Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 314 Jughead #10

TITLE-Jughead #10
PUBLISHER-Archie Comics

Yeah I got way behind on this series. After meeting her last issue,when she was dressed as a giant burger,Jughead ends up out on a date with Sabrina.

He of course fucks this all up. And she leaves and is very mad. It is after this we "learn" that Sabrina is a witch.

She tries through out the issue to cast spells on Jughead but they all backfire and work out good for him. Like how Jughead ends up being close friends with Reggie.

And with that the issue ends. Of course the next issue with end this story. I do like how they have re-introduced Sabrina to the new Archie universe.

Jughead #10 gets a buy.

2017 Comic Challenge 313 Grendal #03

TITLE-Grendal #03

And with the third and final issue of this run of Grendal we get the tale of the first time Hunter Rose and Argent fought.

Someone has been killed. Hunter takes the dead man's daughter off to safety then goes off. He runs into Argent.

While they fight a police officer and a detective come and start a murder investigation. I am sure back when this came out this scene was pretty innovation,but today in the age of Law and Order being on 20 channels all day long it is kind of boring.

During the fight some guy that looks like John Bryne finds the child.Grabs her and runs off. And the issue ends with Argent defeated and Hunter Rose discovering that the child is missing.

Yeah like the two previous issues I can see why this was a hit back in the early 80s. And it is worth reading. But do not buy the issues. There is much cheaper ways to get them.

Grendal #03 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 312 Grendal #02

TITLE-Grendal #02

And with this second issue it is Argent's turn to give us a personal history lesson. It isn't bad and honestly much more interesting than Hunter Rose AKA Grendal's.

The rest of the issue is odd. It feels like I should know who a bunch of these people are. But as far as I know the only appearances Hunter Rose made before this series was in Comico Premier. And I have read those,even if it was a long ass time ago.

The slight change in art style while telling Argent's history is a neat touch. But like with issue one get this as a reprint or in a trade. No way is it worth whatever inflated price Mile High Comics is charging for it.

Grendal #02 gets a borrow.

2017 Comic Challenge 311 Grendal #01

TITLE-Grendal #01

I have read issues of Grendal before. But not too sure I have ever read this first issue. Back when it was black and white and Matt Wagner wrote and drew the series.

I have this issue in one of the reprints that is out,but cause I was not home I went with a scan I got years back.

Grendal and Argent are on a city rooftop. And Grendal starts to tell his history. From being a child prodigy. To taking over one of the local mobs and cleaning up various parts of the city.

Wagner's art is cartoony but still so action packed. I am just guessing here,mostly cause certain panels remind me of Silver Age Marvel,but I am thinking Wagner is a big fan of Don Heck.

This is worth tracking down as a reprint. I am sure it is out in trade form from at least 2 companies,seem to remember Dark Horse putting out Grendal Omnibus volumes.

Grendal #01 gets a borrow.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Comic Challenge 310 The Walking Dead #165

TITLE-The Walking Dead 165

FUCK! Yeah Kirkman got me again. I have been thinking that either Rick or Carl would die soon. But I was wrong.

We got our group on horseback leading the herd into the ocean. All is going well. Then Andrea and Eugene get separated. Andrea makes it out,but has to go back to rescue Eugene.

Dwight's group is doing good. Then what is left of the Saviours show up and Dwight gets attacked.

Back at Alexandria Rick and Negan are slowly thinning out the herd that is surrounding the shed they are trapped in.

So it looks like all is going ok. Then the final page happens. And we see what I am pretty sure is a bite mark on Andrea's neck. Like I said at the beginning FUCK!.

The Walking Dead 165 gets a BUY!