Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 Comic Challenge 024 The Humans #08

TITLE-The Humans #08

Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another issue that totally blows the previous one out of the water.

Johnny wants revenge on the Skabb that stabbed his brother in the back. So the Humans head off to the bar the Skabbs hang at.

After challenging the Skabbs to a fight,which they want to postpone till later,the Humans say fuck it and trash the bikes and them Johnny tosses a grenade into the bar.

We got 3 survivors. The leader of the Skabbs,a female member and the  backstabber. And once again the comic hits that S Clay Wilson type of comic book excessive violence.

The Humans #08 gets a BUY!!

2016 Comic Challenge 023 The Humans #07

TITLE-The Humans #07

Holy shit!!!

I figured with a big brawl set to happen at Kirbys this issue would be an action packed piece of simian sequential art. And I was right. But it was much much more.

The Humans have a traitor in their  gang.Who is working with Abe to take them down. It is all set up to take place at Kirbys.

Johnny has met back up with Peg and headed back to her room. He has a mild flashback and they end up in the bed.

While at the same time the Skabbs,who last appeared IIRC in issue 1,get ready to attack Kirbys.

So we get really hardcore images of violence,the stuff at Kirbys,mixed with underground comix levels of sex,the stuff with Johnny and Peg.

By the end the fight is over. There is many deaths. And Johnny makes it there in time to see his brother being zipped up in a bodybag.

The Humans #07 gets a BUY!

2016 Comic Challenge 022 The Humans #06

TITLE-The Humans #06

Johnny makes it to the strip club,Kirbys,and finds out his old GF works the night shift. So he has wait.

After being confronted by the club owner,our lead drops a stack of cash and proceeds to get shitfaced.Which is working out OK until some jockish ape attacks him. Johnny of course kicks his ass.

The fight makes the owner kick Johnny out. And outside he gets jumped by the jock ape and a bunch of his friends.

Finally after all this,while Johnny is recovering in the back of Kirbys,his ex GF shows up.

The cover this time is just amazing. And the art is as good as always.

The Humans #06 gets a Buy.