Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 207 Moon Knight #02

TITLE-Moon Knight #02

Took me a bit to find and then read the second issue of this series. Marc/Moon Knight gets a visit from his power bestowing Egyption God. Who tells him that one of the other gods has crossed over and Marc has to prevent more from doing the same.

Back at the nut house Marc keeps on running into people from his past. Like Frenchie and etc. Then one of the other patients tells Marc they will escape that night. And to go down not up.

That night they make their escape. And end up in what appears to be an abandoned subway station. But instead of people in the subway cars they are packed with mummies.

Moon Knight #02 gets a buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 206 Jughead #05

TITLE-Jughead #05

Been awhile since I read some of this really good series. I let a few issues pile up.

After being told by their parents that their belief that the school is being turned into a secret agent school is insane,our 4 teens start trying to figure out a way to get rid of the new principal Mr Stanger.

They find out he was principal of a school a few towns over. The Archie gang head over and see that in this town each of them has a gender swapped twin. After talking to former student that was in school when Stanger took over,they find out that after a year he disappeared. Right after getting a bunch of the teens to sign up for the military. But the worst is they find out Stanger managed to shut down the local teen hangout in this town. So of course Jughead freaks out and they rush back to Riverdale to check on Pop Tate's malt shop.

Jughead passes out in the car and this issues dream has him as Captain Hero. Teaming up with the rest of the Super Teens and facing their gender swapped twins. We find out that Iron Mantle is behind all the chaos and that story ends.

Back in Riverdale Jughead wakes up in time to see that somehow Stanger got Pop's lease on the shop to end sooner than it should. Jughead admits defeat to Stanger and walks off.

Once this gets a trade of the first story out I am gonna have to buy it.

Jughead #05 gets a buy.