Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 063 Mammoth book of Best Horror Comics

TITLE-Mammoth book of Best Horror comics
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

This collection of 50 or so horror comics is something I was always seeing at various bookstores. But I wasn't willing to spend cover price for it. Then a few years back was given an Amazon giftcard for my birthday. Was looking around and saw used copies of this were cheap.

Covering from the 1940s to current day,this collection does a good job of selecting some well done stories. Of course there is no EC stuff,nothing from Marvel or DC. And I don't remember anything from the Warren Mags.That really doesn't matter. Cause the editor Peter Normanjon did a good job selecting the best from what was available.

You get a few page essay on the various time periods. The first covering the 40s and 50s aka the pre-code days. A few of the tales in this collection I had read before. Mostly because I have bought many colletions of pre-code horror comics.The 60s and 70s section has a neat sampling of a few code approved tales. Then some fun stories from the non-Warren horror mags.The 80s,90s,modern day stuff is all indy comics. And some really really good stuff in that section.

Really since this is easy to find cheap it is worth grabbing. But there are 2 things that might cause someone to not want it. First off everything is reprinted in b/w. It looks good. But I know some people do not like b/w reprints of color comics. The other is the binding isn't the best. Unless you are careful I could see this trade one day coming apart.

Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics gets a 4.59 outta 5.