Friday, March 11, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 125 Old Man Logan volume 2 #01

TITLE-Old Man Logan Volume 2 #01
PUBLISHER-Marvel Comics

I had read the first few issues of the Bendis written first volume of this series and enjoyed them.Ended up with a backlog of this series so while waiting on a file to process I started with the first issue of the new volume.Instead of Bendis ,now Jeff Lemire is writing it.I can not remember who did the art on the first volume,but from my memory it looked similar.Andrea Sorrentino is credited as artist.

The so called Old Man Logan from series from a few years ago is now in the modern 2015 Marvel universe.And he quickly realizes if he kills certain people in this time his future might not happen. So all the people that stepped all over Logan before he lost everything,he is paying them a visit.

Yeah this has me enough that I am gonna read at least the first year of it. And of course I love the story ending DKR homage.

Old Man Logan volume 2 #01 gets a buy.