Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 062 Supreme #05

TITLE-Supreme #05

Well once again we got Liefeld listed for story,then Brian Murray listed for pencils,story,script and colors. Chris Ivy returns on the inks. I have heard that besides Liefeld giving 2 or 3 pages of story ideas Brian Murray did most of the writing on the early Supreme stuff.

The fight from last issue continues. Most of Heavy Mettle is either half dead or so damaged they can't do anything. Khrome starts a reaction that might destroy the world. And Supreme and Skyracker are prepared to sacrifice themselves to prevent this.

Wow this was just bad. The art looked dark and muddy. The story read way fast. Like I doubt it took me more than 5 minutes to read this comic.

Supreme #05 gets a pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 061 Supreme #04

TITLE-Supreme #04

This issue we got Liefeld credited for plot. And then Brian Murray credited for pencils,co-plotting,script and colors. And finally Chris Ivy on inks.Oh wait Editor Eric Stephenson gets credited for script assists. So that means 3 people possibly writing this issue. Yeah I get the feeling I am in for some bad writing.

Supreme is heading to outer space. To confront Khrome. From various things said in the past 3 issues I have been lead to believe Khrome is Supreme's arch villain. His Darkseid/Lex Luthor/Joker.

But seems Khrome is on the Earth and Supreme waste a bunch of time and effort fighting a clone of Khrome.Heavy Mettle,yeah there was a group named that it was the early 90s,try to fight Khrome. But he decimates them. And then Supreme heads back to Earth after realizing he was fooled.

All the bad parts of early 90s comics is here. SO MANY DOUBLE PAGE SPREADS. Wonky anatomy,horrible names for the heroes and villains. And some especially bad dialogue. But I still enjoyed it. Sometimes I want a comic that doesn't require me to think much if at all. And Supreme #04 filled that need.

Supreme #04 gets a Buy.