Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 273 Code Name Danger #02

Never heard of this comic before finding it.Seems it was a bi-monthly title from Lodestone Publishing. Who I only know cause they published an issue or two of Evangeline.

We start off finding out an elaborate hoax behind the hijacking of the QEII.And some guy,no clue who he is suppose to be is asked to recapture the boat,free the hostages and capture the enemies alive.

Our lead,I am again assuming this ,gets chewed out by some blonde lady cause the day of the mission is also tennis night. But then she quickly gets un-mad and leads him to a double page spread of what I assume is screens. Each with people that could go on the mission to free the QEII.

They pick out the team,with the lady complaining about some guy with electromagnetic powers. Paul Makor,our lead I finally learn his name, goes and gets the plans for the QEII.While off in Toronto we get to finally meet Captain Energy. Who is the previous mentioned person with electromagnetic powers. Paul shows up to recruit him for the mission and the Captain agrees.

The rest of the team gets recruited and they go and sneak on the shit. The rest of the issue deals with the mission and the fall out when the New York Post reveals the hijacking was a hoax.

I am thinking I got this for 50 cents at a junkstore a few towns over. And for that price it was worth it.Kyle Baker does the pencils and inks. And they look good. One thing that kind of hurt this comic was it was very very dialogue heavy. Plus pretty much every recruitment sequence was the same.

Code Name Danger #02 gets a borrow.