Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 003 Sleepwalker #1

TITLE-Sleepwalker #1

Ahh yes Sleepwalker.This was,and I am not kidding,Marvel's answer to Neil Gaiman's extremely popular Sandman series.In a memo or something right before this series came out some asshat at Marvel referred to it as "Sandman done right!"

So we got a comic that is written by Bob Budiansky with Bret Blevins doing the pencils.The art is actually for early 90s Marvel pretty decent. But the story... well I will be nice and just call it total crap.

Sleepwalker is an alien that somehow gets trapped in this teenager's mind. And when the teen goes to sleep Sleepwalker takes over and goes out to fight crime. Now this isn't a bad idea. But the idea isn't executed that well.

Sleepwalker #1 gets a Pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 002 Jaguar God Return to Xibalba

TITLE-Jaguar God Return to Xibalba

Well like the previous Verotik comic this one has a great cover. This time drawn by Simon Bisley. Too bad the interiors aren't also by him. We got Glenn Danzig writing and Rafa Garres doing the interior art.

This is the first thing I have seen Garres art in.And he is pretty damn good.What sucks is the art is good but the story isn't worth a fuck.Then there is the length of the book. The Jaguar God story gets 20 pages or so. The rest of the book is made up of ads for other Verotik comics.Factor in the almost $4 cover price and you get a book I would have been majorly pissed if I had paid that much for it.

Jaguar God,unless you find it for 50 cents or less, gets a Pass.

2016 Comic Challenge 001 Inquisitor #1

TITLE-Inquisitor #1

I remember when Danzig announced he was starting up a comic book company.After hearing how big a comic fan he was in various interviews, I was expecting some decent horror comics from Mr Danzig.

It wasn't until a few years back that I finally read a comic from Verotik.I had recently gotten a bunch of VHS tapes.Which got traded to someone for a stack of comics and a few other things.

From what I can find this was the first issue of this series. Where the Inquisitor I am assuming was gonna be a host. Kind of like how the Crypt Keeper was in Tales from the Crypt. This issue has 3 stories.All of them written by Glenn Danzig.But each story has a different artist. J.H. Williams III is the only artist I knew.

So how is the comic? Sadly the best part of it is the cover. Which I must assume is stolen from one of the many magazine sized b/w comics Eerie publications put out in the 70s. The three stories are all crap.

Inquisitor #1 gets a borrow.