Saturday, January 30, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 048 Project Superpowers Blackcross #02

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #02

Seems Lady Satan has crossed over. Our Black Terror analogue,who is in the town under witness protection program,gets a letter bomb. Which burns the Black Terror's skull and crossbones onto his chest.

And a government agent who was leaving town gets ordered to rush back.But on his way back runs into the American Spirit. Who kills him and mutters some cryptic shit.

The story thankfully is moving along at a decent pace. And I don't feel totally lost.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #02 gets  buy.

2016 Comic Challenge 047 Project Superpowers Blackcross #01

TITLE-Project Superpowers Blackcross #01

I have enjoyed all the previous Project Superpowers stuff,plus this having Warren Ellis at the helm,so I had to get this. But knowing how Dynamite is with delays I waited until the series was over to even attempt to read it.

This issue has a very Twin Peaks meets Project Superpowers feel. Set in a tiny NW town. With Lady Satan making an attempt to come over,from what I have no clue. Someone who I think is the Black Terror analogue. Dead body's with Stars and stripes clawed into them from The American Spirit. And oddest of all a man who self immolates.

The art is your standard Dynamite decent. Like Avatar to me lots of the art in Dynamite titles looks very similar.Can't really say much about the story so far,since this issue was just pure setup.

Project Superpowers Blackcross #01 gets a borrow.