Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge Book 044 Cinema Serial Killers

TITLE-Cinema Serial Killers
AUTHOR-Paul B. Kidd
FORMAT-Trade Paperback

Grabbed this last month at Dirt Cheap. It is a collection of short reviews of about 20 serial killer films. Then if the film is based on a real case we get long articles on that.

Most of the entries are well written. But I was kind of shocked the author isn't a fan of Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer. With him saying there was nothing entertaining about the film. Also since the author is from Australia there is piles of Australian slang. Most of which thankfully I can puzzle out from context.

Now thanks to the book I got a list of films I want to see. Like the Dahmer film with Jeremy Renner. I had no idea this film existed. Same thing with the H.H. Homes and Albert Fish films that are mentioned.

Cinema Serial Killers gets a 2.50 outta 5.