Friday, October 16, 2015

31 Days of Horror 2015 Day 16 Incident on and off a mountain road

Incident on and off a mountain road(Masters of Horror season 1 episode 01)
Source-Blu Ray

Ok yeah I normally like to post the cover of whatever I watched. But the blu ray cover is ugly as sin. And the DVD copy isn't much better. So I grabbed the ahove pic from somewhere.

Masters of Horror to me was a fun experiment. Give good directors a ok budget and no restrictions. I thankfully got Showtime. The local cable was phasing out all the movie channels to digital only. And we didn't feel like paying the $40 more a month. I then saw Don Coscarelli was directing it from a Joe Lansdale story and I had to see it as it aired.

The phones where set to silent. Everyone knew to not come over for a hour that Saturday. I was as hyped as a rich kid and it is X-mas 1985.And well I got a fun but average almost hour long horror story. Angus Scrim shows up in a great small role. Bree Turner ,above on the right,is good as the lead.To lazy to look it up but her husband,dude on left above,I know for piles of stuff.

Rewatching it again for the first time since that original airing,and this time in HD.Well I like it more. I knew what was gonna happen,mostly. So I saw more background stuff.

Incident on and off a mountain road gets a C+.