies of Everett Hartsoe's Razor #1 that I got for under 50 cents each. When the bad girl craze hit I sold all but one and made enough to pay for my con trip that year.

Outside of that issue and one other I had read nothing else from Razor. Who was pretty much a 3rd rate female Crow.

This issue starts off and I get informed that Razor is now a vampire. So I am thinking OK they are changing stuff up. This might be worth the buck I paid for it a few years back.



Nah that didn't happen. Lightning Comic's Hellina,really I am sure no one else remembers this shitty bad girl character from 94 or so,shows up and fights Razor.

Then the book shifts into straight up "Hey you better be 18 and show ID before you buy this comic that is kept behind the counter in the short box with Omaha the cat dancer and old copies of the Cherry special Neil Gaiman wrote a story for" land. Yeah I mean I know Avatar has kind of taken the bad girl stuff to a new level. But this was Faust level perversion stuff.

And the worst part bad written and drawn 2nd and 3rd rate clone hack tripe.

Razor Bleed Heart 01 gets a Pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 009 Supreme #2

TITLE-Supreme #2

Once again Rob Liefeld is writing and Brian Murray is handling the art chores. Like with lots of the early Image stuff there is a 2 page spread to show the reader how vast and connected the titles of Image are.

Supreme goes to visit his arch villain Grizloc.Who is currently in jail.Grizloc keeps on taunting Supreme. Which just causes Supreme to try to kill Grizloc. Sadly he is stopped by the superhero team Heavy Mettle. And the rest of the issue is a big brawl between Supreme and Heavy Mettle.

Like lots of the early Image stuff there is way too many single and double page splashes. And this time the art has this weird muted colors thing going on.

And while I know the first issue had the highest print run of any issue of Supreme,issue 2 is the one I am always finding copies of. Since 1997 any time I have looked in the cheap bins,be it in a comic shop or at a con,I always seen piles of copies of Supreme #2.

Because of the muted colors and the very little story development in this issue,Supreme #2 gets a borrow.

2016 Comic Challenge 008 Jericho Season 3 #4

TITLE-Jericho Season 3 #4

I was hooked on Jericho with the first episode. And was very happy when thanks to a fan campaign it came back for a short second season. And while the writers wrapped up lots of the major story lines with the 7 episode long second season. You could tell they had plenty more ideas if the show had managed to get a 3rd season.

Skip ahead a few years and I find out that season 3 of Jericho happened. But it was in comic book form. So I the 6 issues that made up season 3. And after re-watching the first 2 seasons started reading season 3.

Now for some reason,and I can't remember why,I only read the first 3 issues of season 3. And it was about 3 days ago when I remembered I had not only season 3 but also season 4 to read.

And season 3 picks up right at the end of season 2. Hawkins and Jake have delivered the last nuclear bomb to Texas. So now they must track down the mysterious John Smith. The supposed mastermind behind the attacks. While they are trying to break into the maximum security prison he is being held in,the citizens of Jericho along with Major Beck are forming an army. To help defend Jericho from the ASA,Allied States of America. Who are the group that lead the nuclear attacks on the USA.

The issue is written by the staff that wrote Jericho seasons 1 and 2. And the art is by Matt Merhoff. Who I have never heard of. His art kind of reminds me of the artist that did the first 4 or so issues of the X-Files comic Topps was putting out years ago. He does a good job of making each character look like the actor/actress that portrayed them on the show.

Jericho Season 3 issue #4 gets a buy.